Graeme Cree

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Name: Graeme Cree
Type: vidder, recaptioner
Fandoms: Star Trek, The Prisoner, Doctor Who, Dark Shadows
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Graeme Cree is a 1990s era vidder who made at least 3 fanvids under this name. His Star Trek vid "Another One Bites The Dust" about the plight of the red shirted security guards on the USS Enterprise was shown at Eclecticon in 1996. A vid to the same song later appeared on the Jersey Trek songtape which has caused some confusion in attribution.

Other vids:

  • A Doctor Who fanvid for the 2nd Doctor (Troughton) set to the Beatles "Help"
  • A Prisoner vid set to "They're Coming To Take Me Away"

Graeme is also the creator of Dark Shadows Captions, a project in which stills from Dark Shadows are re-captioned to transform the series into a comedy.