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Filk Songbook
Title: The IDICon Song Book
Publisher: IDICon
Editor(s): Marnie S., Terry M. and Barb Lewis
Date(s): 1984?-1985
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized
Subject: Star Trek: TOS
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The IDICon Song Book is a slash Star Trek: TOS zine contain K/S filk songs. It was released in connection with the IDICon convention.

The Second Songbook

was printed in 1985 and contains 29 pages and over 50 filk songs.

From the title page: "The filking at IDICon will be done Southern-style. That means everybody gets to sing along!

This songbook is provided to give you the words to some of the Houston Group's favorite songs. If you have favorites that are not included, please feel free to bring them to the filking so we can all do them. (If we like them, we'll steal them).


Copyright 1985 for the authors we stole everything from. All rights returned to them. This songbook was published for use at IDICon, Second, Houston, Texas, 1985, but if you get your grimy hands on a copy and want to xerox if for your own use, knock yourself out! UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS SONGBOOK EVER TO BE SOLD!!

front and back covers of the second IDICon songbook
  • A Toast for Unknown Heroes
  • Alien
  • Ballad of the Birthday Boy
  • Ballad of Transport Eighteen, The
  • Banned from Argo
  • Black Widows in the Privy
  • Bones
  • Born Again Trek
  • Captain is a Father to His Crew, The
  • Castaway
  • Centauri Fair
  • Couplets for a Departure
  • Daddy's Little Girl
  • Dirty Kirk Song
  • Enemy Within, The
  • Enterprise
  • Escape, The
  • Eternal Loser
  • For the Need of the One
  • Fame and Glory
  • Fellowship Going South
  • Friggin' in the Rigging
  • God Lives on Terra
  • Gone the Rainbow
  • Grandfather Clock, The 2.0
  • Hope Eyrie '
  • I Left My Boots
  • In Our Hands Like Dust
  • Iron Mistress.....
  • Lord of the Dance, The
  • Making Wookies
  • Mary O'Meara
  • Michael O'Meara
  • Miss Piggy '
  • My Starship
  • Neutral Zone, Romulan View
  • Old Ben's Song
  • Old Trekkers' Home
  • One Way to Go
  • Poor Spock is Dead
  • Rest Stop
  • Rumors
  • Send Me Off to Glory in a Glad Bag
  • Sing Me A Song
  • Sisters Dancing Together
  • Space Hero
  • Starwind. Rising
  • Surprise!
  • Together
  • Trekker, The
  • Those were the Days
  • When Will You Turn?
  • Witnesses Waltz
  • Write It All Down
  • You Bash the Balrog
  • You Fill Up My Sensors

"Those Were The Days" (aka The Lament of the Last Trek Fan)

Once upon a time there was a fandom.
Trek was all we ate and slept and breathed.
Now, my friends have gone to other fandoms,
As the last Trek fan what's to become of me?
sample page, a lament regarding multimedia and other fandoms
Those were the days, my fen.
Trek was the living end.
We knew each episode and line by heart.
And through the zines we read,
We knew Trek wasn't dead.
Those were the days,
Oh, yes, those were the days.
First Han and Luke and Leia flashed their lasers,
And the Force soon lured some fen away.
Than Starsk and Hutch, they burst into the picture,
And captured hearts with hints of being gay.
Now they're popping up on every corner,
Magnum, Dr. Who, and Hill Street Blues.
And here's the latest overseas connection,
The Professionals - Bodie and DoDo.
Can you think of where all this is leading?
The very thought could turn your blood to ice.
I'm on my knees, my hand are clasped, I'm pleading
That the next fandom not be Miami Vice.

"You Fill Up My Sensors"

YOU FILL UP MY SENSORS (sung to John Denver's 'You Fill Up My Senses') (filk stolen, I think, from Linda Lakin, et al.)
You fill up my sensors like a giant amoeba,
Like a big planet eater, like a Tholian webb,
Like a Romulan warship, like a Klingon destroyer.
You fill up my sensors, come fill me again.
Come let me probe you, let me scan your dimensions.
Let my data run for you, let my circuits run free.
Let my microchips know you, all my programs run for you,
Come let me probe you, come probe me again.
You fill my sensors like a star going nova,
Like a photon exploding, like the Galaxy's edge,
Like the Antares maelstrom, like the storms of Mutara
You fill up my sensors, come fill me again.

"Poor Spock Is Dead"

POOR SPOCK IS DEAD (filk converted [that's legalese for "stolen"] from Linda Lakin, et al.)
Poor Spock is dead...Oh, poor Spock is dead.
All gather 'round his coffin now and sigh. (Now and sigh I)
He had a heart of gold and he wasn't very old.
Oh, why did such a feller have to die?
Poor Spock is dead...Oh, poor Spock is dead.
The radiation's finally told the tale. (Told the tale!)
It completely fried his ears; made, him old beyond his years.
The Geiger counter's going off the scale.
Poor Spock is gone...Oh, poor Spock is gone.
There wasn't much of him that we could save. (We could save!)
Just a fingernail or two and the sole of just one shoe.
It wasn't worth the while to dig a grave.
Poor Sppck is croaked...just laid down and choked.
We put him in an empty photon shell. (Photon shell!)
Piped him out and shot him free; played "Amazing" gracefully.
The engine room will never lose the smell.
Poor Spock is dead...Oh, poor Spock is dead.
And here we are all smiling on the bridge. (On the bridge!)
Lost a friend of twenty years and we never shed a tear
Cause no one knows we stuck him in the fridge.
Poor Spock. . .poor Spock. . .