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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Into Love
Author(s): Roberta Haga
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Into Love is a Kirk/Spock story by Roberta Haga.

It was published in the print zine First Time #10.


"McCoy badgers Kirk into going on shore leave with Spock so they can both be laid, but when Spock is told he suggests a unique solution."


"I don't care what you don't wanna go. It's either that or a battery of tranquilizers. And THEY go on your medical record, Captain. Now get out of here and do as you're told. And take Spock with you," McCoy called after the retreating gold back. "Maybe getting him laid will get you in the mood. He's not in much better shape than you are!"

Reactions and Reviews

This is a story I recently rediscovered as I was trying to catalog some of my zines. It is a First Timer, obviously, where Kirk tries to teach Spock the difference between a casual one night stand and an affair with real feeling in it by illustrating the two on two different nights while on shore leave on a planet. To me, this story is almost surrealistic, reading almost like a fantasy, close to but not quite realistic or on the mark with characterization. For example, despite the consumption of alcoholic beverages, I just can't see Spock actually propositioning a woman in a bar in Kirk's full view, and following her and another woman to an upstairs room. And the explanation when he returns is just too pat to be believed. The whole kite flying sequence is wonderful, but again, I somehow felt like I was observing some fantasy universe and not quite the one the Kirk and Spock I knew really inhabited. The overall tone of this is gentle and loving, By definite preference, and despite ay reservations, is one of my favorites. I'd love to read more and more from this author. [1]
This is a very theatrically integrated story meant to show the difference between "having sex" and "making love". Yet I wonder if the positions aren't overstated. Is all sex that doesn't take place within a romantic relationship so lacking in courtesy and consideration, and is there never any selfishness, disrespect or abusiveness by partners within a romantic relationship? One thing that I particularly noted is how extremely controlling Kirk was throughout the story. Whether he was "having sex" or "making love", Kirk was still controlling everything in the encounter -- even Spock's thrusting rhythm. I would personally find this oppressive, and I would be very surprised if Spock didn't eventually complain about such treatment. [2]
The most delightful part of this little excursion to the land of falling in love is Spock's concluding observation. Having become lovers, they've played each other's bodies like finely tuned instruments, every moment of it tantalizing. But it's a day's fun in the sun, visiting the petting zoo, flying kites, looking into each others eyes that Kirk describes as "I made love to you all day." Spock is very introspective, then declares there is only one conclusion to this declaration, "Jim, we have been making love to each other for years!" And isn't that what we've all been trying to say? [3]
"Into Love" gives us a double scerario. On shore leave, Kirk decides to show Spock the differefice between "getting laid" and "making love" by having Spock expedience each one separately on successive nights. When I first saw the title of this story, I envisioned Kirk cruising Spock in a bar, and asking "What're you into?", to which Soock answers "I'm into love." Although it's highly unlikely that a Vulcan would say such a thing, it did tickle my fancy. This story shows that both Kirk and Spock are "into love", and i1lustrates the differences between casual and caring sex very well. They are mainly in the attitude of the participants and the content in which it occurs. [4]


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