True Believer

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Title: True Believer
Creator: Nicole V. (with Agnes T., Sue, and Sandy Hereld)
Date: 1994
Format: VCR
Length: 4:11m
Music: "True Believer" by The Electric Bonsai Band
Fandom: Blake's 7

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True Believer is a VCR era Blake's 7 vid by Nicole V. working with the Media Cannibals. It is still considered to be one of the best slash Blake's 7 vids ever created. The vid appears on the Media Cannibals/Tape1 and was shown at both the 1994 Escapade and Revelcon vid shows.



One of the songs best fitting B7 is The Electric Bonsai Band's "True Believer", set by Nicole (of this list!) and show in public for the first time at Escapade. It's a perfect song for Avon and Blake, and Nicole has done a brilliant job of picking the right clips for it. I hope you all get a chance to see it sometime soon! [1]

One vid that "really blows me away, particularly as it's an A/B (Avon and Blake slash video) and I don't like Blake or A/B... It's called "True Believer," and it is WONDERFUL. Every piece fits. Every line from the song works. Just wonderful. [2]

[At the Mediawest 1994 Blake's 7 room party]: We also watched Nicole's wonderful video to (the title has disappeared from my brain, but it is a perfect song choice for Blake and Avon). [3]

I watched the series bass-ackwards, beginning with the Fourth Season, and couldn't even vaguely understand the appeal of Avon, of why any one of these crew members would have stayed in the same room with him, much less have followed him. Fortunately I got hooked AND began watching the first series at the same time. The difference is so profound, it's even physical. Nicole V. has done a wonderful video ("True Believer") that cuts from 1st/2nd/3rd Season Avon to the Fourth. The video was what made me really see a physical deterioration as well. Was it skillful acting or mere overindulgence?[4]

B7: I've got several favorite [songvids]. I loved "True Believer". I think it ties with "Tell It All" as my favorite serious vid in B7.... The song *so* fits B7 and specifically Avon and Blake it's almost frightening. [5]

BTW I still love True Believer, Nicole, I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is. The double turn from Star One and Warlord just thrills me! [6]


Why Avon fans are obsessed with the character's age? Possibly because the actor aged noticeably within the time of the series, a fact that can be worked into one's interpretation of the show in an interesting way, as per Nicole's superb music video "True Believer." [7]


I've been listening to a lot of my tapes and the radio recently data entry being the exciting thing that it is and I've been thinking some about the fact that there are quite a few songs that make me automatically think of certain fandoms specifically because music vids. Sometimes it might not have been a song used that I would have thought of automatically, but it was made into such a great vid that it just seemed to define the fandom for me. Does anyone have specific favorites? These are the ones I would choose to show someone who wanted some kind of music vid to explain a fandom to them. (Don't ask me who would need this. Maybe Devo dropped in.)

[other fandom recs snipped]

B7: I would have to separate this into humorous and serious. For serious, I'd have to choose "True Believer" (Media Cannibals). The song *so* fits B7 and specifically Avon and Blake it's almost frightening. For comedic, I'd have to pick "Comedy Tonight"(MVD, I think). I'm sorry, I just love that. [8]


Nicole's B7 vid to True Believer, where I finally, for the first time, understood the appeal of Blake's 7, and that it really was more than just cheesy 70s English sci-fi sets, in fact it was this tragic, angsty universe full of "I love you because I have to kill you" pain... [9]


Since seeing the fantastic "True Believer" Blake/Avon slash video at the Escapade slash convention, I've been thinking about how great it is to see B7 fans using new mediums - vids, photomanips etc. It's heartening to see B7 fandom moving into the 21st Century. Our guys are gorgeous - naff 1970s costumes notwithstanding - and B7 deserves some celebration as one of the biggest and best slash fandoms of all time. [10]


(Full lyrics here.

I met a true believer
Who I thought would try to save me
So I turned my coldest shoulder
But I guess that he forgave me
And I know
And I know here
I'm part of all the things I fear


You save who you want to save
And serve who you need to serve
You will take a higher road to heaven
I will get what ever I deserve


And all the king's horses
And all the king's men
Can't pull the pieces together
All of the lines have been severed
Lost in the darkness forever
We rally the forces
Then come out again
'Til all of the icons are battered
All of the people who mattered
Are tossed to the cross wind and scattered
We say what we need to say
And serve who we need to serve
You will find an angel at the crossroads I will get whatever I deserve


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