Readers of the Lost Joke

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Title: Raiders of the Lost Joke
Creator: Gordon Carleton
Date(s): 1981
Medium: print poster
Fandom: Raiders of the Lost Ark
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Raiders of the Lost Joke is a creation of Gordon Carleton. It was sold by T'Khutian Press.

It is a storyboarded poster of the adventures of intrepid Michigana Jones printed 11' x 17' on 65 lb. gold parchment with brown in in a limited, number edition. It was the winner of "Best Cartoon" at DenVention #2 in 1981. One could purchase this poster for #3.25 FC, and it was mailed in a cardboard tube.

The second installment of Michy's adventures was printed in WARPED SPACE 50, and the third, "Michigana Jones and the Cockpit of Doom" was sold at WorldCon (LACon II) in 1984 and but did not appear in a print zine or as a poster.