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Title: Atavachron
Publisher: The United Federation of Canadian Star Trekkers, and U.S.S. Resolution NCC-1877
Editor(s): Kate Chevalier, Alistair Craig, John Willcox Herbert, David Gordon MacDonald, and Terry Wyatt
Type: newsletter
Date(s): mid-1980s-1993
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, other science fiction and media shows
Language: English
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Atavachron a newsletter that was published by the Star Trek fan club "U.S.S. Resolution NCC-1877," based in Victoria, BC; not to be confused with an older Star Trek fan club based in Victoria, the UFCST (The United Federation of Canadian Star Trekkers) which published the fanzine Trekkada.

cover of v.5 n.2, a portrait of The Big Three by Dan Cawsey
cover of v.5 n.2, "Amok Time" by Warren Oddsson

The Atavachron took its name for a was a temporal device used on the planet Sarpeidon in the original Star Trek series, episode 'All Our Yesterdays.'[1]

The focus of the newsletter was Star Trek, but it had other science fiction and media content as well.

The Canadian Fancyclopedia says the fanzine was published from the "mid-'80s until 1993, the club disbanding in 1995.

"Contributors included Betty Bigelow, David Gordon-Mcdonald, Andrew C. Murdoch, Ray Seredin, Warren Oddsson, Bernie Klassen, Amy Morgan, Paula Johanson, Garth Spencer and a host of others. A major West coast zine. Got bigger and better with time, the final issue (V8#3/4) at 110 pages. Always multiple articles, some fiction, and much art. Certainly among the best Trek club zines ever produced in Canada. Editors included: Terry Wyatt, John Willcox Herbert & Alistair Craig.(GS) & (RGC)"[1]

The Zine Wiki states that the zine ran from the 1980s till 1993. "Contributors of art work included Warren Oddsson, and Jeffrey Taylor, among others. David Gordon MacDonald was also a co-editor of The Central Ganglion. In 1992, John W. Herbert began co-edited Under The Ozone Hole with Karl Johanson till 1996, winning the Aurora Award for Best Fanzine four times."[2]

V.1 N.1

Atavachron 1 (v.1 n.1) was published in December 1985 (?).

V.1 N.2

Atavachron 2 was published in 1986.

V.1 N.3

Atavachron 3 was published in 1986.

V.1 N.4

Atavachron 4 was published in 1986.

V.1 N.5

Atavachron 5 was published in 1986.

V.1 N.6

Atavachron V.1 N.6 was published in October 1986 and contains 24 pages. Contributors: Kate Chevalier, Rretem Ow Ching, Sharlla Derhad, George Gregor, Kurtis Hauer, Veronica Hipsey, Craig R. MacGregor, Michael Shaudis, St'lar, Syran, David Tataryn, Zeke.

front cover of V.1 N.6
back cover of V.1 N.6

Some of the content is on gaming and role playing, with articles written "in character."

  • Captain's Log
  • Section Reports
  • Movie Review: The Fly
  • Movie Review: The Transformers Movie
  • Solar Winds: Space Travel, Present and Future
  • Personnel Files: LTJG Michael Shaudis: character bio
  • Personnel Files: LTJG Kate Chevalier: character bio
  • How to Care for Your Tribble
  • Ship Ahoy list of other fan clubs this club is "in contact with"
  • Classifieds
  • Fiction: Graduation, part 1 by Carol Scheidl and Terry Wyatt
  • Book Review: Demons (Star Trek pro book)
  • Zeke's Leaks
  • Safety Tips
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Insecurity by David Tataryn
  • Long Range Sensors
  • Poem: The Blood Horizon by Veronica Hipsey
  • Poem: Null and... by David Gordon MacDonald

V.2 N.1

Atavachron V.2 N.1 was published in 1987.

V.2 N.2

April 1987

V.2 N.3

June 1987

V.2 N.4

August 1987

V.3 N.1


V.3 N.2


V.3 N.3


V.3 N.4


V.4 N.1

Spring 1989

V.4 N.2

Summer 1989

V.4 N.3

Fall 1989

V.4 N.4

Winter 1989

V.5 N.1

Spring 1990

V.5 N.2

Atavachron v.5 N.2 was published in Summer 1990. It contains 32 pages. The front cover is by Dan Cawsey, the back cover is by Warren Oddsson. There are sparse interior illos which are not generally credited.

cover of v.5 n.2, a portrait of The Big Three by Dan Cawsey
cover of v.5 n.2, "Amok Time" by Warren Oddsson
  • Captain's Report by Veronica Hipsey (3)
  • Administration Report by Colin Scheidl (3)
  • Financial Report by Pauline Barnes (3)
  • Editorial Ramblings by John Wilcox Herbert (4)
  • Reviews
    • "Yesterday's Enterprise" by Alistair Craig (4)
    • "Yesterday's Enterprise" by Andrew Murcodch (5)
    • "The Offspring" by Alistair Craig (5)
    • "Deja Q" by Andrew Murdoch (6)
    • "Sarek" by Alistair Craig (6)
    • "Allegiance" by Alistair Craig (7)
    • "Tin Man" by Andrew Murdoch (7)
    • "Tin Man" by Alistair Craig (7)
    • "The Most Toys" by Alistair Craig (7)
    • "Sins of the Father" by Alistair Craig (7)
    • "Metamorphosis" by John Wilcox Herbert (8)
    • "Who Censored Roger Rabbit" by Alistair Craig (9)
    • "The Hunt for Red October" by Paul Reid (9)
    • "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" by Alistair Craig (9)
    • Doctor Who: "Battlefield" by Andrew Murdoch (9)
  • High Hopes, fiction by Irene Varsakis (11)
  • Star Trek News (12)
  • Solar Winds (14)
  • Science Fiction News (15)
  • Obituatires (17)
  • The Great Debate: Old Trek Vs New Trek, part one (18)
  • The Enterprise Legacy (23)
  • Letters (24)
  • Club News
    • Elections (25)
    • Limerick Contest Results (25)
    • Raffle Draw Results (25)
    • The Resolution Motto Contest (26)
    • Nuke Riker Contest (26)
    • Art Auction (26)
  • The Cutting Edge, part two, fiction by Colin Scheidl (27)
  • Long Range Sensors (31)

V.5 N.3

Fall 1990

V.5 N.4

Winter 1990

V.6 N.1

Atavachron V.6 N.1 was published in Spring 1991.

V.6 N.2

Summer 1991

V.6 N.3

Fall 1991

V.6 N.4

Winter 1991

V.7 N.1

Spring 1992

V.7 N.2

Summer 1992

V.7 N.3

Fall 1992

V.7 N.4

Winter 1992

V.8 N.1

Spring 1993

V.8 N.2

Summer 1993

V.8 N.3/4


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