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Genzine has several definitions.

  • A media fanzine for a general audience -- contains no explicit het material or same-sex material of any rating. This is now the most common meaning
  • A fanzine with content of many different types or covering various topics
  • In science fiction fandom, a genzine is a "general topic and/or general circulation fanzine; in other words, usually not an apazine but one available to whomever the editor cares to mail it to, even sometimes including subscribers".[1]
  • A zine that contains stories set in an already existing universe, such as Star Trek, but with none of the canon characters or usual settings. Carol Walske and Fern Marder's Nu Ormenel Collected, featuring stories about the Klingon Empire, was a genzine. The exact origin of this definition and how widely it was used is unclear; however, it was in use by some members of the New York Star Trek fanzine publishing community in the early 1970s.