Shadows in the Rain (Star Trek: TOS zine)

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Title: Shadows in the Rain
Publisher: Mkashef Enterprises
Date(s): 1987
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Cover by Merle Decker

Shadows in the Rain is a slash Star Trek: TOS 173-page anthology of fiction by Dovya Blacque, Faris Vincent, and Arlan Symons that had been previously published in other zines. The cover is by Merle Decker.


  • Shadows in the Rain by Arlan Symons (Naked Times #9), p. 4-27 (Spockʼs life becomes intertwined with the actor who portrays him in another reality as they “visit” each other over the years. Time and Space and the thinness between dimensions all play parts in this tale of a universe in which Kirk and Spock are very real… and one in which they are merely fiction… or are they?) This is a very early RPS and was extremely controversial. See the story page for the many reactions and reviews to this single story.
  • Temporarily in Amber Light by Dovya Blacque (Off Duty #1), p. 28-38 (What lengths will one friend go to for another? How much is Spock willing to discard for the sake of his captain?)
  • Gamblers by Dovya Blacque (First Time #7), p. 39-54 (Some men are born to take risks, even when those risks are for extremely high stakes.)
  • Fog by Dovya Blacque (As I Do Thee #10), p. 55-68 (Suffering from laryngitis while on shore leave, James Kirk finds himself with far too much energy and, against doctor’s orders, ventures out into the alien night.)
  • Tender as Starlight by Dovya Blacque (Naked Times #21), p. 69-74 (New lovers, Kirk and Spock struggle with a minor - at least so Kirk claims - bump in their sexual lives.)
  • Bring on the Night by Faris Vincent (Charisma #4), p. 75-80 (Struck by the emotion Spock displayed on an ancient Earth street when Kirk had prevented McCoy from saving Edith Keeler’s life, the captain of the Enterprises confronts his shy friend on the subjects of friendship, loyalty and trust.)
  • Star Tripper by Dovya Blacque (First Time #9), p. 81-100 (After being separated for a year while Spock served duty on Vulcan, the two legendary friends see new dimensions enter their relationship.)
  • Tango by Dovya Blacque (First Time #14), p. 101-108 (In the court of an alien planet, it is not only unremarkable for two men to dance together, it is common. And so Spock indulges in local custom…)
  • Standing in the Shadows by Faris Vincent (Charisma #1), p. 109-129 (A study of the nature of heroes, self-image, friendship and love.)
  • Brother to a Dragon by Dovya Blacque (First Time #20), p. 130-173 (Some secrets come back to bite us in the end… and Spock has one huge, looming, inescapable secret to deal with.)

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