Showcase Presents the Alternate Universes of Star Wars

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Title: Showcase Presents the Alternate Universes of Star Wars
Publisher: Holy Roller Press
Editor(s): Barbara Sharon Emily
Date(s): 1979
Medium: fanzine
Fandom: Star Wars & Star Trek
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front over by Doug Herring
back cover, P.A. Munson

Showcase Presents the Alternate Universes of Star Wars was published in 1979 and has 165 pages (plus fold-outs). It contains mainly Star Wars fiction but does have one long Star Wars/Star Trek crossover.

The editor writes a personal statement in Universal Translator #7 about the zine's lack of sales.

  • Editorial Comments, or Why It Took So Long to Finish This! (4)
  • Communique from the Dark Lord by Dave Prowse (7) (interview with David Prowse)
  • Alternate Quintette, part 1: The Jedi by Pat Carpenter (15) (A saga that begins when Luke Skywalker's father decides there must be more to life than working on a moisture farm on Tatooine... and ends beyond the Battle of the Death Star -- all taking place in an alternate Star Wars universe.)
  • Alternate Quintette, part 2: Darth by Pat Carpenter (25)
  • Before the Fall by Kelly Hill (30) (poem)
  • Alternate Quintette, part 3: Lord of Ennahr by Pat Carpenter (31)
  • Alternate Quintette, part 4: The Sith by Pat Carpenter (47)
  • Lord and Lady Vader by Pat Carpenter (57)
  • Star-Toons
  • The Stormtrooper's Lament by Leslie Fish and Roberta Rogow (61) (filk)
  • The Sith in the "Black Jedi" Universe, a Cultural & Historical Perspective by Patricia A. Munson (63)
  • One of Those Days (inspired by Connie Faddis' cartoon appearing in Warped Space 29/30) by Jane Firmstone (69)
  • Alderaan by Susan Wyllie (74) (poem)
  • What Good is a Reward... ? by Roberta Rogow (75) (What did Han Solo do with the reward the Rebels gave him?)
  • To Uncle Owen by RoByn Thompson (78)
  • The Black Jedi Presentation by Patricia A. Munson (81) (Two presentations: One, a Cultural and Historical Perspective. Two, another story in the "Black Jedi" series, a vital mission.)
  • Business as Usual by Anna Mary Hall (99) (Han Solo and Chewie return to Tatooine to settle an old debt, with rather unsettling results.)
  • Distress Call by Diana K. Moore (117) (Han Solo is hired to test a new navigational computer -- which takes him to a totally unfamiliar, and unexpected, destination.)
  • Alternate Quintette, part 5: The Chosen by Pat Carpenter (149) (a very rare Deathfic)
  • art by Randy Ash, Stanley M. Campbell, Gordon Carleton, Connie Faddis, Amy R. Falkowitz, Jane Firmstone, Doug Herring (cover), Kathy Higley, Winston A. Howlett, Monica Miller, P.A. Munson, Carrie Rowles, Joni Wagner, Susan Wyllie