1994 Virgule-L Memorable Songvids Survey

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Fan Survey
Title: 1994 Virgule-L Memorable Songvids Survey
Date(s): 1994
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Songvids
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In July 1994, an informal survey was conducted on Virgule-L, the slash mailing list, to see what songvids members considered memorable. The mailing list numbered less than one hundred subscribers and the fans at the time were heavily into the Professionals with a smattering of Blake's 7 and Star Trek fans. Songvids are listed by fandom and sadly very few vidder names were given in the survey but we have included them were possible.

Those Who Participated In The Survey

Star Trek

The Professionals

Blake's 7

  • True Believer," by Nicole V. One reviewer explained: "...really blows me away, particularly as it's an A/B (Avon and Blake slash video) and I don't like Blake or A/B... It's called "True Believer," and it is WONDERFUL. Every piece fits. Every line from the song works. Just wonderful."
  • "Tell It All" by Mary Van Deusen
  • "Comedy Tonight". by Mary Van Deusen
  • "Somtimes You're the Windshield, Sometimes You're the Bug" by Gayle F. and Tashery S.
  • "The Lumberjack Song"
  • "Sound of Silence"


Robin of Sherwood

  • "Rockin' Robin" by DJ Driscoll
  • "My Guy". Quote: " Ah, Gisburne, you big, blond, clumsy ox!"

The Sandbaggers

Multiple Fandoms "Rescue Me," and "Heard it Thru the Grapevine," both by Media Cannibals

  • Spies Like Us" by California Crew. As the reviewer explains: "It's from ~1987, so lots of the UK clips are muddy, but it's great seeing Pros and Callan clips in a mixed-media vid. As well as the Pierce Brosnan James Bondian Diet Coke commercial. Lots of visual puns."
  • "Waiting for a Hero." Vidders name was only listed as "LB" (possibly Linda Brandt)

Quantum Leap

  • "Little Red Riding Hood". According to the reviewer "there are 2 versions of this, of varying degrees of suggestive slashiness."
  • "Bookends Theme" by Bunnies From Hell
  • "You Can Call Me Al" and "Oh, Boy" by California Crew

Miami Vice

Man From Uncle

  • "Those Were The Days" by California Crew. The reviewer said: "Beautiful transitions between Old UNCLE and the Return movie, using the couple of old-series photos/props from the movie, or very similarly posed scenes. The person who made this one (Gina M.?) really knows the series, to find those exact moments from more than 100 hours of tape. the more you know the series, the more you appreciate this video."
  • "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" and "Sea of Love" for their slashy suggestiveness. "Illya suffers so well, and gets wet so often..."
  • "Winds of Change" by DeeJay Driscoll

Starsky & Hutch

  • "Desperado." Vidders name is only listed as "LB". (possibly Linda Brandt)

Led Zeppelin RPS

  • "When He Shines" (Robert. Plant). Vidders name is only listed as "LB". (possibly Linda Brandt)
  • "Guitar Man" (Jimmy Page). Vidders name is only listed as "LB". (possibly Linda Brandt)

Dune (the movie)

  • "The Leader, The Vision, What About Me?". Possibly by Kendra Hunter

California Crew vids, any fandom

"I love practically everything California Crew puts out; I don't think anybody doesn't. I do think that they should have a seperate category to themselves for the voting on best videos at MediaWest. Not really fair for those fen who only have two VCRs, a tape deck and alot of imagination going up against the big guns."

And Those Who Did Their Own Thing

A few months later, Sandy Herrold finally caught up on list email and decided to simply list the vids she had collected (along with descriptions and minimal commentary). It is offered here (with permission) to illustrate what songvids fans (and fans who were vidders) felt worth collecting.

  • Revelcon 3,4 & 5 (1992-1994). Lots of songs per tape, many good songs, each comes with a sheet listing song, maker and fandom, available from Kandy Fong for $5–10 I think that Revelcon 5 is an especially good tape, both vid quality and repro quality.
  • Katherine Scarritt. B7, Pros, MUNCLE, good vids to good songs, unfortunately primitive equipment, so they are fuzzy. I especially like "These Dreams" (B7), and, well, ALL of her Pros ones: "Land of Confusion," "That's All" (one of many I've seen to this song, but this one's my fav), "In Too Deep," "Secret Agent" and more. Available from Katherine $?
  • Media Cannibals. Rache and I learned to vid from DeeJay Driscoll, and then Nicole and I bought an editing machine, and made all of the Seattle crowd help us play on it. 11 songs on tape, Pros, WG, B7, MM, many of these songs also available on some con compilations. Vids by me (Sandy), Rache, Alex, Nicole, with help from Agnes, Jo and Laury. If we ever get a second tape done, it will have the above, plus Tris/Alex (Led Zepellin RPS), and we'll announce it on the list. Vid trade, or $10 by mail.
  • Liz J. Five B7 and one (wonderful) Star Wars, good vids, unusual song choice ("Red River Valley?"), My fav is "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All," which sums up the Blake Avon relationship for me. Good quality repro and sound.
  • Mary Van Duesen. One tape *full* of B7 vids (two full hours), some stunners here: includes many Tom Lehrer, "Hotel California" for Vila, and the only Gan vid I've ever seen ("Next to Lovin' I Like Fightin' Best"). When I got into vids, MVD was known as the Lovett of vidding; this tape shows why. avail from K. Fong
  • One other tape with some of DJ's first vids, and lots of MVD's Pros, S/H and Callan vids. Don't know where I got it, but you could ask Kandy if she has a tape that includes: "My Yellow Car" (S/H), "I Think I'm a Clone Now" (MM), "Asparagus" (Pros, and one of my favs...), "Be Prepared," (Pros), "Take it On the Run" (S/H, and another of my altime favs.) At the end of this tape is a famous B7 vid done with bits of porno cut into it; don't know who made the vid.
  • Pros song tape, compiled by Kandy Fong. Repro quality on this is so bad I've never gotten through it.
  • Alana M. Two tapes, both quite full, B7, Pros, QL, S/H. She has some very good ones ("Razor's Edge," for Pros, may be her best) but she tends to use the same few clips in all her vids, and has primitive sound equipment on the first tape, so songs just start and end with annoying suddenness. Uses more hard rock music than most. Bit of a problem ordering from her too, since she has no fixed address...
  • DeeJay Driscoll. Two tapes, soon to be three. 12-15 songs per tape, $10 in person, I think $13 by mail, address in FAQ. The first tape is the best, includes "Too Long a Soldier," "I'll be Mellow when I'm Dead," and "Detiriarata," (over 1/2 Pros). Tape two includes a song Rache and I did, "Don't Put it in your Mouth" and others, (1/3rd Pros, 1/3rd B7, 3 muncle, 1 MM). Tape three will have a few more than usual to make up for the fact that 3 or 4 are Battlestar Galactica vids she did for the BG con last summer. DJ has a wonderful sense of rhythm in vidding, I recommend her stuff.
  • Koo-ut-Cali-Con. I think this is year 1. Wonderful long tape in (sigh) barely adequate copy quality. First time I saw "So Happy Together" for MUNCLE, or "Tapestry" by MVD for TNG. Available from Kandy Fong
  • Friscon 1. Very short tape (they had a lot of trouble with the repro they used, so many vidders didn't allow their vids to be put on the final tape.) Had some pretty good QL by Cybel Harper and Stacey D., both of whom I think put out their own tapes (sorry, no addresses). But it did have, at the end, a couple of fun compilations: one, a set of very fast clips from 47 different shows to test your speed and MM knowledge, and the other, a bunch of beautiful m/m moments from shows and movies, broken up into "The Looks, the Touches, the Kisses and the Embraces." Very nice. $10 from Ann and Darlene.
  • Tolbran. Pros, S/H, Kieffer/Lou Diamond Phillips, one QL, one MV; varying quality, but never awful. Her best is probably "Prince Charming Tango" (Pros) to the Romonovski and Phillips song. ("...and at times, such a *bitch*").
  • Escapade 3. Included on the same tape from Kandy Fong is a compilation of old comedy classics. 29 vids total, including Katherine S-Pam Rose's "Poor Poor Pitiful Me" for Uncle, and three of my fav Tashery S. vids: "Lay My Love," "Don't you Need" and especially, "This is not Love." Comedies include: "Don't Use Your Penis For a Brain" (by Megan Kent) some of my fav MVD Trek songs to Tom Lehrer (New Math, SMUT) and Kandy Fong's classic Riker vs. Kirk song, "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better". Also the 'gay' beer commercial from Saturday Night Live. Avail from K.Fong
  • Escapade 4. Good tape. Real mix of fandoms (first time I saw a Voyage Beneath the Sea vid, though (sigh) not the last.), but lots of Wiseguy. (Wonder why?) Has vids by many people on this list: Lynn C., Gayle and Tash, Rache, Alex and I, T'Rhys... 90 mins of vids, available from K. Fong
  • Gayle F. and Tashery S. These two vid together a fair amount, and release their individual vids together on the same tapes, so I have a hard time remembering which one did which vid. They are both very good; a little more 'out there' than many vid makers, with a wilder song choice than most. They mostly do B7, but also MV, WG (Vinnie/Sonny) and some multimedia. (Tashery also works/ed with Jill W.). Especially recommended: "Walking and Falling," "Continental Drift", "Love is a Stranger," "Road to Nowhere," (all B7), Dust (Lawrence of Arabia) and Orinoco Flow (MM). They have more than one tape full of stuff; don't know how much they charge (though I'm sure they swap), they're on this e-list.
  • Carol M. and Leigh Ma-took'a. 1 have 4 short tapes of their stuff. Another two that release their vids together, so I never get them straight. Almost all of their vids are B7, and they are BIG Tarrant fans: beware. First and ONLY time I saw a Vila/Tarrant vid and believed it. Especially recommend: "Wizard of Oz Trilogy" (of course Blake needs a brain, Avon a heart and Vila 'the nerve'), "Everything I Do, I Do it For You," "Greek Sailors," "I'd do Anything For Love, But I Won't Do That" and "Finland" (done to Tom of Finland drawings—hilarious) They use longer cuts than I wish they did, but interesting/strange choices of songs, and unusual pairings.
  • Virgule 1 (1992). This is a loooong tape full (Kandy uses a T-160), with a big variety of stuff from wonderful (the Best overall was by Caren Parnes, a TOS-TREK to "Total Eclipse of the Heart," a song I'd have sworn was done to DEATH by now, but it was incredible) to some first time vidders. Good stuff by MVD, Gayle and Tash, Cybel Harrper; Big mix of fandoms, but lots of B7. I think it is $10 from Kandy
  • Virgule 2 (1994). We got so many last time, we changed the rules this time (and of course, got too few). Very short tape, but worth it for T'Rhys's amazing B7 X Trek video, Charlotte Hill's and my "Something to Talk About," and Jennifer's Tris/Alex vid. Also from Kandy.
  • I would kill to have a good quality tape of J. Chien's vids, especially "In the Eyes," "Nobody's On Nobody's Side" (both Wiseguy) and "This Boy," "The Stripper" and "Forever In Blue Jeans" (all Pros).
  • Nicole V. would kill for Sandbagger's vids, especially the 'Tea Cup song' (or whatever it's called) at Z con last year, and "Back In The USSR," shown at Z con 3 years ago...