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Title: Simon Squared
Publisher: Almost Foolproof Press
Editor(s): Dar F and Ann Teitelbaum
Date(s): 1989-1991
Fandom: Simon & Simon
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Simon Squared is a gen Simon & Simon zine. They were published in sets (except for maybe the last one), and their pagination reflects this.

The 1989 issues won a 1990 Fan Q.

Volume 1

It consists of three volumes. The covers are by J.R. Dunster.

V.1 N.1

Simon Squared 1 Volume 1 was published in May 1989 and is about 90 pages long.

  • A Dream Within a Dream by Brenda Anders (4)
  • Brotherly Love by Jean Thrower (51)
  • The Fight by Alison Wilson (53)
  • The Last Dace by Joan Enright (55)
  • Memories by Marion Hall (66)
  • A Step Toward Peace by Kathie Hart (78)
  • And Having Crossed the Finish Line by Connie Daniels (84)
  • Little Brothers by Evelyn Farris (90)

V.1 N.2

Simon Squared 1 Volume 2 was published in May 1989 and is about 90 pages long.

  • Lost Dreams and Teardrops by Jill Thomas (100)
  • Aftermath by Alison Wilson (173)
  • Nuevo Salvador Tag by Regenia Marracino (182)

V.1 N.3

Simon Squared 1 Volume 3 was published in May 1989 and is about 90 pages long.

  • The Wrong Place as the Wrong Time by Sandra Basham (195)
  • A Simon Family Album Revisited by A.G. Steyn (211)
  • Deadfall by Sarah Laker (213)
  • Tryin' Hard to Hear You by Christine Jeffords (231)

Volume 2

It consists of two volumes. The editors not that "we've dwindled a bit from our first issue, but we have hopes that we'll get back our third volume with #3 next Spring."

The editors encourage readers to "let the leaves pile up outside, stick the turkey t.v. dinners into the oven, pour yourself a steaming mug of cider, and welcome Rick and AJ back into your homes."

V.2 N.1

Simon Squared 2 Volume 1 was published in November 1989 and is 100 pages long.

  • Questions Not Asked by Sandra Basham (4)
  • Promises Remembered by Vonne Shepard (28)
  • The Earth Has Angels All Too Few by Jill Thomas (50)
  • A Simon Family Christmas by Evelyn Farris (74)
  • Reputations by Jean Thrower (89)
  • The Slap by Joan Enright (96)
  • Stormy Night by Jean Thrower (99)
  • $2.75 An Hour [1]Simons by Kathie Hart (100)

V.2 N.2

Simon Squared 2 Volume 2 was published in November 1989.

  • Aftermath by Sandra Basham (124)
  • Mommie's Little Helper by Sheri Mink (131)
  • Almost Completely Out of Condors by Joan Enright (132)
  • Going On the Road by Alison Wilson (144)
  • Choices by Marion Hall (148)
  • Not Only From Heaven by Connie Daniels (161)
  • Isolation by Brenda Anders (166)
  • Simouse & Simouse by A.G. Steyn (234)

Volume 3

It consists of two volumes.

From the editorial: "Are you ready? Shoo the kids outside to hunt Easter eggs, put some Anita Baker on the stereo, pour yourself a Mimosa, settle back in your favorite easy chair, and prepare to get joyously SIMONized!! We hope to see you this Fall, but if not, we'll see you next Spring when Simon Squared #4 will arrive to bring a little Rick and AJ into your life!"

V.3 N. 1

Simon Squared 3 Volume 1 was published in April 1990.

front cover of v.3 n.1
back cover of v.3 n.1, includes some fic excerpts
  • Land of the Free by Linda Watson (4)
  • Why by Wendy Grice (38)
  • Snowbound by Vonne Sheperd (39)
  • An Impossible Dream by Wendy Grice (54)
  • Place Out of Time by Sandra Basham (55)
  • With Eyes to See by Wendy Grice (82)

V.3 N.2

Simon Squared 3 Volume 2 is undated, but was published in April 1990.

  • The Homecoming by Evelyn Farris (86)
  • The Homecoming part 2 by Evelyn Farris (94)
  • Arlington by Wendy Grice (105) (poem)
  • Crimson and Clover by Jean Thrower (106)
  • Crystal Heart by Wendy Grice (112) (poem)
  • Just Another Saturday Night by Alison Wilson (114)
  • Imaginary by Wendy Grice (122) (poem)
  • The Cry of a Child by Vonne Sheperd (124)
  • The Canal at Morning by Wendy Grice (139) (poem)
  • Survivors by Brenda Anders (141)
  • To The Veterans by Wendy Grice (162) (poem)
  • Sunshine Shadow by Wendy Grice (163)
  • Simon's Family Album (comic art) A.G. Steyn (166) (comic art)

Issue 4

Simon Squared 4 was published in May 1991 and contains 202 pages. It was only one volume.


  1. $2.75 an hour was the minimum wage in 1989 in the United States.