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Name: Dehorn Crew
Members: Mary Frohman, Robin Oye, Kathleen Taylor, Carol Shuttleworth, Leslie Fish, and Lori Huff
Date(s): 1970s
Focus: filk
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The Dehorn Crew was a filk group. Members were Mary Frohman, Robin Oye, Leslie Fish, Kathleen Taylor, Carol Shuttleworth, and Lori Huff.

from the 1977 songbook Solar Sailors
From the Solar Sailors songbook (1977):
Our band- In the early days of the Industrial Workers of the World, the "dehorn crew" was the committee that closed down the saloons during strikes and on nights when union meetings were held, so that fellow workers had no distractions to keep them from meetings or picket lines- The present Dehorn Crew is a Chicago-based folk music group composed of Mary Frohman, Leslie Fish, Kathleen Taylor, and Carol Shuttleworth {Robin Oye has unfortunately left the group for California since the recording was made)- The group is happily affiliated with the I-W-W. [1] It got its start performing at union rallies and strike benefits, then expanded its repertoire to include traditional and contemporary folk music, original compositions, and a bit of country and blues as well. Our unique sound comes from the strange mixture of our musical interests and backgrounds: everything from rock to classical to country/western to blues to Great-Bird-only-knows-what- Weird!


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