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Vid Collection
Title: Tape 1
Vidder(s): Media Cannibals
Date: 1993-1994
Format: VHS
Fandom (s): Multifandom

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Tape 1 covered the earliest years of the cannibals' vid collaboration, 1993-1994, and was sold for $10 a tape; Sandy did the duplication herself either when an order came in, or in batches if we were going to a con. Many of the vids on it were also on the Revelcon and Escapade tapes for that year, and we noted that in our announcement.


The tape contained:

Vid Fandom Genre
Crazy for Me Wiseguy Frank/Vinnie
You're My Best Friend The Professionals Bodie/Doyle
Lives in the Balance Wiseguy Roger character study
Something to Talk About The Professionals Bodie/Doyle
True Believer Blake's 7 Avon and Blake relationship/character study
Sweetest Perfection Wiseguy Mel/Susan Profitt
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) The Professionals Bodie/Doyle
Heard it Through the Grapevine Wiseguy|The Professionals|Blake's 7 Parallel
Can't Keep A Good Man Down Wiseguy Sonny character study
Rescue Me Multimedia Garbage can vid
Tried to be True (What Separates Me From You) Wiseguy Vinnie/Roger character study

Sandy Herrold posted an amusing story about the creation of the vid "I'm Gonna Be (500) Miles" to the Virgule-L mailing list after the vid premiered at the 1993 ZCon vid show:

Someone suggested the song "I'm Gonna Be" would make an idea Pros vid. "I agreed with her, and decided to go ahead and make a vid of it, and I asked a list person what havering meant, and they said "wander." So, in my vid, I have clips of Doyle rolling down the hill (from Slushfund) and then Bodie picking him up (havering to you...)

Now, not that I would ever stoop to violence (especially since I don't remember who told me anyway...) but M. Fae, while watching my video, says (paraphrase alert) not a bad vid, and I like the group, but I was wondering about the clips you used there... And she said, in her lovely glaswegian accent, "Haver meant to rattle on, or talk about things you know nothing about..." Someone talks about the raise they're going to get a work, and someone else at the bar says, "Go on with you, you're havering again..."

Am I going to fix the vid? What do you think?" (see Tape 2 for the answer.)

Historical Perspectives on the Vids

When Sweetest Perfection played at Escapade, a strong slash convention, there was a lot of muttering in the audience as the vid itself is obviously het. The muttering rose in volume until one of the audience members piercingly whispered, "They're brother and sister!" At that point, the audience quieted down with an 'Ah, kink' acceptance. Sweetest Perfection may have been the first intentional incest vid shown at a con.

15 years later, True Believer is still considered to be one of the best slash Blake's 7 vids ever created.

While working on the vid "Rescue Me", Rachael Sabotini coined the term garbage can vid to describe it: a vid using clips from a wide array of media sources--TV, movies and commercials--not all of them fannish in nature.