Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

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Title: Can You Feel The Love Tonight?
Creator: Karen P.
Date: 2002 or earlier
Format: digital, distributed on VHS
Length: 4:00
Music: Can You Feel The Love Tonight? by Elton John
Genre: slash
Fandom: Kirk/Spock, Star Trek TOS
Footage: fan art from fanzines

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Can You Feel The Love Tonight? is a K/S vid by Karen P.. The computer vid was made on or about 2003 and was distributed via videotape on the K/S Press Songtapes #7. The vid uses slow cross-dissolves of stills of black and white K/S fanart, some explicit, scanned from fanzines. Over 40 art pieces were used, including fan art by Merle Decker, Gayle F., Marilyn Cole and The Southern Cross. None of the art is credited in the vid itself.

In 2014, the vidder revisited the concept a second time and made "Must Have Done Something Right" using higher quality color fan art that was available online.


"And, finally, with the evening winding down [at Shore Leave], we all drew our chairs closer to the television in the corner to watch the new K/S songvids. Just wonderful! There was one by Helen and Virginia, one by Killa and T. Jonesy, and eight by Karen P. They were all great, but the last one shown by Karen was really special. She had selected about thirty pieces of K/S art that had been published over the years and set them to music: Can You Feel the Love Tonight? It is really stunning. We are hoping to make a tape with Karen's songvids available soon."[1]

"Now. What have we here? "Can You Feel The Love Tonight?" takes us behind those closed doors I mentioned before, and in a very imaginative and ingenious way. Karen has captured Kirk and Spock together as the series could never do and she does it with amazing creativity and skill. It takes some real slight of hand to bring still drawings from our favorite K/S artists to life like this! They blend and merge in a way that gives them life and motion. This is captivating in a new an unconventional way that is bound to be done again in the future. All the artists represented here should be very proud to have been included in a display that depicts this much love. The answer is a resounding "YES!" You can feel the love. You feel that love in every video, Karen. I can't imagine the hours and the research that went into this labor of love, nor can I begin to voice what it means to all believers in Kirk and Spock that you have chosen to expend your considerable talent creating these very special illustrations of their devotion. [2]


Sample screencaps showing how difficult it was to get a consistent quality of scanned fan art across the years and different type of printing methods. One choice that the vidder made to create a consistent look was to only use black and white, although she did allow c=variation in style from simple line art to more complex shading. Note: the aspect ratio of some of the screencaps may be off due to limitations of the screencap software used.


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