The Bastard Children of Argo

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Filk Songbook
Title: The Bastard Children of Argo
Publisher: Random Factors
Editor(s): John & Mary Creasey
Date(s): 2001
Medium: print
Subject: Banned From Argo parodies
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The Bastard Children of Argo is a filk zine of parodies, by various authors, of Leslie Fish's song Banned from Argo. It was edited by John Creasey and Mary Creasey, art by Don Simpson and Beckett Gladney. Unless otherwise noted, the filks below are based on Banned from Argo.


  • Leslie Fish (author)

Rebuttal to Introduction

  • John Creasey (author)

Absolutely the Last Remake of "Fuel to Feed the Drive"

  • Quentin Long (lyricist)

Argo: The Return

  • Mark Bernstein (lyricist)

Argo Calypso: Part One

  • Jeremy Buhler (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Calypso from "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"" by Andrew Lloyd Webber (Tune suggested or parodied)

Banned from Armor

  • David Hodge (lyricist)

Argo to "Sloop John B."

  • Dr. Pepper (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Sloop John B." (Tune suggested or parodied)

Argo's Fire-Breathing Daughter

  • Bob Kanefsky (lyricist)

Argo Revisited

  • Larry D. III Kirby (lyricist)


  • Claire Maier (lyricist)
  • Harold Feld (lyricist)
  • Charles Asbjornsen (lyricist)

Leslie Fish's Melody

  • Jan Kelson (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Captain Signy Mallory" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Band from Argo

  • Joe Ellis (lyricist)

Bored with Argo

  • David Weingart (lyricist)

Band from Argo

  • Rafe Culpin (lyricist)
  • Phil Allcock (lyricist)
  • Diana Bass (lyricist)

Banned from Acme

  • Michael Hopcroft (lyricist)

Ban "Banned"

  • David Hodge (lyricist)


  • Beth Moursund (lyricist)

Banned from Argo, The Next Generation

  • Keith Wood (lyricist)

Banned from Argo -- The Next Generation

  • Bob Daverin (lyricist)
  • Brenda Daverin (lyricist)d)

Banned from Argo: Show-Stopper #1

  • Joe Ellis (lyricist)

Banned from Argo: The Next Generation

  • Jim Fox-Davis (lyricist)
  • Susan Fox-Davis (lyricist)

Banned from Argo -- Still

  • Filkers of TT-IV (lyricist)
  • Note: Written as a group effort at a Filk Workshop, At Toronto Trek 4


  • Charlotte (Jerscheid) Marek (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Greensleeves" (Tune suggested or parodied)

The Banned from Argo's Ghost

  • Scorpia (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Carmen Miranda's Ghost" by Leslie Fish (Tune suggested or parodied)

Banned from Argo (Short Version)

  • Kay Shapero (lyricist)
  • J-Mag Guthrie (lyricist)

Banned from Argyle

  • Rennie Levine (lyricist)

Banned from ConChord

Voyage Beyond All Belief

  • Steve Macdonald (lyricist)

Banned from Catalina Isle

  • J'nae Campbell (lyricist)
  • Chris Hugill (lyricist)
  • Jeanne Whistler (lyricist)
  • Michael Liebmann (lyricist))

Banned from Egils

  • Jim Charementaro (lyricist)
  • Karen Buffum (lyricist)
  • Dawn Dominey (lyricist)

Banned from Egypt

  • Avram Grumer (lyricist)

Banned from Argo (Mirror Universe)

  • John Creasey (lyricist)
  • Dave Bell (lyricist)

Banned from Estrella

  • Joe Bethancourt (lyricist)

Banned from Filking

  • H. Paul Shuch (lyricist)

Banned from Hiltons

  • Roberta Rogow (lyricist)

Banned from Pennsic

  • Bruce Webb (lyricist)

Banned from Pennsic

  • Barbara Bowen (lyricist)

Banned from Russia

  • Gary McGath (lyricist)

Sick of Argo

  • Charlotte (Jerscheid) Marek (lyricist)

Banned from Sturgis

  • Mark V. Ridenour (lyricist)

Banned from Seagirt

  • Linnet Kestrel (lyricist)
  • Klaus von Winterbach (lyricist)

Banned to Egypt

  • Gary McGath (lyricist)

Bound for Pennsic

  • Justin du Coeur (lyricist)

The "Bound for Ago" Suite

  • Paul Willett (lyricist)

Ghost Filkers

  • Larry D. III Kirby (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Ghost Riders in the Sky" (Tune suggested or parodied)

The Chase

  • Scorpia (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Golden Eyes" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Deep Space Argo

  • Larry Kirby (lyricist)

Canned by Argo

  • Major Matt Mason (lyricist)

Early One Morning

  • Carol Kabakjian (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Early One Morning" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Eye of Argon: The Filksong

  • Lee Gold (lyricist)

Filk "Banned from Argo"

  • Harry Smothers (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Waltzing Matilda" (Tune suggested or parodied)

The Fifth Invasion Song

  • Carol Phillips (lyricist)
  • Judy Craft (lyricist)

Banned from Argo Again

  • W. Scott Snyder (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Lodi" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Filking Argo

  • Charlotte (Jerscheid) Marek (lyricist)

Like a Tribble to the Slaughter

  • Joel Polowin (lyricist)

Medea's Curse

  • Maureen O'Brien (lyricist)

Banned from Argo -- New Verse

  • Keith Wood (lyricist)

Move Over, Dr. Frankenstein

  • Kay Shapero (lyricist))
  • Based on: "Fuel to Feed the Drive" by Cynthia McQuillin (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Based on: "Baby Vampire Boogie" by Harold Groot (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Based on: "Captain Jack and the Mermaid" by Meg Davis (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Based on: "Drink Up the River" by Kathy Mar (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Based on: "Greensleeves" (Tune suggested or parodied)

A Planet

  • John Creasey (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Bingo" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Banned from Filkdom

  • Harry Brener (lyricist)
  • Mara Brener (lyricist)

Que Neo, Neo

  • Larry Kirby (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Que Sera, Sera" (Tune suggested or parodied)


  • Joel Polowin (lyricist)

Scans to Argo

  • Mark Osier (lyricist)

Then We Scanned Key Largo Just for Puns

  • R. I. Benefiche (lyricist)

Song of the Fydraca's Crew

  • Dick Eney (lyricist)

Talking Banned from Argo

  • Joe Bethancourt (lyricist)


  • Kihe Blackeagle (lyricist)

They're Singing "Banned from Argo" (winner of a 1990 Fan Q Award)

  • Bob Kanefsky (lyricist)
  • Note: TTTO Leslie Fish's tune for Kipling's "Danny Deevere"

Tired of Argo

  • Scott Malcomson (lyricist)
  • M. Mitchell Marmel (lyricist)

The U.S. and Us

  • Steven Piziks (lyricist))

Scans to Argo

  • Claire Maier (lyricist)

Ladies' Night on Argo

  • Mike Richards (lyricist)
  • Roger Burton-West (lyricist)

Why That Song?

  • Valerie R. Housden (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Blue Flame" (Tune suggested or parodied)

Banned from Filking

  • Andrew III Nisbet (lyricist)

Camp Argo - The Worldfilk Affair

  • Steve Macdonald (lyricist)
  • Brett Glass (lyricist)
  • Diana Huey (lyricist)
  • Paul Kwinn (lyricist)
  • Graham Leathers (lyricist)
  • Debbie Ridpath Ohi (lyricist)
  • Mark Osier (lyricist)
  • Scott Snyder (lyricist)
  • Mary Ellen Wessels (lyricist)

Argo Every Day

  • Robert Rosenfeld (lyricist)

Banned from Argo - V1.0 Beta

  • Joe Ellis (lyricist)
  • Terence Chua (lyricist)
  • Keith Lim (lyricist)

Banned from Oxford

  • Kathie Davis (lyricist)
  • Nicole Wilson (lyricist)

Writing Porno

  • Jan Kelson (lyricist)

Last Word

  • Leslie Fish (lyricist)
  • John Creasey (lyricist)
  • Based on: "Banana Boat Song" (Tune suggested or parodied)
  • Banned from Argo
  • Leslie Fish (lyricist, composer)

A Few Notes About "Banned From Argo" Itself

  • Mary Creasey (author)

Banned from Argo (original version)

  • Leslie Fish (lyricist, composer)
  • Music notation included

Banned from Argo (1987 version)

  • Leslie Fish (lyricist, composer)
  • Music notation included