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RevelCon 26 (2015)

2015 Vid Show


  • Good People – Forever – Lesley
  • Become the Beast – Hannibal – DPSmuttering
  • Hail the Hero – Merlin – Cruvas Arxantia
  • Wonderland – Alice (2009) – Cruvas Arxantia
  • Rude – Hannibal – DPSmuttering
  • 1895 – Sherlock (Granada) – Diana Williams
  • How You Like Me Now – Hannibal – DPSmuttering


  • Haven’t Had Enough – Psych – Feirygoddessofyaoi
  • Red Rain – The Professionals – kat-byrd
  • I’d Come for You – NCIS – Feirygoddessofyaoi
  • No One’s Gonna Love You – Sherlock – Romanse
  • On My Mind – Primeval – Cruvas Arxantia
  • Spooks – The Professionals – kat-byrd
  • Alight – Captain America – Holdt
  • God Gave Me You – NCIS – Feirygoddessofyaoi
  • Kryptonite – Hawaii Five-O – FatOrgangeKat
  • So Cold – Starsky & Hutch – kat-byrd
  • Catch the Wind – The Professionals – kat-byrd
  • All of Me – Captain America – Holdt
  • Perfect – The Sentinel – Jamie Ritchey
  • Home – Loki – Holdt
  • So Damn Hot – From Eroica – Diana Williams

REVELCon 26 Vid Contest - Friday, March 20, 2015, Archived version

RevelCon 27 (2016)

RevelCon27 booklet DVD.png

2016 Vid Show


  • Evil Secret - Supernatural - Cruvas Arxantia
  • Worth the Price - Stargate SG-1 - Cruvas Arxantia
  • Howling for You - Professionals - DPSmuttering
  • Keep Yourself Alive - Marvel Universe - Lesley Wilmoth (1st Place)
  • Kirk Fu - Star Trek: TOS - T'Lara
  • Be True To Your School - Harry Potter - Jamie Ritchey (runner up)


  • I Drove All Night - Star Trek: TOS/Reboot - T'Lara
  • Stand By Me - Hannibal - DPSmuttering
  • Perfect - Suits - FieryGoddessofYaoi
  • Wait For It - Star Trek: TOS/AOS - Rhaegal (1st Place)
  • Gone, Gone, Gone - Professionals - kat-byrd
  • Landslide - Star Trek: TOS - Rhaegal
  • Hurt Makes It Beautiful - Hannibel - DPSmuttering
  • I Can't Stop Loving You - Strachey Mysteries - Cruvas Arxantia
  • Too Close - Professionals - kat-byrd
  • Hello - Star Trek: TOS - Rhaegal
  • S&H Mash Up - Starsky and Hutch - kat-byrd
  • We Should Hang Out - Hawaii 5-0 - FatOrangeKat (runner up)

RevelCon 28 (2017)

2017 Vid Show and Panels


12:00Noon Stargate Songvids, Compiled by Amy and Sallye

12:30PM Starsky and Hutch Songvids, Complied by Kat

1:00PM Star Trek - Oldie but Goodie Songvids, Compiled by Kandy

1:30PM Star Trek Not Quite as Oldie but Still Goodie Songvids, Compiled by Kandy

2:00PM Multi-Fandom Bingo (With Prizes!), Gamemaster: Angie

3:30PM Supernatural Songvids, Complied by Sue W

4:00PM Cabaret Rehearsal

5:00PM Filksing - Classic Trek and other Golden Oldies: Lyrics will be provided so come join the songfest! Led by EveSong


9:00AM Songvid Contest Rewatch (Note: Voting ends at 2:00PM today. Please put your ballots in the box in the Vid Room)

10:00AM Tea Trek, The Original Tea-ries: All aboard the Starship En-Tea-Prize as we head for the final "fron-tea-er" of our planet's favorite beverage! We'll explore strange old worlds and seek out old life and civilizations, and boldly brew where no brew has gone before! (In other words, a brief history of tea and tips on making the perfect cuppa.) Amanda Vermillion, ITMA-Certified Tea Master, Owner of The Tea Mistress, LLC

11:00AM Feminism in Comics: A Short History of Feminism and its influence on the portrayal of female characters and female creators in comics, the comics industry and comic book movies and television, Taryn M Gray, Freelance Artist

12:00Noon What to do before you go-o!: Wondering what to do with your fanzine collection? Consider donating your zines to one of the repositories across the US, or better yet, the one in Texas! Come hear how you can join the movement to preserve fanfic., Jeremy Brett, Archivist, Sandy Hereld Memorial Digitized Media Fanzine Collection

1:00PM Pros Songvids, Complied by Kat

1:30PM Vid Room is Dark (Tea Party set up)

2:00PM Tea Party Time!

3:00 Vid Room is Dark (Tea Party cleanup)

3:30PM Star Trek Jeopardy Game (With Prizes)

Gamemaster: Ronda

5:00PM Cabaret/Costume Contest Rehearsal (and last call for sign up)


9:00AM How to Create a Songvid: The nitty gritty basics and beyond of songvid making by two of REVELcon's star vidders!, Jamie Kat 10:00AM Brit TV Songvids, Complied by Kat

10:30AM The Sentinel Songvids, Complied by Jamie

11:00AM Writing Fanfic: How much character development is needed when you're using established characters in fanfic? When is it too much ? Do your characters get out of character? Who decides what "in character" is? When should you give it up and just write an original character?, Debi C Ceares EveSong Lyn H

12Noon The Good Ole' Days of TV Songvids, Complied by Amedia

12:30PM Man from Uncle Songvids, Complied by Amedia

1:00PM Wrap Panel: We are so excited about our new hotel for 2018. Come swap ideas for our fresh new venue!

2:00PM Vid Room goes Dark


ConneXions 2017 Vid Show Report, Archived version

REVELcon 2017: Vid show et al, Archived version

RevelCon 29 (2018)

REVELcon 2018 - Small Fandom Oldies Songvid Roundup, Archived version

RevelCon 30 (2019)

Vid Show Report: REVELCon 2019: Friday night vid contest, Archived version

REVELCon 2019: The slash vid discussion, Archived version

REVELcon 2019: Friday afternoon gen vid panel, Archived version