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Name: bossymarmalade
Alias(es): maggie, Maggie the Cat, stubbleglitter
Fandoms: X-Men, Batman Homicide: Life on the Street, Tour of Duty, popslash
URL: mmm, sacrelicious (website), LJ; Dth; Tumblr; AO3
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Bossymarmalade started out as "Maggie the Cat" in X-Men fandom on Usenet in 1997, and then moved on to the Schism mailing list in Homicide: Life on the Street fandom, and to Tour of Duty fandom.

After that she moved on to popslash where she took the name "stubbleglitter".

Most recently, she's been journaling about anti-racist and feminist issues, and changed her name to the less 'N Sync-specific bossymarmalade.

As Maggie the Cat

(fanac and fanworks here)

As stubbleglitter

(fanac and fanworks here)

Notable stories include:

raw - Chris has, and then he doesn't. Chris/JC, Chris/Justin

a person of simple tastes - all he wants is somebody. JCslutfic

keep pounding rythm - black magic woman. Britney/Justin

brains go great with aquavit - he's in it, the hungry dead doctor. JC/Lance, Kevin/Justin

mutant mutant angst angst - *nsync as x-factor: crazy do-good freaks. Joey/Justin, JC/Lance

As bossymarmalade



Bossymarmalade contributes to Fanlore as User:Maggie