The Complete Trekfilker

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Filk Songbook
Title: The Complete Trekfilker
Publisher: Bandersnatch Press
Date(s): 1977
Medium: print
Subject: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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The Complete Trekfilker (volume 1) is a songbook.

According to an ad in the first issue of Scuttlebutt:
... COMPLETE collection of Leslie Fish's songs, including those which could not be recorded because of copyright hassles with Paramount. Also contains ALL the songs of Paula Smith & Sharon Ferraro; Creator of Lightfleet Virginia Tilley's section of Velonian Songs (transcribed, of course); Carol Shuttleworth, Vulcan Ballads; and Jeff Puntemann's satire, 'I'm a Trekkie', More. Illios: Gordon Carleton, Phil Foglio, Signe Landon, Marty Siegrist, More. Approximately 100 pages, 20 pound paper.
From a flyer:
THE COMPLETE TREKFILKER, Volume I, is the finest book of Trek songs ever assembled under one cover! Scheduled for release in September 1977, it will contain 60 songs—nearly all of them illustrated by some of the best artists in fandom. THE COMPLETE TREKFILKER also includes an alphabetic index, table of contents, and biographies of the songwriters.

In addition to the TREKFILKER — which is itself over 100 pages -- the set will include a copy of THE MUSICIAN'S SUPPLEMENT. This booklet will have the words, music, and guitar chords for much of the original material in the TREKFILKER. The SUPPLEMENT is included at no extra cost to you. Leslie Fish is featured in the TREKFILKER. Not only does it contain the words to all of the songs on her first album (FOLK SONGS FOR FOLK WHO AIN'T EVEN BEEN YET), but it also includes the songs on SOLAR SAILORS, her unreleased new album! Other songwriters in THE COMPLETE TREKFILKER are Paula Smith, Sharon Ferraro Short, Jeff Duntemann, Carol Shuttleworth, and Steve Reubart. The TREKFILKER will contain a special section or the music of Lightfleet by Virginia Tilley, one of the authors of the popular ALTERNATE UNIVERSE 4 series and the creator of Lightfleet.

THE COMPLETE TREKFILKER, Volume I, will be printed on textured 70-pound paper (to make it last longer and insure the best possible reproduction of artwork), and will include a full two-color cover.