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Title: Atavachron
Publisher: The United Federation of Canadian Star Trekkers, and U.S.S. Resolution NCC-1877
Editor(s): Kate Chevalier, Alistair Craig, John Willcox Herbert, David Gordon MacDonald, and Terry Wyatt
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1985-1993
Frequency: quarterly
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS, other science fiction and media shows
Language: English
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from v.7 n.4
from v.7 n.4

Atavachron is a newsletter that was published by the Star Trek fan club "U.S.S. Resolution NCC-1877," based in Victoria, British Columbia.

This fan club disbanded in 1995, two years after the last issue of its club zine.

Note: this is not the same Star Trek fan club, an older one also based in Victoria, British Columbia, the UFCST (The United Federation of Canadian Star Trekkers) which published the fanzine Trekkada.

The focus of the newsletter was Star Trek, but it had other science fiction and media content as well.

Many early issues were very much a club zine, full of content meant for its members. There was an emphasis on submitted fan-written personas which appeared to be then utilized in fanfiction. A fan in 1987, bothered by what he felt to be predictable and unrealistic descriptions wrote Character Reports: How NOT to Write Them.

financial report as printed in v.7 n.2

Later issues of the zine did not include fan personas and became much more general interest for Trek and science fiction fans.

The Atavachron took its name from the temporal device used on the planet Sarpeidon in the original Star Trek series, episode 'All Our Yesterdays.'[1]


Contributors included Betty Bigelow, David Gordon-Mcdonald, Andrew C. Murdoch, Ray Seredin, Warren Oddsson, Bernie Klassen, Amy Morgan, Paula Johanson, Garth Spencer and a host of others. A major West coast zine. Got bigger and better with time, the final issue (V8#3/4) at 110 pages. Always multiple articles, some fiction, and much art. Certainly among the best Trek club zines ever produced in Canada. Editors included: Terry Wyatt, John Willcox Herbert & Alistair Craig.(GS) & (RGC) [2]

From the Zine Wiki:

Contributors of art work included Warren Oddsson, and Jeffrey Taylor, among others. David Gordon MacDonald was also a co-editor of The Central Ganglion. In 1992, John W. Herbert began co-edited Under The Ozone Hole with Karl Johanson till 1996, winning the Aurora Award for Best Fanzine four times."[3]

V.1 N.1

Atavachron 1 (v.1 n.1) was published in December 1985 and contains 15 pages.

front cover of issue v.1 n.1: "The cover artwork of this "premier issue" of Atavachron was drawn by Ensign Donna Paton, Graphics Officer."
back cover of issue v.1 n.1

From the editorial:

Well, here we are, only a short three months since we officially became a ship and already the first zine is out. It's surprising the amount of work it takes to put together a feasible club in such a short time, especially with such a diverse group of people.

Now that the hectic pace we set to prepare for Alternate Realities Day has died down we can get back to a more "normal" routine, writing and shore leave instead of making displays and preparing for competition. At least it has showed me how well my officers react under pressure. I would like to take this opportunity to issue comnendations to LTCMDRs Collins and Pelttari for their help in the past few months and to ENS Hipsey for writing the winning skit in the A.R. Day Masquerade.

I just hope that we can stay together and grow, it will be tough but I guess it's the hope and challenge of a brighter future that has brought us all here in the first place.

May the wind be at our backs.

"Rebuttal: To the City on the Edge of the Border":

This article is in response to a piece written by LTJG Terry Sherwood of the USS Kestral Shuttle Sally Ride (Kestral Log Vol. 3 No.4, Equulus log 8510.15). Sherwood said in his article that the new ST fiction isn't any good, that fans shouldn't care what Sulu or Uhura think or do when they're off duty, and any novel that mentions this isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

It is in the opinion of myself and my crew that most of the new ST novels are good novels and justly deserve to be called the "new Star Trek fiction". Anyone who has read and been entranced by Janet Kagan's "Uhura's Song" knows how good some of these stories can be. And where would we be without John Ford's skillful interpretation of a misunderstood people in "The Final Reflection"? He gave us an insight into the Klingons that makes us say "That's why they behave that way". The universe is made up of more than a few people. Uhura, Scotty et al must be worthy of attention, because they are valued by Kirk, McCoy and Spock.

Kirk turns to his former crew for help in ST III - and they respond. McCoy stays on after they've dealt with V'ger even though he was reactivated only for V'ger. And Spock sacrificed his life for the crew. Are these people really not worth knowing, when Kirk, McCoy and Spock seem to think they are? -- Captain St'lar

  • Captain's Log
  • Section Reports
  • Personnel Profile
  • Report: Halley's Comet
  • Long Range Scanning
  • Skinnerman's Delusional Roadshow and One Stop Tour
  • Con Data
  • Ship Ahoy
  • History: USS Resolution
  • Fiction: Tree of Knowledge by Lt. Dave Tataryn
  • Book Review: Killing Time, see that page
  • Rebuttal: To the City on the Edge of the Border
  • Distant Stars
  • AR Day
  • Classifieds

V.1 N.2

Atavachron 2 was published in 1986.

V.1 N.3

Atavachron v.1 n.3 was published in April 1986 and contains 28 pages.

front cover
  • Captain's Log
  • Section Reports
  • Long Range Scanning
  • Book Review: Clan of the Cave Bear
  • Movie Review: Clan of the Cave Bear
  • Personnel Report: Ltcmdr. M. Collins
  • Personnel Report: Ltcmdr. Craig R. MacGregor
  • Solar Winds
  • Video Time in the Captain's Quarters
  • Poem for Senna
  • Artwork: Yesterday's Son
  • Fiction: Best Man; Part 2 by David Tataryn
  • Norwescon IX Con Report
  • Code Breaker
  • Modeler's Update
  • Poem: Survey by David Tataryn
  • Poem: Summer by Monica Spencer
  • Rumour Mill

V.1 N.4

Atavachron 4 was published in June 1986 and contains 24 pages.

front cover of issue v.1 n.4
  • Captain 's Log
  • Section Reports
  • Personnel Files: D. Tataryn
  • Personnel Files: Senna Dreman
  • Alien Cultures: The Klingons
  • Zeke's Leaks
  • Video Review: Morons From Outer Space
  • Movie Review: Critters
  • Convention Report: Viking Con VI I & Who Fest II
  • Convention Report: V-Con XIV
  • Book Review: Mind Shadow
  • Fiction: Best Man; Part III by David Gordon-MacDonald
  • Movie Review: Poltergeist I: The Other Side
  • Solar Winds
  • Convention Report: Alternate Realities Day III

V.1 N.5

Atavachron 5 was published in August 1986 and contains 24 pages.

front cover of issue v.1 n.5
  • Captain's Log
  • Section Reports
  • Zeke's Leaks
  • Solar Winds: The U.S. Space Station
  • Movie Review: Labyrinth
  • Movie Review: Short Circuit
  • The History of Fighters in Starfleet by Stuart Hamilton
  • Fiction : Best Man: Part 4 by David Gordon-MacDonald
  • Silent Running, poem by David Gordon-MacDonald
  • Important Announcement: Change of Address
  • Movie Review : Howard the Duck
  • Book Review : Dreadnough, pro trek novel by Diane Carey
  • Personnel: Frank Skinner
  • Personnel: Syran
  • Personnel: Veronica Hipsey
  • Movie Review: Alien

V.1 N.6

Atavachron V.1 N.6 was published in October 1986 and contains 24 pages.

Contributors: Kate Chevalier, Rretem Ow Ching, Sharlla Derhad, George Gregor, Kurtis Hauer, Veronica Hipsey, Craig R. MacGregor, Michael Shaudis, St'lar, Syran, David Tataryn, Zeke.

front cover of V.1 N.6
back cover of V.1 N.6

Some of the content is on gaming and role playing, with articles written "in character."

  • Captain's Log
  • Section Reports
  • Movie Review: The Fly
  • Movie Review: The Transformers Movie
  • Solar Winds: Space Travel, Present and Future
  • Personnel Files: LTJG Michael Shaudis: character bio
  • Personnel Files: LTJG Kate Chevalier: character bio
  • How to Care for Your Tribble
  • Ship Ahoy list of other fan clubs this club is "in contact with"
  • Classifieds
  • Fiction: Graduation, part 1 by Carol Scheidl and Terry Wyatt
  • Book Review: Demons (Star Trek pro book)
  • Zeke's Leaks
  • Safety Tips
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Insecurity by David Tataryn
  • Long Range Sensors
  • Poem: The Blood Horizon by Veronica Hipsey
  • Poem: Null and... by David Gordon MacDonald

V.2 N.1

Atavachron V.2 N.1 was published in December 1986 and contains 52 pages.

front cover of issue v.2 n.1
from v.2 n.1, Gordon Carleton, likely reprinted from another zine
  • Captain's Log
  • Section Reports
  • Beach Party Report
  • MacKenzie Class Light Dreadnought
  • Book Review! Enterprise The First Voyage, pro book by Vonda McIntyre
  • Record Review! Genesis of the DaleKs
  • Alien Cultures! The Kzinti (from an interview with Larry Niven at Viking Con VII)
  • Etymology of the Word Vulcan
  • Video Review! The Cage
  • Movie Reviews! Star Trek IV! The Voyage Home
  • Book Review! Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, pro book by Vonda McIntyre
  • Fiction: Graduation, Part II by Carol Scheidl and Terry Wyatt
  • Fiction: Selena's Children, Part I by David Gordon-MacDonald
  • Movie Review: Solar Babies
  • Star Wars: An Analyses
  • Solar Winds
  • Interview with Sonni Cooper, Part I
  • Zeke's Leaks
  • Crossword
  • The Transporter, article
  • Book Review: Dreadnought!
  • Turtles as Pets
  • Book Review: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Scripts
  • Alien Cultures: The Caitians
  • Poem: An Enterprising Christmas by Jan L. Margut, reprinted from Starlog #54, January 1982

V.2 N.2

Atavachron V.2 N.2 was published in February 1987 and contains 28 pages.

wraparound cover of issue v.2 n.2: "The cover for this issue of the Atavachron is something new for us. A full wrap around art cover featuring the RESOLUTION warping out of orbit on the front and a stylized landing party on back. Penned by Cadet Zachery Corsair."

It is noted that the fan club has "passed the 50 member mark."

  • Captain's Log (3)
  • Section Reports (3)
  • Book Review: Battlestations (pro Trek novel) (7)
  • Envyoy Class Courier (8)
  • Mark Garneau Lecture (10)
  • Zeke's Leaks (11)
  • Solution to Last Issue's Crossword Puzzle (11)
  • Fiction: Selena's Children, part 2 by David Gordon-MacDonald (12)
  • Personnel Files: Mike Dowd (21)
  • Crossword Puzzle by Kate Chevalier (22)
  • Star Trek: Who's Watching the Ship?, clipping from an unidentified source (24)
  • Con Report: Time Warped by Kurtis Hauer (25)
  • Long Range Sensors, listing of club meeting dates and places (26)
  • Voyages from the Harrison Files, poem by N. Harrison (27)

V.2 N.3

Atavachron V.2 N.3 was published in April 1987 and contains 32 pages.

wraparound cover of issue v.2 n.3: "The cover artwork for this issue of Atavachron features the RESOLUTION crew in an exciting scene from our serial "Selena's Children, and was penned by LTJG. Zachery Corsair."

From the editorial:

My God, I can't believe the change in just one issue! The ship has now over 70 members and our ad in Starlog hasn't even come out yet! I must admit that the great showing put on by our crew at Alternacon has a lot to do with it.

  • Captain's Log (2)
  • Section Reports (2)
  • Zeke's Leaks (6)
  • Acceptance, fiction by Brian E.B. Wright (7)
  • Four Pet Claws (10)
  • Voyages from the Harrison Files 2, poem by Nick Harrison (10)
  • Crossword Puzzle (11)
  • Resolution Bowling (12)
  • Con Report: Norwescon's Alternacon (March 26-29, 1987) (13)
  • Book Review: Chain of Attack (pro Trek novel) (14)
  • Resolution Comic Strip (15)
  • Selena's Children, Part 3, fiction by David Gordon-MacDonald (17)
  • Solution to Last Issues Crossword (25)
  • Word Search (26)
  • Promotion List (26)
  • Alien Cultures:The Eeiauoans and Sivaoans (27)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation, (speculation about the upcoming show, includes character descriptions from official publicity which includes "Leslie Crusher, an appealing 15 year old caucasian girl... her remarkable photographic memory make it seem not unlikely for her to become a Starfleet acting-ensign. Otherwise, she is a normal teenager." and Beverly Crusher... if it were not for her intelligence, personality, beauty and the fact that she has a natural walk of a striptease queen, Capt. Picard might not have agreed to her request that Leslie Crusher observe Bridge activities; therefore letting her daughter's intelligence carry events further.") (28)
  • Long Range Sensors (30)

V.2 N.4

Atavachron V.2 N.4 was published in June 1987 and contains 44 pages.

The editor was Terry Wyatt.

front cover of issue v.2 n.4: "An Eagle rushes to meet three of the Resolution's shuttles as they skim across the surface of Earth's errant moon. From Selena's Children. Art by Michael Shaudis."
  • Captain's Log (3)
  • Section Reports (4)
  • two unidentified clippings (9)
  • Con Reports (10)
    • Viking Con 8
    • V-Con 15
    • V-Con 15: as seen through the eyes of a young bear
  • Long Range Sensors (13)
  • Selena's Children, part 4, fiction (14)
  • Resolution Misadventures, part 1, fiction by John "Lazarus" Cowling (28)
  • Special Announcement: Zine Annual (fiction, poetry, art zine to be published by the club in November, to have a cover by Betty Bigelow) (31)
  • a review of Who's Who in Star Trek (no information is given about publisher, author, page count, and it appears it is not the same publication as Who's Who in Star Trek) (32)
  • Rich Hansen Wheelchair Fund (34)
  • News Update: Star Trek: The Next Generation (some updates on characters and actors, including how Beverly Crusher would be portrayed by Cheryl McFadden) (25)
  • Announcement: Resolution 2nd Anniversary Bash (hot sweet corn on the cob was to be served, bring your own booze and steaks) (38)
  • Character Reports: How NOT to Write Them, essay by John "Lazarus" Cowling (38)
  • Zeke's Leaks (40)
  • Solar Winds: Pluto -- Planet or Asteroid? (41)
  • Book Review: Deep Domain (pro Trek book) (41)

V.2 N.5

Atavachron V.2 N.5 was published in August 1987 and contains 44 pages.

wraparound cover of issue v.2 n.5, Zachery Corsair: "Doctor MacGregor cradles a dead crew member while the rest of the crew mourns.. and Death awaits her next victim. From Se1ena's Children."
  • Captain's Log (3)
  • Section Reports (4)
  • Election Platform (9)
  • Movie Review: Predator (10)
  • Movie Review: Superman IV (10)
  • Resolution Misadventures, part 2, fiction (11)
  • Alien Cultures: The Keldron (15)
  • Solar Winds: Super Nova (16)
  • Zeke's Leaks (17)
  • News Report: Pocket Books (18)
  • Book Review: Strangers from the Sky (pro Trek book) (19)
  • Movie Review: Spaceballs (20)
  • Book Review: Dreams of the Raven (pro Trek book) (24)
  • Selena's Children, part 5, fiction (25)
  • Promotion List (things for sale) (34)
  • Movie Review: Robocop (35)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation: Doctor on the Bridge, essay (36)
  • Party! (38)
  • News Report: FASA (40)
  • Memorial to Keesha (art and two poems for a fan who had passed away in an auto accident) (40)
  • Long Range Sensors (42)

V.2 N.6

Atavachron V.2 N.6 was published in November 1987 and contains 44 pages.

the wraparound cover of v.2 n.6, Betty Bigelow: "Looking for love in all the wrong places. The scene shows a group of Starfleet Officers just prior to six months of full-body traction."

The editor notes the fan club has 141 members.

  • Captain's Log (3)
  • Section Reports (4)
  • Endeavour of Freedom, fiction by Hames Marshall (8)
  • Encounter at Farpoint, review (12)
  • Car Wash Fundraiser (13)
  • Crossword Puzzle (14)
  • Terry Fox Run (16)
  • 2nd Anniversary Party (18)
  • Romulan Way, book review (pro Trek book) (18)
  • Day at the Circus, fiction by Dale Smith (19)
  • Resolution Misadventures, part 3 (22)
  • Open House Report (26)
  • Selena's Children, part 6, fiction by David Gordon-MacDonald (27)
  • Long Rang Sensors (43)

V.3 N.1

Atavachron V.3 N.1

V.3 N.2

Atavachron V.3 N.2

V.3 N.3

Atavachron V.3 N.3

V.3 N.4

Atavachron V.3 N.4

V.3 N.5

Atavachron V.3 N.5

V.3 N.6

Atavachron V.3 N.6

V.4 N.1

Atavachron V.4 N.1 was published in Spring 1989.

V.4 N.2

Atavachron V.4 N.2 was published in Summer 1989.

V.4 N.3

Atavachron V.4 N.3 was published in Fall 1989.

V.4 N.4

Atavachron V.4 N.4 was published in Winter 1989.

V.5 N.1

Atavachron V.5 N.1 was published in Spring 1990

V.5 N.2

Atavachron v.5 N.2 was published in Summer 1990. It contains 32 pages. The front cover is by Dan Cawsey, the back cover is by Warren Oddsson. There are sparse interior illos which are not generally credited.

cover of v.5 n.2, a portrait of The Big Three by Dan Cawsey
cover of v.5 n.2, "Amok Time" by Warren Oddsson

The single letter on page 24 is a long one and a call to fans to write more letters:

To Loyal Star Trek Fans:

First, to all of you who have written letters to Paramount, thanks! They are listening. This communique is to update you with the latest information, given by Richard Arnold at a convention yesterday {Feb. 11, '90} in Palo Alto, California. Paramount Studios believes that the reasons Star Trek V failed were (1) the actors are getting too old, (2) Batman] blew Trek out of the water, and (3) we get enough Trek with the Next Generation and don't care about the original anymore.

Needless to say, the audience reaction to these pronouncements was emphatic and to the point!


Paramount's latest idea for Star Trek VI is a 'prequel' -- that is, a story about the characters during their Starfleet Academy days, casting young actors in the role. There is talk of making this a flashback story, with Shatner, Nimoy and the rest appearing only at the beginning and the end to frame the story. (Richard Arnold also stated that William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy have flatly refused to participate in such a project!)

An informal audience poll was taken, and here are the results. The vast majority of the audience felt that the problem with Star Trek V was the script. A few felt that Shatner's direction was at fault, and virtually no one felt the actors were at fault. Most of the audience would not go and see the film described above. About half would go and see a film set in the Academy with new characters. And, of course, everyone would go to see a film with the familiar characters played by the original actors!

In informal discussions, it seems that most fans believe the only way a prequel would succeed would be to wait until the original actors are no longer able or willing to do more movies themselves. And then, it would have to be done very carefully.

Because of the fans' response to the Star Trek VI question, there are enough letters coming into Paramount studios right now that they're thinking of hiring an extra person just to open the mail! What do you think? Shall we make them hire that extra person? Now that you know the latest, please write another letter!

  • Captain's Report by Veronica Hipsey (3)
  • Administration Report by Colin Scheidl (3)
  • Financial Report by Pauline Barnes (3)
  • Editorial Ramblings by John Wilcox Herbert (4)
  • Reviews
    • "Yesterday's Enterprise" by Alistair Craig (4)
    • "Yesterday's Enterprise" by Andrew Murcodch (5)
    • "The Offspring" by Alistair Craig (5)
    • "Deja Q" by Andrew Murdoch (6)
    • "Sarek" by Alistair Craig (6)
    • "Allegiance" by Alistair Craig (7)
    • "Tin Man" by Andrew Murdoch (7)
    • "Tin Man" by Alistair Craig (7)
    • "The Most Toys" by Alistair Craig (7)
    • "Sins of the Father" by Alistair Craig (7)
    • "Metamorphosis" by John Wilcox Herbert (8)
    • "Who Censored Roger Rabbit" by Alistair Craig (9)
    • "The Hunt for Red October" by Paul Reid (9)
    • "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" by Alistair Craig (9)
    • Doctor Who: "Battlefield" by Andrew Murdoch (9)
  • High Hopes, fiction by Irene Varsakis (11)
  • Star Trek News (12)
  • Solar Winds (14)
  • Science Fiction News (15)
  • Obituaries (17)
  • The Great Debate: Old Trek Vs New Trek, part one (18)
  • The Enterprise Legacy (23)
  • Letters (24)
  • Club News
    • Elections (25)
    • Limerick Contest Results (three limericks were printed, but "The winning entry by Susan Wright was unprintable. She won a Star Trek V movie poster.") (25)
    • Raffle Draw Results (25)
    • The Resolution Motto Contest (26)
    • Nuke Riker Contest (26)
    • Art Auction (26)
  • The Cutting Edge, part two, fiction by Colin Scheidl (27)
  • Long Range Sensors (31)

V.5 N.3

Atavachron V.6 N.3 was published in Fall 1990.

V.5 N.4

Atavachron V.5 N.4 was published in Winter 1990

V.6 N.1

Atavachron V.6 N.1 was published in Spring 1991.

V.6 N.2

Atavachron V.6 N.2 was published in Summer 1991.

V.6 N.3

Atavachron V.6 N.3 was published in Fall 1991.

V.6 N.4

Atavachron V.6 N.4 was published in Winter 1991.

V.7 N.1

Atavachron V.7 N.1 was published in Spring 1992.

V.7 N.2

Atavachron V.7 N.2 was published in Summer 1992 and contains 104 pages. It is the first issue edited by Alistair Craig.

front cover of issue v.7 n.2, Warren Oddsson

The majority of the art is by Sheila Allen, Warren Oddsson (misspelled as Oddson), and K. Allan McDougall. Other art is by Vel Jaeger (not credited), Anne Davenport (not credited), Myles Bos, Kenny Moran, John Luna, David Holmgren, Adam Hughes, D. Colin Wyatt, J.D.S. Taylore, Jason Gauthier, Paul Owen, Russell Paton, Donna Paton, Lori Johnson, and Suzanne Shuchuk.

From the review of "Doctor Who's Free Flight," an anti-drug short film aimed at children 8-14 years old:

Unfortunately, it failed to generate much interest among the conventioneers.... Free Flight is divided in to three ten minute segments . Part 1: Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor takes a young boy named Ian on a journey to the past. The boy learns how an evil entity called the Drug Monster managed to entrap him m a lifestyle of drug addiction. Part 2: Ace takes the boy back to the present and reveals that drugs have hurt the boy’s relationship with his family and friends. Part 3: K-9 takes the boy into the future where he dies either by falling from a tall building while under the influence of drugs, or by overdosing, or from AIDS contracted from a dirty needle. The only thing I could compare this to is Toon Stars To The Rescue. Both announcements were directed to the same age group (8 to 14), but Free Flight is much more graphic. Various villains made famous through the Doctor Who series are on hand to terrorize the frightened protagonist. The last segment was particularly chilling. Imagine being forced off a building by a Dalek bent on your destruction. A Cyberman breaks the news of your death to your parents. Although these scenes are graphic, they do require a working knowledge of the Doctor Who universe in order to be most effective. This is probably why the special has not made it to North American markets.

In all, I was impressed with both the content and intent of the advertisement. It ended with a message by the Duchess of York (Fergie.) Older audiences will be tempted to dismiss this short film, but for members of the intended audience, it may prove most effective. A film like this bridges the worlds of fantasy and reality in such a way as to offer hope for our collective future; a timeless message delivered by the world’s most ‘timeless’ herald: Doctor Who!

  • The Captain's Report by Colin Scheidl (1)
  • Editorial by Alistair Craig (1)
  • Membership Bulletin (3)
  • Election Results (4)
  • Reviews (movies, televisions shows, and books; two of the reviews are for Probe) (5)
  • Star Trek News ("Trekkin' at The Smithsonian", news about the movie Star Trek: First Generation that includes a description of the never-filming prologue scene, other news about the televised Treks) (17)
  • S.F. News (24)
  • Obituaries (celebrities) (30)
  • Creation Con Report, see 1992: Con Report for Vancouver, British Columbia: April 28, 1992 (31)
  • Issac Asimov's Obituary (reprinted from Associated Press) (32)
  • About Gene Roddenberry (topic: Roddenberry's death, Kim Schlieper reprints two letters she wrote: one to Starlog #175 and one to Majel Roddenberry) (34)
  • Doctor Who's Free Flight (a review of an anti-drug public service announcement (a short film) featuring Doctor Who (Sylvester McCoy), shown at Westercon.) (35)
  • Solar Winds, article about science by Jason Gauthier and Iris Gray (36)
  • Between the Covers, more book reviews, one of them is Bimbos of the Death Sun (37)
  • Star Trek Survey ("John Taylor, sent me a copy of a survey he was conducting. [He asked] "Do you think the club you belong to would be willing to help my club circulate copies of the survey that I sent you? ..." The name of John's club is Outpost 50.") (41)
  • Randy's Ribald Rumours by Winkle (includes a snarky comment about William Shatner's ego) (42)
  • Spock's Blood by Ray Seredin and David Williams (about a fan-created alcoholic drink consumed at V-Con.) (43)
  • The Science Fiction Channel ("The following is a transcript of an interview conducted by Michael Enright [with Mitchell Rubenstein] on the CBC Radio show "As It Happens" on May 7, 1992.") (44)
  • Letters (45)
  • Extraterrestrial Biochemistry, article by Stefan Arthur Geiri, Ph.D (46)
  • The Rescue, fiction by J.D.S. Taylor (49)
  • See No Evil, fiction by David Tataryn (original science fiction) (51)
  • The Park of Wonders, fiction by J.D.S. Taylor (original science fiction) (55)
  • Everything Old..., part 1 (Confederation Day), fiction by Alistair Craig (Star Trek: TOS) (67)
  • Everything Old..., part 2 (The Shadows Remain, fiction by E.B. Klassen (Star Trek: TOS) (86)
  • Everything Old..., part 3 (Back in the Surreal Again), fiction by K. Alan McDougall (Star Trek: TOS) (89)
  • Centaur of Attention, cartoon by Amy Morgan (96)
  • Strange Mail (98)
  • Wordsearch (99)
  • Star Trek in Print (100)

V.7 N.3

Atavachron V.7 N.3 was published in Fall 1992 and contains 56 pages.

front cover of issue v.7 n.3, Warren Oddsson

The art is by Warren Oddson (misspelled), Carolyn Mitchell, Adam Hughes, The Unknown Fan, Ann Davenport (misspelled), Russell Paton, Vel Jaeger (not credited), Lori Johnson, Irene Varsakis, Michael Verina, Jeffrey Taylor, Suzanne Shuchuk, and K. Alan McDougall.

From this issue:

Star Trek Lawsuit Update:

Warner Brothers Television has launched legal proceedings against Paramount Pictures. Warner alleges that Paramount stole the idea for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from Warner's new show, Babylon 5. Both shows are remarkably similar: both take place on space stations in deep space at strategic locations, both plan to be "gritty" shows, both plan to have alien races figure prominently in their backstories, and both have numbers in their titles. Since Babylon 5 was first off the mark, it seems that Paramount could lose a tidy sum on this lawsuit.

Former Paramount Star Trek archivist Richard Arnold is also suing Paramount, presumably for wrongful dismissal. Paramount made major changes in the Star Trek office after Gene Roddenberry's death last year.

According to Cinefantastique, David Gerrold won a sizable amount in his dispute with Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek: The Next Generation. The dispute dates back to the first season when Gerrold was brought in, with other "classic" Trek alumni writers, to help create the show. Gerrold wrote the show's first Writer's Guide, or "bible." Gerrold left the show after Roddenberry nixed his script "Blood and Fire," which featured two homosexual crewmembers as a subplot. He took Roddenberry and ST: TNG before the Writers' Guild for union infractions and his failure to receive proper accreditation for his work on the show. Dorothy Fontana also lodged similar complaints with the Writers' Guild.

William Shatner is suing his toupee.... - Oh, I'm sorry. That should be gluing. [4]

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V.7 N.4

Atavachron V.7 N.4 was published in Winter 1992 and contains 56 pages.

wraparound cover of issue v.7 n.4, Jason Gauthier

The art is by Jason Gauthier (covers), K. Alan McDougall, and Anne Davenport.

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  • Everything Old - Pt. 6 (The End), fiction by Willie Rimshot (Star Trek) (27)
  • Everything Old - Pt. 7 (New Again), fiction by Alistair Craig (Star Trek) (30)
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V.8 N.1

Atavachron V.8 N.1 was published in Spring 1993

V.8 N.2

Atavachron V.8 N.2 was published in Summer 1993

V.8 N.3/4

Atavachron V.8 N.3/4 was published in 1993 and contains 110 pages.


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