Can't Keep A Good Man Down

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Title: Can't Keep A Good Man Down
Creator: Media Cannibals (Sandy Herrold and rache)
Date: 1994
Format: VCR vid (VHS)
Music: "Can't Keep A Good Man Down" by Cop Rock
Fandom: Wiseguy

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Can't Keep A Good Man Down is a VCR-era vid by Media Cannibals The vid premiered at Escapade in 1994. The was shown at the 2004 Vividcon "Villains, Scoundrels and Masterminds" vid show.

In 1995, it was among a selection of Wiseguy fanvids handed by a fan to TV producer Stephen Cannell who was then working on a Wiseguy movie. The fan described Cannell's reaction as being cool with the concept of music videos as long as no money was made. He also thought that fanworks like vids extended the life of the show. Interestingly, even though many of the vid creators were on the same mailing list, no public discussion took place about the wisdom of sharing fanvids with TPTB. [1]

In 1997, the vid was discussed as being one of the song choices that defined a fandom character. In this case, the character was Sonny:
"Sonny--Hm. It'd be difficult to choose between "Strong Enough" (Jill..) and "Can't Keep a Good Man Down" (MC). I appreciate the first not only because it matches, but because she managed to find a Sheryl Crow song that didn't make me want to shoot the singer. The second, again, is a good match, but being one of the few people who actually watched COPROCK (which is where the song is from), I have to say that the character who sings the song in that show strikes me as very Sonny-ish. I think if Sonny had been a cop rather than a mobster, this might have been who he was. (Not to mention the fact that his lawyer is the guy who played Syd Royce.)"[2]


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