The Incomplete Leslie Fish

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Filk Songbook
Title: The Incomplete Leslie Fish
Publisher: Rune Press
Editor(s): Beth Friedman
Date(s): 2001
Medium: print
Subject: Star Trek: TOS, various
Language: English
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The Incomplete Leslie Fish is a zine of lyrics and chords for filk material by Leslie Fish. It was edited by Beth Friedman and illustrated by Kip Williams.

From the publisher:"The songbook was published as a chapbook for Minicon 36 (in 2001) (link), when Leslie Fish was the musician guest of honor. The print run was 200 copies, of which most were sold at the convention, and the rest to interested parties after the convention. After that, the rights to the songbook were given to Leslie Fish and Mary Creasey."

  • Editor's Comments
  • Amateur Rebels
  • Anima Urbis, Note: Also known as "Mount Tam"
  • Babylon Updated, Based on: "Babylon Is Fallen"
  • The Ballad of Transport 18
  • Banned from Argo
  • Beggar's Right
  • Better Than Who?: or, Thus I Refute Ardrey
  • The Bible Scam
  • Black Powder and Alcohol
  • Bones
  • Carmen Miranda's Ghost Is Haunting Space Station Three
  • Castaway
  • Cat-Maiden
  • Digwell Carol
  • Dominatrix' Song (Based on: "I Love Paris" by Cole Porter")
  • Down to the Dark Stars
  • Dracula's Dying
  • The Earth's Fire-Breathing Daughter
  • The Chickasaw Mountain Deal
  • The Engineer's Hymn (Note: Variation on Kipling's "McAndrew's Hymn")
  • Eulogy
  • Eyes of Eagles
  • Fellowship Going South
  • Few Days
  • Four Tall Trees
  • Freedom of the Snow
  • Freedom Road
  • Full Circle: or, A Brief History of Western Jurisprudence with Some Recommendations for Future Improvements
  • Gamer: aka, This Game Is Real
  • The Gods Aren't Crazy, They're Only Drunk: aka, In Memoriam Charles Fort
  • The Grain Train
  • Grandma Went Out With a Bang
  • Gremlins
  • Harvester
  • Hope Eyrie
  • The Horse-Tamer's Daughter
  • Hunk (Of Course)
  • Hymn to the Night-Mare: California Cybele
  • I Believe the Cats Are Taking Over
  • Immortality Stomp
  • Invasion Based on: "Sara Jane (variant)"
  • Iron Mistress
  • The Iron Skin
  • Jack the Slob and the Goddess of Love
  • Jefferson and Liberty (with K. Taylor (lyricist), Based on: "Jefferson and Liberty"
  • Keylor's Rage
  • Kraken
  • Lament of the Kirin
  • The Light-Ship Based on: "Rolling Down to Old Maui," Based on: "Glory in My Soul"
  • Lock and Load
  • The Lonesome Death of Mary Jo
  • Man in the Shadows
  • Manly Man Matty Groves
  • The Master of Greyhaven
  • Minnie the Freak
  • The Moss-Wife's Bargain
  • Mundane-Geld Based on: "Dane-Geld" by Leslie Fish
  • Navy-Gray Paint
  • Neutral Zone, Romulan View
  • No High Ground
  • Not the Way to Get Laid
  • The Paper Sea
  • P.G.P.
  • Poor Man's Weapon
  • Pride of Chanur
  • Queen Isabella, Where Are You?
  • The Red-Headed Cobra
  • Red Joe Clark
  • Rhododendron Honey
  • Rider on the Wind
  • Rise Up Bright Sun
  • Sarajevo
  • Seedling
  • Sentries
  • Sequoia Sempervivens
  • Serious Steel: Bringing the War Home
  • Soldier's Lament
  • Space Hero: or, Hero Is a 4-Letter Word
  • Spare the Honest Lawyer
  • Speak My heart
  • Starwind Rising
  • The Sun Is Also a Warrior
  • Surprise!
  • Survivors' Jobs
  • Susan B: The Furies
  • Swamp Gas: The Furies
  • Teacher, Teacher
  • They Don't Hide
  • They Were Having a Sale at the Gun-Store
  • Thoughts on Strange Visitors
  • Toast for Unsung Heroes, Based on: "Bonnie Ship the Diamond" and "Step by Step"
  • Too Good to Be Legal
  • The Tribble Is a Fuzzy Beast
  • Trinity
  • Troll Hall: Two-Edge
  • True Story
  • Turn and Believe: Christine
  • Twenty-Four Years Ago
  • Waiting for the Ravenswood
  • Welfare, Note: Based on a poem by Joanne Forman, 1973
  • We're Still Here
  • The Wheel
  • Where, Oh, Where, Has Cthulhu Gone? (lyrics, Archived version
  • Witnesses' Waltz
  • Wobblies from Space