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Filk Songbook
Title: Massteria!
Publisher: L.A. Filkharmonics
Editor(s): Meg Garrett
Medium: print
Subject: Star Wars & multimedia
Language: English
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Massteria! is a Star Wars and multifandom filk songbook.

It is one of three songbooks put out by the L.A. Filkharmonics. All bear the subtitle "Star Wars & Other Filksongs."

Issue 1: Massteria!

Massteria was published in 1980 and is 40 pages long, offset, printed by John Trimble.

The folksongs are mostly about Star Wars, with a little Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Pigs in Space, Darkover, and Dracula.

  • Brush Up Your SF (The L. A. Filkharmonics)
  • Heir of the Jedi (Karen Trimble)
  • There Is Nothing Like A Droid (Karen Trimble, Doris Robin)
  • For Serina (Doris Robin)
  • Gallifreyan Lords (Meg Garrett, Anne Wilson) (Doctor Who
  • Sixteen Runs (Karen Trimble)
  • An Exotic Planet (Doris Robin, Marcy Robin, Karen Trimble)
  • On Top of the Death Star (Meg Garrett, Anne Wilson)
  • Life Was Painless (Marj Hoyt)
  • Little Troopers (Anne Wilson)
  • Jawa Marching Song (Doris Robin)
  • Tatooine's OK (Doris Robin, Karen Trimble)
  • Passing Through (Anne Wilson)
  • Skywalker's Song (Karen Trimble)
  • Leia Remembers (Karen Trimble)
  • They Can Be Mean (Doris Robin, Marcy Robin, Karen Trimble)
  • I'm a Wookiee (Meg Garrett, Marcy Robin, Karen Trimble, Anne Wilson)
  • The Free Amazon Song (Anne Wilson) (Darkover)
  • Streets of Mos Eisley (Anne Wilson)
  • Bantha Herds In The Sand: A Tusken Raider's Lament (Gary Myers, Karen Trimble, Doris Robin, Marcy Robin)
  • Is That the Millennium Falcon? (Karen Trimble)
  • Won't You Come Home, Chewbacca? (Anne Wilson)
  • On Tatooine (Meg Garrett)
  • Womprat Clementine (Meg Garrett)
  • I'm a Federation Captain (Karen Trimble)
  • Trouble (Karen Trimble)st)
  • More Money (Jamie Wallace)
  • Anthem of the United Federation of Pigs (Anne Wilson)
  • Droid of Constant Sorrow (Anne Wilson)
  • Turn Around (Marj Hoyt)
  • SF Con Suite (Jo Ann Christy, Doris Robin, Marcy Robin)
  • Lone Pirate (Karen Trimble)
  • Vader of Sith (Marcy Robin)
  • Pop Goes the Death Star (Marcy Robin)
  • Someday Soon (Meg Garrett)
  • Deck the Halls (Jo Ann Christy)
  • Doris Robin (lyricist) (Marcy Robin)
  • Gonzo's Romance (Meg Garrett, Anne Wilson) (Muppets)
  • The Force Is With Them (Doris Robin)
  • Farewell Earthsiders (Karen Trimble)

Issue 2: Massteria Strikes Back

Massteria Strikes Back was published in 1982 and is 64 pages long, offset, printed by John Trimble. It has the subtitle: "Star Wars & Other Filksongs."

cover of issue #2


  • Filkharmonics Song (Anne Wilson & Meg Garrett)
  • Brush Up Your SF (LA Filkharmonics)
  • Outward Bound (Jo Ann Christy)
  • They All Laughed (Anne Wilson)
  • Cats! (Anne Wilson & Meg Garrett)
  • Things (Meg Garrett)
  • Just An Old Sf Movie (Nick Smith)
  • Give Me Blood (Marcy Robin)
  • Blast Away (Nick Smith)
  • Guardswoman (Anne Wilson)
  • Maids of the Dales (Anne Wilson)
  • Frigia (Nick Smith)
  • Ming the Merciless (Doris Robin)
  • Winds of Time (Anne Wilson)
  • Doctor's Memories (Anne Wilson)
  • Sarah's Farewell (Meg Garrett & )
  • More Gallifreyan Lords (Meg Garrett & Anne Wilson)
  • Rag Tag Convoy (Karen Trimble)
  • Double Betrayal (Marcy Robin & Debbie Shkoler)
  • Litlle Baby Cylon (Marcy Robin & Debbie Shkoler)
  • Adama's Theme (Nick Smith)
  • Warrior's Thoughts (Marj Hoyt)
  • Life Was Painless (Marj Hoyt)
  • Please Glen Larson/Passage (Nick Smith)
  • Indiana's March (Jo Ann Christy, Doris Robin & Marcy Robin)
  • Marion's Thoughts (Jo Ann Christy)
  • Indiana (Meg Garrett)
  • Hallelujah Indiana (Doris Robin, with assistance from Jo Ann Christy)
  • School Girl's Fantasy (Marcy Robin & Jo Ann Christy)
  • Rebel Maid's Fantasy (Jo Ann Christy & Marcy Robin)
  • Gripe Song (Jo Ann Christy, Doris Robin, and Marcy Robin)
  • The Smuggler (Anne Wilson)
  • Roving Scoundrel (Meg Garrett)
  • Gourmet's Delight (Marcy Robin & Jo Ann Christy)
  • Woeful Tale of the Nerfherders (Jo Ann Christy & Marcy Robin)
  • Princess on His Mind (Karen Trimble)
  • Princess Ponders (Karen Trimble)
  • Leia the Rebel Princess (Jo Ann Christy & Marcy Robin)
  • Frozen Me (Meg Garrett)
  • Imperial March (Jim Vibber)
  • Imperial Walkers (Marcy Robin & Jo Ann Christy)
  • I Love Those Jedi Knights (Karen Trimble)
  • Fighting Rebels (Karen Trimble)
  • Hills of Aldaran (Marj Hoyt)
  • Though Stars May Shine Tonight (Karen Trimble)
  • Luke After (Doris Robin)
  • Master of the Force (Jo Ann Christy)
  • Master (Nick Smith)
  • Solo's Lament (Marj Hoyt)
  • So Long Solo [or Don't Get Mushy] (Doris Robin)
  • Thaw Me (Meg Garrett & Ann Wilson)
  • To Bespin City (Nick Smith)
  • Bespin Tradesman's Lament (Marcy Robin & Jo Ann Christy)
  • I Am Wookie (Doris Robin & Marcy Robin)
  • Free Han Solo (Marcy Robin)
  • Leia's Plea (Marcy Robin)
  • Oh Solo Mio (Jo Ann Christy & Marcy Robin)
  • Be A Droid (Anne Wilson)
  • Bespin City (Doris Robin, Karen Trimble, & Marj Hoyt)
  • Gin-New-Wine Folksong (LA Filkharmonics)
  • When You're A Droid (LA Filkharmonics)
  • Dagobah (Dagobah)
  • Farewell To Hoth (Doris Robin & Karen Trimble)

Issue 3: Return of Massteria!

Return of Massteria! was published in 1985 and is 68 pages long, offset, printed by Michael Walsh/Crown Prints Press.

  • A Grace for Han by Meg Garrett
  • A Nebulee, A Nebula by Karen Trimble
  • A Wandering Filker I by Nick Smith
  • All Together Now! by Jo Ann Christy
  • All-Nighter by Nick Smith
  • Another Show by Anne Davis
  • Born Again Vulcan by Meg Garrett
  • Bug-Eyed Monster Blues by Karen Trimble
  • Called to Gallifrey by Anne Davis
  • Covenant's Lament by Meg Garrett
  • Dark the Times by Jo Ann Christy & Marcy Robin
  • Dear Mr. Lucas by Jo Ann Christy
  • Deckard -- in Silence by Karen Trimble
  • Dorsai Are Full of Ose by Karen Trimble
  • Dragonlord by Nick Smith
  • Dream the World by Meg Garrett
  • Elliot's Song by Doris Robin
  • Ewok Picnic by Nick Smith
  • Fantasy Writer by Nick Smith
  • Fare Well, Terra by Meg Garrett & Jo Ann Christy
  • Farewell to a Filkcon by Nick Smith
  • Filk a Song by Nick Smith
  • Harrison, Harrison by Karen Trimble
  • Hey There, Jedi by Anne Davis
  • Indiana's Archeology Song by Karen Trimble
  • Interstella Pinup Blues Nick Smith by Nick Smith
  • John Williams by Karen Trimble
  • Journal of the Whil-Billies by Jim Vibber
  • Leela of the Sevateem by Meg Garrett
  • Leia's (a) Peril by Meg Garrett & Jo Ann Christy & Marcy Robin & Doris Robin
  • Let Us Entertain You by Marcy Robin
  • Lunar Hills by Marj Hoyt
  • Maiden All the While by Anne Davis
  • Menagerie by Doris Robin
  • Mommas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Rebels by Karen Trimble
  • My, My by Nick Smith
  • Oh, Sergeant-Major Higgins by Anne Davis & Karen Trimble
  • On the Good Ship Enterprise by Karen Trimble & Doris Robin
  • Planet Stories Blues by Nick Smith
  • Poor Fett by Doris Robin
  • Preface to the English Language Edition by ?
  • Rancor in the Dungeon by JoAnn Christy & Doris Robin & Marcy Robin
  • Relative Love by Doris Robin
  • Rise Up, You Challenger by Doris Robin
  • Science Wonks, Wips & Nerds by Robin Fletcher & Doris Robin & Karen Trimble
  • Song of the Vulgar Henchmen by Karen Trimble
  • Spaceman's Service by Doris Robin
  • Star Song by Marcy Robin
  • Stormtroopers, Tremble! by Doris Robin & Marcy Robin
  • The Age of Discovery / Hear the Stars Call by Marcy Robin