On the Double Interview with Charlotte Frost

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Interviews by Fans
Title: On the Double Interview with Charlotte Frost
Interviewer: On the Double
Interviewee: Charlotte Frost
Date(s): 1987
Medium: print
Fandom(s): Star Trek TOS, slash
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There was an interview with Charlotte Frost in On the Double #4.


I have always been in awe of strong male relationships, so when I first heard about K/S (via David Gerrold's WORLD OF STAR TREK) I was naturally curious, though I also tried to convince myself that the idea was revolting. In August of 1985, about 10 months after I'd read Gerrold's book, I went to a used bookstore in Denver and asked if they had any fanzines, specifically ST ones. The clerk pulled out an issue of OUT OF BOUNDS, OVERFLOW from the counter and said someone had just dropped it off an hour before. He said it was "K/S" and calmly explained what that was while I mumbled something about having heard of it. Blushing only slightly (I think), I said I'd take it. I've never been very fond of the OOB series--as it contains so much K or S/whoever material — but the OVERFLOW issue did have a handful of stories that I liked. After that initial purchase I began buying zines from individual sales and auctions—at first trying to be selective about what I bought, but eventually deciding that I wanted them all. I'd been in K/S nearly a year before I got a hold of the "classics"--the COMPANION series, THRUST, etc. — and I don't think those are necessarily as superior to contemporary zines as many K/S veterans claim. Granted, there are now many more poorly-written stories that's because of the quantity of zines. There are also many more in K/S than there used to be, but that's because of the quantity of zines. There are also many more outstanding ones.
Yes, Charlotte Frost is a pseudonym. I prefer to keep the roles of reader and writer separate, and I use my real name when making comments in letterzines etc. I don't intend to ever use any other pen name.
Sometimes I worry that K/S really can't "go" anywhere in terms of creativity. It's all been done before. Yet writers still keep coming up with more and more ideas. Granted many ideas are re-hashed over and over again—I have an urge to do "my" version of a pon farr story, though I don't really have an interest in reading more of those—but it amazes me how imaginative and creative so many writers are. I'm a strong advocate of the "positive, loving relationship" theme that most K/S editors are currently striving for. It may be unrealistic to have so many "happily ever after" stories but I like stories that leave me feeling good. I have read some "K and S can't ever make it work" stories that I thought were interesting and plausible, but I can't imagine ever writing one of those. The only stories I would call detrimental are the K/S/Mc or other three-ways. I think K and S are able to fulfill each other's needs completely, so there isn't any reason for someone else to join them. Besides, I believe there is some genuine hostility between Spock and McCoy — as well as a degree of love — and it would be impossible for them to have a successful relationship, even with Kirk as a mediator.
Anyway, I guess I've always been mixed up about the roles of men and women. It was a big, wonderful shock when I began to realize in my mid teens that all men weren't like my father. It was also at this time that I discovered Starsky & Hutch on television, and was instantly in love. But it was a lonely obsession. While I knew lots of people that were crazy about S&H, I didn't know a single person who admitted to liking them for the same reason I did — that they were two strong, heterosexual men who loved each other more than any two people I knew of in reality. All everyone else seemed to talk about was how cute and sexy they were, or what a neat car they had. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me. I spent most of the waking hours of my high school years fantasizing about S&H being in heart-wrenching hurt/comfort situations. I never carried the fantasy out to include sex,and I got very defensive when anyone mentioned something about them being gay. (I have since read a few S/H stories, and none of them have appealed to me. The "cops and robbers" scenarios are a turn-off, and neither character seems to be as complex as Kirk or Spock.)
But whatever the reason, I enjoy K/S immensely, particularly those stories that stress tenderness and affection over outright passion or lust. I love stories where K and S are both completely aware and in control of what's going on. I like them to be endlessly patient and careful with each other, and understanding and accepting of each other's limitations and fears. Good sex scenes are always enjoyable, but I can get just as much satisfaction out of reading or writing about K and S simply talking or lying around and being nice to each other. For me, K/S is the greatest of escapes.