Janice Rand

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Name: Janice Rand
Title/Rank: Yeoman
Location: the Enterprise
Relationships: perhaps a canonical one with Jim Kirk?
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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a 1976 flyer advertises the actress' 45rpm audio recording as being created by "Janice Rand"

Janice Rand was a character during the first season of the original Star Trek. She appeared in several episodes, notably as the woman the Mirror Kirk attacks and nearly rapes, the woman whom Charlie X gets a crush on, and the character whom Miri becomes jealous of, causing the landing party's betrayal. In her job as Yeoman, she also brings Jim Kirk meals and coffee.

It was suggested on the show that she and Jim Kirk had a romantic, if not intimate, relationship. Janice Rand abruptly disappeared from the show, causing many fans to write a number of speculative fictions as to why.

A Fan Ponders Time, and Hair

In 2013, a fan wondered about Rand's hair: "Time is passing and a lot of the people who were on fandom in the 60-70s no longer participate. I know that as a young person watching to a episodes that I am missing a lot of the original... Culture? Something is missed. For example, Rands beehive that everyone seems to hate (I think it's cool! So intricate!) Well I didn't even know it was a beehive! What were the implications of that hair style back then? Did it mean she was high class, snobby or smart or a valley girl?" [1]

From CCSTSG Enterprises #42 (1994): "Yeoman Rand's wig actually was two wigs woven together, making it a heavy piece to wear. "In 'The Enemy Within' I was holding onto the wig. I thought [when Kirk was chasing her around the cabin],'Oh god, it's gonna come off.'" [2]

Examples of Janice Rand in Fiction

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