Total Eclipse of the Heart (Star Trek: TOS vid)

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Creator: Caren Parnes
Date: unknown, but it was shown at 1992 Virgule con
Music: "Total Eclipse of the Heart" by
Genre: slashy
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Footage: The Wrath of Khan

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Total Eclipse of the Heart is a Star Trek: TOS vid by Caren Parnes.

It is on the K/S Songtape #4.

It uses the scene of Spock and Kirk touching hands on glass in the death scene from The Wrath of Khan. [1]

Fan Comments


If you like/resonate to the Wrath of Khan scene. I highly recommend a TOS songtape by Caren Parnes that beautifully incorporates that scene. It is to a song that is totally over-wrought pop, and (probably because of that) already totally overused in fan songtapes, and yet, she did such an incredible job. The song is Total Eclipse of the Heart" and it is available on the Virgule tape from Kandy Fong, and probably directly from Caren Parnes if you know her. [2]


Re "Total Eclipse of the Heart": Actually someone has already done a K/S vid of this song, and it's one of my faves. It works for me because "Turn

around" is set to the same image, or close to it, repeatedly: K looking through the glass at Spock, dying. The musical repetition and the repeated image work very powerfully, for me. [3]


  1. ^ This scene was one that Henry Jenkins used to explain slash. You can read his quote in Normal Female Interest in Men Bonking: Selections from The Terra Nostra Underground and Strange Bedfellows (1998). Jenkins, however, talks about this scene much earlier in the same way in 1992, the year Textual Poachers was published, in his trib to Strange Bedfellows #1.
  2. ^ comment by Sandy Herrold in Strange Bedfellows #3 (November 1993)
  3. ^ comments from a private mailing list, quoted anonymously (July 28, 2000)