Banned From Argo

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Song Title: Banned From Argo
Composer: Leslie Fish
Lyrics: Leslie Fish
Melody: original
Date: 1977
Subject: ST:TOS
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Banned from Argo is a classic and much-riffed on filk by Leslie Fish. It won a Pegasus Award in 2003 for Best Classic Filk Song. It also became so popular that Leslie Fish got tired of hearing it.

Origin: "Strictly for fun, this is a raunchy, boastful "fo'c'sle" chantey, based on an old ballad tune ("The Boston Burglar"), about the Enterprise crew on shore leave. Written almost overnight (after finding that we were one song short for a full-length album)..." [1]

You can read the lyrics at the OVFF Pegasus Awards.

One version of the song was included on the novelty album Dr. Demento's Hits from Outer Space and can currently be purchased as an mp3 from[2]

Different versions of the song have occasionally been used in comedy vids.[3] In September of 2007, vidder glass_curtain used a version sung by the DeHorn Crew with Leslie Fish for a Torchwood vid.[4]

An early Star Trek parody of the song, with Star Trek specific lyrics, was published in 1980 in Enterprise Incidents #8 in comic book form. Excerpts from the comic can be seen in the gallery below. In 1980, it was also made into a slide show by Kandy Fong, see Banned from Argo.

A more recent Star Trek version was created by vidder Joe and uploaded to Youtube in December of 2007.[5] In the comments, Youtube user SoloPilot6 states:

These are only the ORIGINAL verses. There about about 500 KNOWN verses now. You might be shot for uttering the words "Banned from" when it's your turn to pick songs at a filksing. They will kill you RAPIDLY, so that you're not able to get the whole title out as an official request. Even dead, your choice still applies . . .

In addition to the many added verses, there are also a number of parodies of the song.[6] There are different versions of the song for every incarnation of Star Trek, as well several mocking the song's popularity. Many of these parodies were collected in the filk book The Bastard Children of Argo.[7]

Leslie Fish Comments

Song I'm least proud of: "Banned From Argo", no contest! I wrote it to order, to fill in a four-minute shortage on the master tape when we were recording SOLAR SAILORS, and hoo- boy, do I ever regret it! The damned piece of fluff became damn-near as popular as "Hope Eyrie". It's inspired a horde of filk-variations (which Random Factors has collected into a book, gods help them), got asked for at every con for years until I got so heartily sick of it that I refused to sing it again, and now it's inspiring spin-offs too. Arrrgh! [8]

Some Thirty Years Later

At the 2013 Worldcon, Leslie Fish performed 'Banned From Argo' while siting in Captain Kirk's chair on a model set of the Enterprise bridge.



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