The Start of the Betamax Years: 1990-1992

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Title: The Start of the Betamax Years: 1990-1992
Creator: Kandy Fong
Date: 1990-1992
Format: VHS (later on DVD)
Music: see below
Genre: slash
Fandom: multimedia

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The Start of the Betamax Years: 1990-1992 is a song vid collection compiled by Kandy Fong of vids that she made between 1990 and 1992.

The vids were curated by Kandy Fong in the late 2000s, possibly for a panel at Escapade. On the liner notes she comments:

"When I visited Mary, I returned home raving how good her Beta 1000 machines were. Before my husband John passed in 1990, he had arranged with our friend Chuck to find me 2 of them.... Not only was I able to vid, but I used them for making convention vid show masters. They changed my life. But the first vid I did with them was porn, and I showed it at the second Escapade"


  • Indiana Jones: "Spiders and Snakes" sung by Jim Stafford. Notes: "A friend helped with his beta 900."
  • Blake's 7: "If I Were a Rich Man" sung by Man Zero Mostal. Notes: 1991: "At Mary VD's. She showed me how to make the first 3 edits, then she went to bed & I used her tapes &machines all night.
  • Doctor Who: "Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles. Notes: "Got my own Beta 1000 machines."
  • Blake's 7: "Studs in Black Leather" sung by Julie Eklar. Notes: "1992: Filk song, very punny."
  • Blake's 7: "Sounds of Silence" sung by Simon & Garfunkle. Notes: " A fan gave me B7 tapes so I could vid."
  • Starsky &Hutch Losing My Religion REM First vidder to use this song
  • Mixed fandoms: "Something to Talk About" sung by Anne Murray. Note: At Revelcon, 3 vidders used the song."
  • Quantum Leap: "Time Warp" sung by Tim Curry. Notes: "Had used song for ST slide show."
  • classic Trek movie: "Snoopy vs the Red Baron" sung by Royal Guardsmen. Notes: "Klingons sound German to me."
  • Dracula (1979:) "Set the Night to Music" sung by Roberta Flack. Notes: "Frank Langella was HOT !!!"
  • Pros Porn. "Freddy Pig," singer unknown. Notes: "When I saw the movie & eralized that 5 of the actors looked like ones from The Professionals, I had to do it."
  • Dancing Cocks: K/S mixed: Notes: "Dixie videotaped both the times that the fans from Phoenix presented our skit at IDICon, and she gave me copies so I could do this vid."