Homo Christmas

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Title: Homo Christmas
Creator: T'Lara
Date: 2015
Format: digital video
Length: 02:39 min
Music: Homo Christmas by Pansy Division
Genre: humor, parody, slash, NSFW lyrics
Fandom: Star Trek TOS, Kirk/Spock
Footage: Star Trek TOS, Star Trek V - The Final Frontier

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Description: Homo Christmas is a Star Trek TOS vid by T'Lara, featuring the pairing Kirk/Spock. It was created for and premiered at K/S Advent Calendar 2015.

In 2016 it was shown at REVELcon 27 and was voted Best in Show.

Summary: Not your typical X-mas fanvid...

This vid is a humorous remix of well-known scenes from Star Trek: The Original Series, combining them with the tongue-in-cheek song "Homo Christmas" (2006) by American punk rock band Pansy Division who are known for focusing mostly on LGBT-related themes in their works. The lyrics are NSFW!


  • From a REVELcon report: "The last vid, #19, was a Star Trek: TOS vid by T'Lara to a goofy song called "Homo Christmas." Very funny and clever. Maybe it was because of the earlier Strachey vid, but I found myself really appreciating how the vidder recontextualized so many scenes to make them not just suggestive, but naughty."[1]


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