Sarran Songs

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Name: Sarran Songs
Members: Tashery and Jill
Date(s): 1980s-1990s
Fandoms: Blake's 7
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Sarran Songs was a VCR Vidding-era collective consisting of Tashery Shannon and Jill.

Also see Shadow Songs.

  • 2000 Light Years from Home by The Rolling Stones
  • Dancing with Mr. D by The Rolling Stones
  • Every Breath You Take by The Police
  • If I Only Had a Brain by Ray Bolger, The Wizard of Oz
  • Murder by Numbers by The Police
  • Not Even Close by Tim Finn
  • One More Kiss, Dear by New American Orchestra, from Blade Runner
  • Red Red Wine by UB40
  • S.O.S. by Tim Curry
  • Sean Flynn by The Clash
  • Something by The Beatles
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland, The Wizard of Oz