Born Again Trek

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Song Title: Born Again Trek
Composer: Julia Ecklar
Date: 1980s
Subject: Star Trek, Meta
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Born Again Trek is a filk song written and performed by Julia Ecklar. The song appeared on several of her cassette tapes of filk music, including Genesis and was made into a Star Trek songvid by Mary Van Duesen.

According to one reviewer in Datazine #27:

[Born Again Trek]] (a charming song, especially for those revival trek fans of the Wrath of Khan. The arrangement leaves something to be desired, since instead of the tamborine accompaniment this song so cries out for, jingle bells were used, producing a somewhat ludicrous result, but the song is still fun.)"

Another listener write in 205:

"oh gods I remember this one.

The sounds of classic 80s filk from an iPad is a surreal experience.

And so many fans don’t know what it was like when Star Trek was considered an anomaly, and it looked like we might never have another popular SF franchise again, and then SW came out and the PTB acted like it was STILL a fluke.

No reboots. No multiple generations. The first movie wasn’t all that successful.

The success of Khan is why we have a Trek franchise today, and in some ways the success of the Trek sequels are why TV and film are so willing to try SF series now."[1]

The song is also discussed in "Textual Poachers: Television Fans and Participatory Culture" By Henry Jenkins.[2]

Lyrics Sample

I was with the Midwest crowd who stood in line for blocks.

I cheered on the Reliant’s end, and I shed a tear for Spock's.

But we talked for three days running of how Khan did push his luck,

And I am saved, I am saved, I am saved!

For the IDIC’s still the way to god, Spock’s still logical of course, And we’ve still got full main phasers, so tell me, who needs the Force? And if Buck thinks that he's the one with debonair and class, We’ll just tell him we’ve got Admiral Kirk, who still has a gorgeous . . . rank!

And I am born again, I am born again . . . [3]


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