The K/S Press Songtapes

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Title: The K/S Press Songtapes
Creator: various artists, sold by Carol Davis in The K/S Press
Date: 1998-2003 (?)
Format: VHS, the last one DVD
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, K/S

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The K/S Press Songtapes is a series of seven early vids. They were sold/compiled by Carol Davis.

These tapes were sold in the US and some had PAL versions available. The last one was on DVD.

Their Inception

In 1998, the editor of The K/S Press gets a twinkle in her eye:
I want to get some comments and ideas from you all on the subject of songtape videos. Such as the ones created by the late great Chris Soto, by Mary Van Deusen and many others. I absolutely adore the videos, and have a nice collection, and I know that there are others who like them as much as I do. I think there were several folks who really appreciated the ones we presented at The K/S Press party last year, and weren't there some on Saturday night as well? However, I'm sure people have asked, how does one get these tapes? What about the many new fans who haven't seen any of them at all? How could they be distributed? I was very fortunate, and diligent, and sometimes a little ruthless in gathering my own collection, but not everybody could do the same. Especially now that Chris is no longer with us, I would absolutely love to make her exceptional, moving songtape videos available to everybody who might want a copy. But I sure don't have the authority to do that. Does anybody? Nor do I have the facilities, such as a second VCR, or a really good pristine tape from which to copy, but somebody might be interested in doing this. What do you all think? Likewise, there are some Mary van Deusen tapes that

are absolute classics. What do you think of trying to get permission from her and compile a few hours and selling them, at cost and a little extra for time, to anyone who wants them? And there are others, like the Jersey Trek tapes, so clever and funny and moving, and those we discovered last 20 summer from a very unassuming fan who doesn’t want her name mentioned, but who made some fantastic songtapes including one with the Kirk and Spock dolls undressing each other on the bridge — to laugh and die for! And I won’t even mention the excellent tapes made by talented women on the other side of the Atlantic — no pressure, no pressure ….

But I do wish there were a way to share the pleasure that I’ve found in the tapes with others. I’m especially hoping that we can resolve something on this issue in time for The K/S Convention in Dallas in early April, 1999, where I’m hoping that tapes can not only be shown, but be available for purchase for those who want them. I’m hoping

someone will step up and take on this project, but at the least, what do you all think of the situation?[1]
More progress, two months later:
Great news on the songtape front! Many thanks to [name redacted], and others who have volunteered their services. Right now it looks like the best way to go is through using something called a Go Machine, owned by Carol Davis here in the Dallas metroplex... These machines have dual decks and make copies with almost no loss of quality from the original. It also looks like we have a pretty good copy of Chris Soto's songtapes, though if anybody has a really good, clear copy that's an early generation, and would like to lend it to us strictly for the purposes of copying for others, we would certainly appreciate it. Here's what Carol will do. Send her $6 and ask for the Chris Soto songtape. Do not send her a tape. Carol will make a copy on an extra-fine quality tape for you (the only kind she will use on her machine), and include a few other song videos. These are songs where the creator already granted someone the right to copy and sell or distribute. They include "Can Do Anything" and "Almost Remember It Now", each by Kandy Fong, the slide shows Time Warp and Amok Time, also by Kandy (these were the way songtapes were done before VCRs), and In the Air Tonight by T'Rhys Gonzalez-Knight. Plus, Carol is filling out this two hour tape with an edited version of the first presentations of The Dancing Penises: The Quickie, as performed at Idicon 2 and 3, several years ago.... Right now I'm uncomfortable with reproducing and selling (even if it is just at cost) songtapes that were produced by somebody else. I'm hoping to get permission from the creators, and make other songtapes, besides those of Chris Soto, available for our subscribers to either borrow or to buy. If you are a songtape creator, or know someone who is, let us know! [2]
In the same issue she noted however:
Unfortunately, this tape will only work on the American format machines, not PAL. Is there anybody out there who has a machine that will convert American format to PAL? Boy, would we love to hear from you! There are definitely a group of European fans who would love to see these songtapes.

By June 1998, they found someone willing to do a PAL tape conversion:

I hope this is good news for our European sisters who want to order the Chris Soto et al songtape in a PAL

format. [J B] says that Allen Lane from New Jersey will do a PAL conversion for just $10. So, if you are interested in the PAL songtape, please let me know

either by regular mail or online. We’ll have to charge about $16 for it total, because of mailing costs, and [J B] says Allen takes a month or two to get orders completed, but it is a lot better than any other price quote I’ve received so far. It’s a savings of about $15. So, please get your orders in before July 31, because I’ll be sending a master to Allen and asking him to do multiple copies all at once. See the amended ad in The Cyrano Jones Trading Post.

Tape 1

The K/S Press Songtape 1 was first listed for sale in the April 1998 issue of the KS Press and runs just under 2 hours long. The VHS cassette tape contains gen and K/S songvids by Chris Soto, along with offerings by Kandy Fong and an edited version of The Dancing Penises from Idicon #2 and #3. Songs: Mixed Gen and K/S. Examples: "I Dreamed a Dream," "This Time," and "I Don't Know Much."

A later ad from issue #21:
"Chris Soto Song Tapes on Video: Send $6 (more for overseas - you estimate) made payable to Carol Davis for a copy of the many Gen and K/S songtapes created by Chris Soto. Titles include: The Wind Beneath My Wings, This Time, the incomparable I Dreamed a Dream, One Hand, One Heart and others. Plus three other songtapes, the two slideshows created by Kandy Fong before anyone had VCRs (these were presented to much applause last year at Shore Leave), and … an edited version of The Quickie, otherwise known as The Dancing Penises from Idicon 2 and 3. The tape should run about two hours long.
From an ad in K/S Press #39:
Songs include I Dreamed a Dream, which many consider Chris’s K/S masterpiece, and which made Jenna cry the first time she saw it. This Time constricts the heart and I Don’t Know Much is a perfect statement of K/S. Add to that the humor of "The Tijuana Jail" and "Another Saturday Night," and this is a dream of a video.

The response to this first tape was positive. In the May 1998 issue of the KS Press the coordinator wrote:

Looks like we might be able to offer another video tape filled with songtape videos in the next month or so. One songtape creator has contacted me and

given us her permission to provide copies of her great work to our subscribers. Anybody else out there willing to do the same? And I’m still looking for Mary Van Duesen’s address.

The response to our offer of the Chris Soto songtapes, et al, has been really gratifying! We got a lot more orders than expected, which is great! Carol has already shipped a bunch of them out. For technical reasons, here will be a short delay in getting the next shipment of tapes out during May. Look in late May or early June for the tape if you don’t get it within the next few days. Please be patient!

Also, we’re still looking for somebody who can convert an American tape format into PAL. Please, there are some salivating K/Sers out there! Anybody?

The contents of this first videotape are sadly unknown. However here is a possible partial listing

Vids by Kandy Fong

  • Both Sides Now
  • A Mocked Tune
  • Midnite Blue
  • Memories
  • No Satisfaction
  • It's All Coming Back to Me Now.

Vids by Chris Soto

  • I Heard it through the Grapevine
  • Wind Beneath My Wings
  • Land of Confusion
  • This Time
  • Tijuana Jail
  • One Moment in Time
  • Saturday Night
  • In The Burning Heart
  • Right Here Waiting
  • Don't Know Much
  • Turn, Turn, Turn
  • One Hand, One Heart
  • "I Dreamed A Dream" by Les Miserables (shown at CaliCon 1989 and at the 2005 Vividcon "High-Definition Theater" vid show)

The following vids may have been also included, uncredited. Some are by Kandy Fong

  • Eye of the Tiger
  • Wild One
  • Old Souls
  • Snoopy v. Red Baron
  • One is the Loneliest Number
  • I'm Your Captain
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart (by Caren Parnes)
  • 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
  • The Dream is Still Alive
  • My Way
  • Wind Beneath My Wings
  • Satisfaction
  • Old Friends/Bookends
  • Old Friends
  • Star Trekkin'
  • Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Reactions & Reviews: Tape 1

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the editors of The K/S Press (All credit goes to only one of the KSP editors and her name starts with a J!—SB)

Now, thanks to these women, every fan can own their own copy and enjoy these videos time and time again, as I do. and especially to Carol Davis for the issuance of the music videos. Ever since I received my copy from Chris Soto in the mail, I always regretted that other K/S fans might never see such treasures since there appeared to be no way to purchase them other than going to conventions (if the videos were even there).

When I read [I]’s letter in the July issue as she described her experience watching them for the first time, I was so happy she was given the opportunity to avail herself of such a wonderful treasure, along with every other K/S fan. I’ve already promised myself that if (God forbid!) any disaster were to strike my house and I was given the opportunity to save one materialistic item, that video would be it. It is that precious to me.

So once again, thanks to everyone who has made it possible for K/Sers top purchase these videos. If you’re one of us who has been putting off getting this tape for whatever reason, don’t! It is something you definitely do not want to miss!

On the same note, like [I], I am also curious how the videos are made. There are two songs that I would love to do videos."[3]
"I received a 'shipment' today containing the Chris Soto music video. I thought my three-year old would never take a nap, but I finally got him to sleep. Then, diet coke in hand, I sat down to relax and watch. The video beautifully expresses the love between my two favorite characters and even gave me a couple of laughs in a few places."[4]

Tape 2

The K/S Press Songtape 2 was first advertised in the October 1998 issue of KS Press. 28 artists including Elizabeth Scott, Roberta Haga, Cybel Harper, Stacey D., Patricia Frazer Lamb, Janice Silverstein, and Katharine Scarritt. From the K/S Press ad: "Length: about ninety minutes. Songs: all K/S. Some of the songs include: Everything I Do, Never Gonna Let You Go, Turn Around, Look at Me, the "unforgettable K/S dolls on the bridge," and Right Here Waiting. Comment: picture quality varies greatly, a few of the last vids are very old, multi-generational, and hard to watch." In K/P Press #37 they explain: "The final 8 songs from the second tape are multi-multi-generation and very old, but they are still watchable. PAL versions will have deterioration than NTSC, unfortunately."

About the "dolls on the bridge" selection: "... those we discovered last summer from a very unassuming fan who doesn’t want her name mentioned, but who made some fantastic songtapes including one with the Kirk and Spock dolls undressing each other on the bridge." [5]

From an ad in issue #36 of the K/S Press:

"Oh, this is a good tape! It is one hour and forty-four minutes long, with 28 terrific videos. At the last minute we were able to add four more. The reproduction quality on most of this tape is good to excellent, certainly a lot better than most of us have been watching for many years. The final 8 songs are really, really old, goodness knows what generation copy we had to use, but they are still watchable (barely!) and sound good, and some of my personal favorites are among this group. I spent a very pleasant afternoon recently watching the whole thing from beginning to end, drifting on K/S up to my eyebrows. I recommend this tape!"

According to a comment in The K/S Press #36, included "two erotic selections in the middle of the tape with explicit (very explicit) footage from pornographic films. The two are basically repeats of one another in the erotic footage, it's the framing scenes from Star Trek that are different. While some might be shocked and offended, I found them— somewhat—tasteful. Somewhat."

In K/S Press #39:
"Songtape #2 is all K/S. Drown in it! Revel in it! Drink amaretto over the rocks with the fire roaring in the fireplace and a copy of Thrust spread open on your lap, and lose yourself in these images that have been plucked from your dreams. More than one hour and thirty minutes (28 songs) of tear-jerking, heart-warming, inspiring K/S. Vids by Elizabeth Scott (Everything I Do, Never Gonna Let You Go, the very clever Turn Around, Look at me with its reprise, the unforgettable K/S Dolls on the bridge and more), Roberta Haga (ultimate romance in Right Here Waiting and Shoulder to Cry on, plus two erotic presentations of The First Time Ever, and more), Cybel Harper (Night and Day, All Of a Sudden), Stacy Doyle (I Don’t Know Much, Take a Look at Me Now), Patricia Frazer Lamb, Janice Silverstein, and Katharine Scarritt."
The PAL versions of the songtapes omitted the erotic selections:
"Because of the obscenity laws, we won’t be sending these two songs overseas. And if there are any of our domestic folks who don’t want them, we ask that you tape over those two songs yourself.[6]

The complete contents of this videotape are sadly unknown. However here is a possible partial listing:

Vids by Elizabeth S.

  • Everything I Do
  • Let's Give Them Something to Talk About
  • Broken Arrow
  • I've Been in Love With You
  • Never Gonna Let You Go
  • Take You Home Tonight
  • Turn Around, Look at Me
  • Turn Around, Look at Me (Reprise)
  • Saved the Best for Last
  • K/S Dolls 'on the Bridge

Vids by Roberta Haga

  • Right Here Watiing
  • Someone's Waiting for You
  • Shoulder to Cry On
  • The First Time Ever (Erotic)
  • The First Time Ever (Erotic) (Reprise)

Vids by Cybel Harper

  • Night and Day
  • All of a Sudden

Vids by Stacy Doyle

  • Against All Odds

Vids by Patricia Frazier Lamb

  • Throwing It All Away

Vids by Janice S.

  • Everything I Own
  • The Eagle Will Rise Again
  • Love Comes Walking In

Vids by Katharine Scarritt

  • I've Seen the Light
  • My One Winter Rose
  • Don't Answer Me
  • Hold On

Reactions & Reviews: Tape 2

"I recently ordered the 2nd K/S song tape Carol Davis is so generously offering. Need I say [J] is right — it was simply fabulous? So many of those dear-to-my heart scenes were crowded into it, the quality of the cutting was amazing and the songs well-chosen. The soso quality of the pictures at the end didn’t bother me a bit, nor the couple of explicit scenes thrown in with delicate and quite effective calculation. I loved it! I was oohing and ahhing all the way through and can’t wait to run it again. While watching, I wished fervently that I could do such a great job of creating such a tape; I’ve tried and failed. So I am deeply grateful for the talent, effort and giving spirit of those involved in making that tape and bringing me joy. Thanks, Carol, and to all of you![7]

Tape 3

The K/S Press Songtapes 3 was first listed in the November 1999 issue of the K/S Press, along with K/S Press Songtape #4.

  • Artists: Jersey Trek
  • Length: about ninety minutes
  • And I Love You So, We've Only Just Begun, The Way We Were, and more.
From an ad in K/S Press #39:
"Songtape #3 will feature all song videos from Jersey Trek. These videos were previously sold to fans through previous K/S letterzines, and are made available to The K/S Press subscribers through the kindness of Jersey Trek. Thank you, Jersey Trek!

Again, the tape will be primarily Gen Star Trek with some K/S and relationship mixed in. If you want humor, try Junk Food Junkie or Another One Bites the Dust. K/S favorite is And I Love You So, which always causes Jenna to melt in a small puddle with the remote grasped in her trembling hand. Rewind, rewind! But then there’s also K/S themed We’ve Only Just Begun (yes, this one is perfect), and The Way We Were, and The Wind Beneath My Wings. Sigh. Very notable is the way Jersey Trek uses stills in their song vids to great effect. If you don’t have a lump in your throat after viewing Amazing Grace, (bagpipes and a review of Spock’s life as his torpedo tube is shot from the ship, sniff) well, it will be amazing!

This tape will be about one hour and thirty minutes long, and it’s a great way to unwind after a long hard day of holiday shopping. Put your feet up and relax in the Star Trek world…."

The complete contents of this videotape are sadly unknown. However here is a possible partial listing:

  • Star Trekkin'
  • And I Love You So
  • James Bond Theme
  • Another One Bites the Dust
  • My Way
  • Nobody Does it Better
  • Born to be Bad
  • TV Themes
  • I Want to be Sedated
  • Pure Energy
  • Sounds of Silence
  • Danger Zone
  • Mama
  • Saturday Night's All Right
  • Amazing Grace
  • We've Only Just Begun
  • Star Trek Movie Theme
  • Lady
  • Banned from Argo
  • The Way We Were
  • Oh, Yeah!
  • Junk Food Junkie
  • Addicted to Love
  • Wind Beneath My Wings
  • The Bitch is Back

Tape 4

The K/S Press Songtapes 4 was released in November 1999.

  • Artists: Jersey Trek, Linda Lakin, and others
  • Length: about ninety minutes
  • Songs: A mix of mostly Gen with a few K/S or relationship-centered songs: (I Need You, Like a Prayer), then thirty minutes of mostly K/S and relationship vids including The Rose, What I Did for Love and more
from an ad in K/S Press #39:
Songtape #4 starts with about thirty-eight minutes of music videos from Jersey Trek, most of these are Gen with a few being either K/S or relationship centered. Those who have seen these already (they were shown privately at Shore Leave this year, and were sold through a former K/S letterzine several years ago), know that Jersey Trek has a delightful sense of humor and true K/S caring as well. Try I Wanna Hold Your Hand, which is an ode to Spock’s hands, or Spock’s Odyssey, which chronicles Spock’s development as a character by using one scene from each episode and movie, or Two Old Cats Like Us, delightfully different! For those romantic moments, I Need You or Like a Little Prayer are sure to satisfy your K/S cravings. And if They’re Coming to Take Me Away doesn’t make you smile, you’re probably living in the Neutral Zone!

Then we’ve added about thirty more minutes of mostly K/S or relationship-centered music vids that we unearthed from the estate of Dixie Owen. Carol Davis bought a bunch of stuff from her estate sale, and found these unknown vids among it all. We think these were created by someone named Linda Lakin, but we’re not sure. If anybody knows Linda, please put us in touch with her.

Then we’re adding a few other K/S vids; we have no idea where they came from, but they are well worth sharing. They include: a lovely interpretation of The Rose, a teary look at What I Did for Love, Total Eclipse of the Heart, One is the Loneliest Number and possibly a few more.

The quality on these tapes is mostly just average, the Linda Lakin ones are pretty old and won’t transfer as well as the others but they should still be watchable. Overall, these videos will bring a smile to your face and put a song in your heart, so give them a try!

Songtape #4 should be about one hour and twenty minutes long.

More vids by Jersey Trek

  • They're Coming to Take Me Away
  • Hurts So Good -
  • A Matter of Trust
  • From Russia With Love
  • Hanky Panky
  • I Need You
  • Like a Little Prayer
  • Spock's Odyssey
  • Ghostbusters
  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  • Two Old Cats Like Us

Vids attributed to Linda Lakin

  • Believe it or Not
  • Without You
  • It Amazes Me
  • Wind Beneath My Wings
  • The Way We Were
  • Morning Has Broken
  • Good Friend
  • The Search is Over

Unknown Vidder

  • The Rose (Spock character) (this may be the Caren Parnes vid)
  • What I Did For Love
  • What I Did For Love
  • Total Eclipse of the Heart (Kirk character) (this may be the Caren Parnes vid)
  • One is the Loneliest Number

Tape 5

songtape tape #5

The K/S Press Songtape 5 was first sold in September 2001. Karen's first vids were edited using two VCRs, her later ones along with the ones made by others that she remastered were done on computers using video editing software. All were submitted to the editors of KS Press via DVD who then transferred them onto videotape for sale.[8]

From the ad in The K/S Press #61: "To songtape fans: At long last, your wait is over. The K/S Press is very happy to present our songtape #5! Most of the material on this tape was created by Karen Picciotti. Karen, take a bow! The songvids were presented during KiScon 2001 and also during Shore Leave this past summer. The tape is about an hour and fifteen minutes long, and includes the award-winning “The Call and the Answer” and “The Story of My Life.” Were there ever more perfect K/S songs? I don’t think so! And there are lots more goodies here as well, including a total of fifteen vids from Karen and four other K/S songvids created by others (on other KSP tapes) that Karen has redone so that they are in much better condition for watching."

From a later ad in The K/S Press #118: "Artist: Karen P. Length: About 90 minutes Songs: The Call and The Answer, The Story of My Life (both KiScon award winners), many others, plus faithful remakes of four vids that were practically unwatchable on [KS Press] songtape #2."


  1. You Give Me Love
  2. Who Loves You More
  3. Music of My Heart
  4. Story of My Life
  5. The Search is Over
  6. Dreams to Dream
  7. One From Two
  8. The Call and the Answer
  9. Now and Later
  10. Once Again
  11. My Heart Will Go On
  12. This is the Moment
  13. Once Upon A Dream
  14. After All These Years
  15. Theme from "East of Eden"

The remade vids were

  • I've Been This Way Before by Kath H.
  • The Rose by Caren Parnes
  • My One Winter Rose by Kath H.
  • Love Walks In by Unknown

Reactions and Reviews: Tape 5

From KS Press #64:
Karen [P] has produced the most marvelous music video. The fact that I must view these vids in pieces at sometimes long intervals between songs has its merits.I get to experience all these new treasures one at a time.There's no question "The Call and The Answer" is one of the all time best. I don't know where Karen found the song, but I'm not a music aficionado, just a K/S ten. It sounds Scottish, and I'm somewhat frustrated I haven't quite figured out the opening lyrics, but unless I wear out the tape first, I'll get them! (Thanks, Karen, I have themn ow!) You see, I want to be able to have every word available for instant replay in my head for all those times I need a fix. My second favorite is the Theme from East Of Eden. Karen is so right that words are completely unnecessary. I love using all my senses to just absorb every glance she has captured so lovingly. I am able to concentrate one very touch, every nuance of expressed emotion.I honestly don't recognize the episodes from which Karen has produced some of her scenes. Of course I've seen them, but Karen has captured them in such a way that each is like a revelation! She has done a professional job of blending the scenes with the music. Great example sare the opening and closing scenes of "Eden". Just the way it would have been done by the pros.^^ I'm so happy that Karen has chosen to share her remarkable talent with all her fellow ravenous K/S fans.Please do not deprive yourself of seeing this video as soon as you possibly can!
From KS Press #65:
A whole K/S songtape, with over an hour of delightful

vids. Karen did 15 of her own songvids, and they are just great, from her choice of songs to the scenes she used. Included are Call and the Answer and Story of My Life, which were award winners at KisCon this past March. My personal favorite is My Heart Will Go On, one that brings tears to my eyes. This Is The Moment is a follow up to My Heart, and another excellent video.

Karen also redid 4 old videos by other vid-makers. These are: Love Walks In, I’ve Been This Way Before, The Rose, and My One Winter Rose. Her purpose was to restore these classics vids to improve their viewing quality. She was very meticulous, redoing them carefully so there was no change from the original video. The result is wonderful, having four favorite old videos available to

enjoy again and again."

Tape 6

The K/ Press Songtapes 6 has the title: "Best Destiny." It was advertised in the December 2001 issue of K/S Press #64.

From the ad:
"At last, you can have “Dante’s Prayer” for your own viewing pleasure! Looking for that special K/S gift for your best K/S

friend? Hoping to find a holiday pick-me-up that will soothe you in the midst of craziness? Wanting a guaranteed melt our- heart moment?

Do we ever have the answer for you!

For all of you who saw the K/S songtapes that were presented at this year’s K/S Press Shore Leave party, at last, here are the rest of them are. (We’ve already presented Karen P’s in songtape #5) Here are song videos by Killashandra and T. Jonesy, including the justifiably famous “Dante’s Prayer,” all the song vids that Liz entered into the KiScon 2001 songtape contest, including the famous “Wild Thing” that won first place in the contest, and all three songs (plus extras!) by Helen and Susan that were enjoyed with such pleasure at the party.

Plus, Killashandra has created liner notes to go with the tape, which is entitled Best Destiny. Yes!"
  • Artists: Helen and Virginia Sky, Liz, Killa and T. Jonesy
  • Length: about 75 minutes
  • Songs: by Liz: Rescue Me, Wild Thing, Broken Wings, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Secret Smile and more.
  • Songs by Helen and Virginia Sky: Hello Again, The Love I Found In You, You Seem to Like Me, and more.
  • songs by Killa and T. Jonesy: Bleed to Love Her, The Man's Too Strong, When I’m 64, Dante’s Prayer, more.
  • Bonus: Liner Notes presented by Killa

A recreated playlist

Vids by Killa and TJonesy

  • All by Myself
  • As
  • Bleed to Love Her
  • Closer
  • Dante's Prayer
  • Falling in Love
  • I Dreamed a Dream (vid by Chris Jones, remastered by Killa)
  • Knights of the Roundtable
  • Layla
  • Momma Told Me Not to Come
  • Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
  • Razzle Dazzle
  • Swinging on a Star
  • The Man's Too Strong
  • When I'm 64
  • You're So Vain

Liz W.

  • Bridge Over Troubled Water,
  • Broken Wings,
  • Days
  • I Want To Know What Love Is
  • Rescue Me,
  • Secret Smile
  • Wild Thing

Songs by Helen and Virginia Sky:

Reactions and reviews: Tape 6

KS Press #48 of fans who attended Shore Leave where many of the videos debuted:
"Debuting at the party this year were T. Jonesy and Killashandra’s awesome new music videos. Done with professional-quality digital editing, it’s a whole other experience than what we’ve always been glad to have—the grainy 800th-generation images of our Kirk and Spock. (But then, we have good imaginations, to supply what media and five senses may not provide.)"

Killashandra’s and T. Jonesy music videos (vids as they are known by some). These are the best music videos I’ve ever seen. I’m spoiled now. They are extraordinary. (Except for the lyrics from “When I’m Sixty-Four” running over and over and over in my head. “Vera, Chuck and Dave…” Aaargh!)"
"...Killa and T.S. Jonesy were going to show a couple of new K/S videos that they had created. One was called “When I'm 64”. It was fabulous and hilarious, the scenes fit the pictures so well. Definitely had the Jonesy's stamp on it. Then came Killa's video called “Dante's Prayer” by Loreena McKennitt. Total opposite of “When I'm 64”. Definitely a five hankie and a big, big sob. It was so sad. I'll never hear “Dante's Prayers” the same way again that's for sure.
KS Press #49:
"Killashandra and T. Jonesey and Karen Picciotti have created new videos that are just wonderful! Killa and T. have had access to the new computer technology for creating theirs. So we show most of the vids throughout the evening, and by the way people rush to sit on the floor up front, near the television, I can tell they are enjoying them.

Tape 7

cassette tape #7 cover

The K/S Press Songtape 7 was first listed in the February 2003 issue of KS Press #77.

  • Artist: Karen P.
  • Length: about one hour and fifteen minutes
  • Songs: Sixteen songs, including Only Time, Seduces Me, Crossroads, Thank You for Loving Me, If That’s What it Takes, I Don’t Know, 10,000 Miles, Carry Me Like a Fire in Your Heart and more.
  • Note: Several of these vids were shown at the KSP party on Friday night at the last Shore Leave.

Full playlist

  1. Only Time
  2. Seduces Me
  3. Crossroads
  4. Thank You For Loving Me
  5. If That's What It Takes
  6. I Don't Know
  7. It is You (I Have Loved)
  8. For Always
  9. You're Still You
  10. Color of Roses
  11. Remember
  12. 10,000 Miles
  13. Carry Me (Like A Fire In Your Heart)
  14. My One True Friend
  15. Legends
  16. Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Reactions and Reviews: Tape 7

I saw some of these song vids at the last Shore Leave and I knew right then I HAD to have them! I think they are Karen's best to date. Each song seems as if it were written for the Kirk/Spock relationship. How does she find these treasures? The timing of the lyrics with the various scenes and moments between Kirk and Spock obviously take a lot of patience, time, and care, and it shows. I can honestly say I loved every song vid presented here. But if I had to pick a favorite, I guess it'd be "10,000 Miles," song by Mary Chapin Carpenter. If you love Killa's "Dante's Prayer," you will love this just as much as it's based on the happenings in ST II and III, so it's very moving and emotion-filled. The song opens with the words:

Fare thee well my own true love Farewell for a while I'm going away But I'll be back, though I go 10,000 miles.....

The music and lyrics are hauntingly beautiful and tie in so well with the scenes she has selected. But again, all the vids are wonderful. Thank you Karen for making these vids and sharing them with us. It truly is a labor of love. I can't wait to see what's next! Hint! [9]
The Cyrano Jones Trading Post contains an innocent little listing called simply Songtape #7. To say this is a deceptively bland title is the understatement of the year, because Karen [P.] has outdone herself this time. Having just watched this treasure through from end to end, I must say something...but what? It's difficult to put onto paper the strength of the emotions I feel when I see scenes of Kirk and Spock together set to the words of a love song. These two were a love song in the original series. We all see it with or without music, but the music lends a whole new dimension. As I've said before, I have strong suspicions that Karen has a hidden stash of never-before-seen clips of Kirk and Spock looking at each other with expressions that would melt the coldest of hearts. This vid exceeds all expectations. It is technically superlative, with crisp clear video and flawless sound. The blends are clean as a whistle and the whole thing plays as smooth as Kirk's bare bottom.

For instance "Only Time", the opening song in this vid. Haunting on its own, the song carries us through often viewed images that now take on new meaning. This sets the tone for the whole video, gently rocking us on waves and waves of loving glances, hesitant touches, shared closeness. I'll never hear the song again without having these images flow through my mind. "Seduces Me". Oh, yes. Listen to the words, "everything you are...seduces me." We are treated to so many bridge scenes, the one about emotional security an example, where Kirk turns that seductive smile on Spock. Who else? You see it in the lighthearted atmosphere when they are surrounded by tribbles and when Kirk's command is threatened by a ship-controlling computer. If you didn't see the seduction before this video, if you want to convince someone who doesn't quite get it, show them this one song vid. They will know the meaning of Spock resting his hand on the back of Kirk's chair as Karen shows, and the real reason for the light in Kirk's eyes as he watches Spock stroke a tribble.

Karen takes a probing look at what makes Kirk tick with "Crossroads". You see clearly in her captured images times that Kirk was "tied up on the inside", and the depth of the realization that "what I used to be, I'm not". This last as he sits in the command chair on the newly refit Enterprise as it screams toward a meeting with V'Ger. You can feel the loneliness, the sense that something vital is missing. Later he realizes there is no need to look back "'cause all roads lead to where I stand." There is beautifully appropriate language for Spock's walk past Kirk following the Fal Tor Pan, and for the moment in which he turns back to his love. "Then lay your hands upon me now and cast this darkness from my soul. You alone can light my way. You alone can make me whole...”.

Don't care for song vids yet? Listen to this, and watch closely as Spock says, "Thank You For Loving Me". Think about when he was blind and Kirk held him. When his mind was filled with the Horta's pain and Kirk held him. When Nomad attacked and Kirk held him. When he was felled by lightning from Vaal and Kirk held him. When he made those inevitable little mistakes and Kirk's eyes told him it was alright. Karen found just the right clip to match the words. I love the line "lock the door and leave the world outside", for that is what in my mind Kirk and Spock do each time the doors swish closed behind them, and they are alone in their quarters.

In "If That's What It Takes", Karen skillfully explores all the times Kirk comes to Spock's defense. You would not believe how many there are. My all time favorite is well represented, as Kirk confronts bigotry directed toward Spock and makes it quite clear to the entire bridge crew that it will not be tolerated.

Of course Kirk doesn't know how he would live without Spock. Karen has found most of the instances in which he has had to confront this question, and many are so downplayed in the series that I would never have considered them. In sickbay, waiting to see if Spock lives or dies. Spock collapsed on the bridge, Kirk bending over him, and the final agony of separation in the engine room. The latter is not to be missed when matched to the words "I'm sure I could face the bitter cold, but life without you...I don't know."

More memorable scenes in "It is You I Have Loved". Love this appropriate line: "you're the home my heart searched for so long". It applies so well to both men.

I cannot pick a favorite, but the words that keep following me are "For Always" and "For Ever". This tune is a heart wrenching accompaniment to all that they have been to each other and would touch the heart of the toughest of viewers. If you have it memorized as I would like to do, then forgive me as I touch on some of the parts that affect me most. The vid opens with Kirk approaching the Enterprise in TMP, as he thinks "I close my eyes...and there in the shadows I see your light." You know how he closes his eyes for a moment and you thought it was to savor being assigned to the Enterprise again. Perhaps not. Then Karen carefully brings words to Spock's arrival on the bridge with "You come to me out of my dreams across the night." Another very special point for me is the two of them playing chess in their original gold uniforms from WNM, and the words convey what I have always felt "From this day on..." I know it all started right there. I have never seen lyrics more seamlessly fitted to a scene than to watch Kirk walk up to Spock's meditation alcove "For always" and Spock rising to greet him "For Ever". Beautiful and memorable, Karen. Gives me chills.

We see Kirk in various incantations and all sorts of moods in "You're Still You", again a very well suited song to the selected images. In the "Color of Roses" there is one scene Karen was unable to find. I would like to have seen the companion to "let us not kiss".

"Remember" has no lyrics, but remember we do as we watch vision after vision of our two legendary lovers as they have been throughout their lives with each other. On the bridge, dressing in Edith's basement, all fine flashes of memory and always together. We see them thinking, working, playing, sad, serious, laughing, dying. Gets ya.

"10,000 Miles" was mentioned as a favorite from SL. I agree it is very powerful. From the opening words "Fare thee well, my own true love" as Spock truly leaves Kirk for the first time in STII to the words Kirk perhaps hears in his mind as he grips the back of Spock's empty chair "but I'll be back". Watching this, you are put through an emotional wringer by a master. A troubled Kirk surfaces in "Carry Me Like a Fire In Your Heart". Never knew there were so many pictures of a confused, hurt, worried or anguished Kirk. This really makes you think of all the times his strength wavered and Spock was there. More than you realized.

"My One True Love" fits them so well. Filled with all your favorites.

And then there is: "In the struggle to maintain the balance of the Universe, come Legends." This is how I have always seen Kirk and Spock. As Legends. Their love transcends time and the limited dimensions in which we live. "Legends" says this for me, and more. Karen has created something of a legend here herself with her spectacular blending of the myth of the Unicorns with K/S. Even without hearing the song, you understand that neither the magnificent creatures or their Terran and Vulcan counterparts will ever be gone from our hearts. I'm always in awe of the looks of love, the gestures and not-quite-smiles that, when set to music, tell the tale of Kirk and Spock so convincingly. "Hand in Hand" is a great example of a scene that was made for the lyrics. From the time you see the different displays of the sun accompanying "Loved by the sun.." you know surprises are in store. These are a great touch and they emphasize this is no ordinary K/S music vid! Then the magnificent Unicorns! First searching, awakening, finding each other, learning what they were meant to be: Legends. This is such a magical and harmonious mingling of the familiar and the mystical!

Now. What have we here? "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" takes us behind those closed doors I mentioned before, and in a very imaginative and ingenious way. Karen has captured Kirk and Spock together as the series could never do and she does it with amazing creativity and skill. It takes some real slight of hand to bring still drawings from our favorite K/S artists to life like this! They blend and merge in a way that gives them life and motion. This is captivating in a new an unconventional way that is bound to be done again in the future. All the artists represented here should be very proud to have been included in a display that depicts this much love. The answer is a resounding "YES!" You can feel the love.

You feel that love in every video, Karen. I can't imagine the hours and the research that went into this labor of love, nor can I begin to voice what it means to all believers in Kirk and Spock that you have chosen to expend your considerable talent creating these very special illustrations of their devotion.

And to the remaining KSP readers, if you have not yet seen this Songtape #7, please do not deprive yourself of this rare collection of Kirk's and Spock's expressions of love for each other. [10]

Tape 8

The K/S Press Songtape 8 was first listed in the November 2004 issue of KS Press. Despite its reference to 'songtape" the collection was only released on DVD.

  • Artist: Karen P.
  • Length: About one hour
  • Songs: Twenty songs, including From This Moment, I'll Never Say Good-bye, This is the Night, You Raise Me Up, Sailing, Fields of Gold, and Oh, How the Years Go By
  • Note: This songtape is presented on DVD only, and will only play on Region One (U.S. and Canada) players. Quality is not up to regular DVD standards but is more than watchable.

A recreated playlist

  • Anytime You Need A Friend
  • Fallen Embers
  • Fields of Gold
  • For You I Will
  • From This Moment
  • Have You Ever Been in Love?
  • Here is Your Paradise
  • I Want You to Need Me
  • I Will Always Return
  • I'll Be
  • I'll Never Say Goodbye
  • If You Could
  • Now and Forever
  • Oh, How the Years Go By
  • One Friend
  • Remember Me This Way
  • Sailing
  • This is the Night
  • To Where You Are
  • You Raise Me Up

General Comments on the Songtapes

"Do you all derive the same uncommon pleasure, the same invigorating experience as I from "our" wondrous songtapes? Every now and then I play at least a few selections and never cease to be awed and overcome by the beauty of the love captured in song and stolen scene. Two very special ones come to mind. There's "One Hand, One Heart" with the gripping scenes accompanying "...and even death won't part us now". Nothing tops my other favorite. "I Dreamed A Dream" is haunting and powerful and so uncannily accurate. The words "He slept a summer at my side " so excitingly captures the love as Kirk, towel across his bare shoulders, smiles that special smile at Spock and we see the smile returned ever so slightly. "He filled my days with endless wonder...." So appropriate. Just as our hearts are warmed to the core, the scene abruptly switches to Spock's empty chair on the bridge and the singer jars us to the soul as she declares, "but he was gone when Autumn came." Chills me to the bone every time I hear it. Thanks to all who made it possible for each of us to share in this experience.[11]
"I was so pleased that you wrote in last month about the songtapes, and I’m so glad that you do find them inspirational. I do too! There’s nothing like finding the time and correct emotional circumstances to sit down and watch Jim and Spock’s love unfold to music.[12]
"I just got my first songtape today, and I've really enjoyed some of those songs. Some are less..inspiring. It's got a whole lot to do with if the creator

has been able to find a good song (that I personally like of course) and made the effort to find images that really go with the song's feeling and the lyrics. Some of the songtapes make me cry or laugh and I enjoy those immensely. Some of them made me want to fast forward.

I am also wondering how they go about doing these. I'd love to try myself..."[13]


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