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Title: Circle of Light
Publisher: Jumeau Press
Editor(s): L.A. Carr, S.C. Hall, and D.C. Farnsworth (issues #1 and #2), L.A. Carr, S.C. Hall (issue #3)
Date(s): 1984-1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Wars
Language: English
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Circle of Light is a gen Star Wars zine.

It ran for 4 issues.

It was advertised in Datazine #34 as "the Star Wars zine for all faiths" which was a reference to Cathedral of Luke and Church of Ford.

Another ad from A Tremor in the Force #1 also acknowledges fan feuds and character favorites CIRCLE OF LIGHT is a non—biased, full-fledged STAR WARS zine, printed only for the love of the Saga (and to give the editors a nervous breakdown!) We welcome any inquiries and comments. CIRCLE OF LIGHT is a non-profit (oh, boy, is it!) publication of Jumeau Press."

General Fan Comments Regarding Katrina Synder's Stories

I have enjoyed Katrina Snyder's stories in CIRCLE OF LIGHT very much. I think the detail that caught me with the first tale was a business meeting on Corell where an assistant was laying out pens with the company name on them. I laughed out loud, having spent long years in the advertising and PR business, and immediately felt comfortable with Snyder's universe. That one description made it real for me. Her subsequent stories have a similar sense of She creates believable alien societies and is not afraid to present philosophies that do not align with modern American culture. Her exploration of what the Force is, and especially how a religiously inclined socieity could interpret it, is very well done. [1]

Issue 1

Circle of Light 1 was published in 1984 and is 226 pages long.

The editors were L.A. Carr, S.C. Hall, and D.C. Farnsworth.

The artwork is by Cheree Cargill, Dani Lane, S.C. Hall, Suzy Sansom, Wanda Lybarger, Katrina Snyder, Wendy Ikeguchi, Mary Ann Dean, Lona Galton, Peggy Dixon, Marci Erwin, and Jenni.

front cover issue #1, Jenni
back cover of issue #1, Schall (S.C. Hall)
flyer for issue #1

The disclaimer and copyright statement:

This piece of insanity ®1984 by Jumeau Press. All rights revert to authors, artists and psychiatrists! CIRCLE OF LIGHT is an amateur, non-profit (oh, boy, is it!) publication definitely not intended to infringe on or supercede [sic] any copyright held by George Lucas, Lucasfilm LTD, 20th Century Fox or ANYBODY ELSE!! (SO THERE!)

From the editorial by Carr:

I never should have said to S.C. at 3am -- "Okay, let's do a STAR WARS 'zine!" Or we never should have found a title -- our condition for putting one out! We went through BONDED BROTHERS ("A little too inky!", MORE CLOSE THAN A BROTHER ("Do not steal from Kipling!"), DOUBLE EDGED SWORD ("But does a sabre have two edges>"), ENDLESS FLIGHT ("Weell -- number two.", ENDLESS LIGHT (Weeelll -- one-A.), et al.

But there it stood in front of our faces (actually on the last page of RETURN OF THE JEDI -- everyevery version -- well, close enough!) -- CIRCLE OF LIGHT. And indeed, it has become just that. A circle of learning (in both the school of hard knocks and the Han Solo School of Action Without Thought!), a circle of sharing (otherwise known as "gimme -- I want it for the 'zine!"), a circle of "creative financing" (or, "You learned to do what in Accounting 201?") and, most of all, a circle of friends (or, as Christine Jeffords puts it, A Small Circle of Friends!


If this 'zine seems a little heavy on Han and Luke, then send us a submission! We can only print what we receive!

We offer you this 'zine with the same sentiment Uncle George offered us all the STAR WARS saga -- "It's for Fun!"

  • Editorials (2)
  • Dedication (5)
  • WARNING: The Surgeon General has determined that fandom can be hazardous to your health., essay about some over-zealous fans and death (6)
  • A New Beginning, fiction by Ann Wortham (7)
  • Grandstand by D.C. Black ("Solo knew that this might be his last grandstand act, but he couldn't leave the kid out on Hoth that night.") (11)
  • Dear George ("Do you have any questions that you've always wanted to ask Uncle George? We're gonna get these into his hands one way or and and we're gonna let everybody else give their answers too!!! Send us your questions ~ and find out the real truth about Solo's chains and why Luke wore black!") (25)
  • First Time by L.A. Carr ("The young Han Solo thought it was just another run. But there was just something about that old man....") (27)
  • Luke and the Sith Lord, filk to the tune of ""Snoopy and the Red Baron" as sung by The Royal Guardsmen," by Jeannie Webster (32)
  • All Souls Together, poem by D.C. Farnsworth (34)
  • The Other Shoe by Dusti Parrish and Lona Dalton ("Remember how Mark Hamill wanted to call RETURN OF THE JEDI "The Other Shoe Drops"? The movie didn't drop the shoe, but this story does!") (35)
  • 'Til Light Returns by Celeste Kraut (73)
  • The Love I Had Hidden Within, filk to the tune of "Making Love Out Of Nothing At All" by Air Supply, by Ruth Iverson (78)
  • Corellian Alliance by Katrina Snyder ("From the Annals of the Time Institute" -- "Han Solo is going to Corell to rescue his old friend. The Alliance is going to Corell to open negotiations. But someone doesn't want the Alliance to succeed. All he wants is the power of the Force. And he'll get it any way he can!") (80)
  • For Ladies Only, art portfolio by Wanda Lybarger, Jenni Hennig, Cheree Cargill, and Dani Lane (From the editorial by Hall: "Hope everyone enjoys our small, but tasty centerfold section. It will be a regular feature, so illo your favorite fantasy and send it to us.") (129)
  • An Interview with Jabba the Hutt, poem by Jacqueline Taero (137)
  • cartoon and puzzle (137)
  • Cave-In by Lona Dalon ("Excavation of the mine was going well until it caved in — with the last of the Jedi inside.") (139)
  • Threepio's Lament by D.C. Farnsworth (152)
  • A Small Circle of Friends by Christine Jeffords ("Han's unexpected reunion with his old shipmates on Ord Mantell proved to be "lucky"... with a bounty hunter on his tail, a missing classified Alliance tape and Darth Vader on the way. Who to the rescue? Mari Sevenstars, Luke Skywalker, Skye Amberson.... But even they can't prevent tragedy." A Chapter in the "Brightstar" Universe.) (This story was the inspiration for another zine, A Close Circle of Friends.) (154)
  • zine ads and seven full-page flyers (219)
  • You Are Receiving This Zine Because (227)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

I got my copy of Circle of Light yesterday. What a great sense of timing you guys have—I've been home with the flu all week, so the 'zine was a pleasant and welcome sight!

I'm in the midst of reading "Small Circle of Friends," the last story, but I've loved everything so far! Here are some of my comments as to the stories:

I liked "A New Beginning", especially the drawing of Luke and Han on pg. 9. Wow! "Grandstand" was excellent!

"First Time" is my favorite story, I think. Especially this line—"...a spaceman like your old uncle Han here?" That brought a chuckle out of me! Again, nice art on pg. 30. As Threepio would say, "Well done, L. A.!"

"Luke and the Sith Lord" and "All Souls Together" were great, especially the art!

I liked "The Other Shoe"!

Oh, boy! "The Crude Dude Art Portfolio" — hilarious! Especially, "A centerfold? Aww. C'mon, Ed, Sweetheart... I feel ridiculous..."!

OK, who's the wise guy that filled out the back cover ("You got this 'zine because..") for me? For your information, not only would I like to kidnap Luke, but Han, too! And I'm definitely not Luke's mother (I'm not that old!).

Actually, I thought that back-cover was pretty neat!

Now, I have an observation to make, which may sound derogatory, but I don't mean it that way—Gee, poor Luke went through enough cave-ins, kidnappings, burnings, cold Hoth nights, etc. and poor Han went through enough rescues of Luke to last

them both a lifetime. It was all very interesting, though. Next issue, I hope to see a story where Han gets hurt somehow and Luke has to rescue him.[2]

I so happy to get my 'zine. My hero, Luke, so rightfully at top of the group. I read most of the 'zine already and did all the puzzles. It really groovy.


I think it looks great! 1) The cover art work is nice. I'm glad you didn't use ring binders. This is much more classy.

2) Your editorials are all neat-o.

3) I was impressed by your dedication page. Are you sure you didn't leave some one out? I suppose I'm Aunt Susanne—unless there is another? Ha!

4) Being unfamiliar with who is who in fan writing, I suppose I'm fairly unbiased. Except, of course, to you guys stuff, (D.C.)'s and that now-famous writer, Katrina Snyder.

I haven't read everything yet. But I have read (a) "Grandstand", (h) "Dear George", Cc) "First Time", Cd) "All Souls Together", (e) "The Other Shoe", (f) "Til Light Returns (It was sad.), (g) "The Love I Had Hidden Within" (Good illo again!), (h) Corellian Alliance (What can I say, I already knew how good she is. I liked her illos.), (i)"For Ladies Only" (Wow^- too bad they weren't nude!), (j) "An Interview With Jabba The Hutt" (I'm not a really big fan of hers, but then I'm not a good judge of poetry. I person ally am stinko at it!), (k) "Cave-In", (1) "Threepio's Lament (Cute, but I'm not a droid fan.).

I haven't read everything, but I've only had it one day! But I'll give it a(n) A.[2]

I love the cover. Jenni is a big favorite of mine. Also enjoyed the ed. pages. I feel I was able to get to know each of you a little bit! On the inside back cover I like your "You got this 'zine because" (You checked off among others— Mari Sevenstars made it a personal request. That is wild because I love her! Are you guys espers?)

Anyways, I'm going to write as I read so onto the zine...

Enjoyed "New Beginning" and its accompanying illo.

"Grandstand" was a real page-turner. I really liked Han's characterization. And Luke...oh, Luke. (What else can I say?)

Enjoyed "Dear George" and Peggy Dixon's cartoon on page 26. "First Time" was fabulous! Wou would have thought? And Jenni's illo is adorable. Baby Luke and Han...awwww, cute, cute!

Suzy Sansom's cartoons are always great! "Luke and the Sith Lord" was funny! I put on my old Snoopy and the Red Baron 45 and sung along!

"All Souls Together" is a fabulous poem. Chewie watching over 'the circle'; I like that.

Loved "The Other Shoe." My favorite part is I. 'Ramblings'-- the feelings passing between Han and Luke are so well done! I also liked the part where Luke is 'in flames.' This part, to me, reflects back to Luke burning Vader's armour on the funeral pyre. Perhaps that was the letting go of all his hatred for the memories of Vader and what Vader was. Now he can 'relax' with his few memories of Anakin (Father) in peace. Just a thought, but that's how it struck me.

"Til Light Returns" was pretty good. I love the second to last paragraph—fore shadowing about Luke.

"The Love I Had Hidden Within" is very touching. Really enjoyed "Corellian Alliance." I'm anxious to read more of it. I liked the twist that Han is Sylvayn's half-brother. (And that Han is (was) related to Boba Fett.) Loved "For Ladies Only"! I only wish the 'dudes' were a bit more 'crudier! (Hee!")

Adore Jenni's Luke on 133.

"Interview With Jabba" was soo funny. Loved the rhymes. Dani's accompanying illo was wonderful. Loved Salicious.

Enjoyed "Cave-In". I was very distraught 'til I found out Luke was still alive. "A Small Circle of Friends" is great! I think Christine (Jeffords) writing keeps getting better and better. I really adore Mari Sevenstars, she's such a strong character! And I enjoyed Bethany Solo, so much like her big brother.

I'm much looking forward to CoL #2. Keep up the good work everyone! [2]

CoL #1 is clearly laid out with neither waste of space nor crowded appearance. I'll take your word for Katrine's large cast not overshadowing either Han or the other movie characters. I do understand that a lot of background had to go into this initial story, so that, for me, Han got lost in the shuffle. That's the point though, like Maggie Nowakowska, she's involved in "world-building"; from !ti{vis story, her main focus is to develop a Corellian planetary culture and enlarge on a SWars universe.

The big corporate politics depicted seems rather Terran and is a staple of certain genres of fiction. However...I have not seen it much used in an SF—specifically SWars setting. It does not seem alien, but it is a novel application and one she's obviously done her homework on—she makes it all convincing. Just because it's not particularly a Han story for has no bearing on it at all. While my story of preference in the zine is Chris Jeffords', I think Katrina's vies with it as the "big" story, (I suspect she'll have a large and interested audience for her series and already has a very favorable reaction to this opener—surely enough of an encouragement!) with "The Other Shoe" as more of a Luke showcase story. You do make good with your title, though—a definite demonstration of everyone's importance and and shared affection—even Vader/Anakin has his day. I miss Leia's emphasis—she is best represented in the poetry, but there's always been fewer stories about her as a lead character and you can't print what you aren't sent.

I love Taero's "Interview With Jabba"; suppose I'm biased about her poetry, but her wit is wickedly delicious as always, her technique deft.

Art? Dani's, for sure, all of it, but especially the recognizable quartet at difficult and non-standard angles (p.34), the hilarious portfolio piece and the spot illos for "Luke and the Sith Lord"; more somber and starkly dramatic is the one with "The Love I Had Hidden Within". Wendy Ikeguchi just keeps experimenting with new techniques—and getting more polished and assured all the time. Jeanine Hennig's Luke and Gheree Cargill's Han are pleasing examples of what a pen can do. I saved Suzy Sansom's for last because she and Dani share the bulk of the illoing chores but also she and I share similar styles and apparently implement (brush). She works more broadly with her characterizations bearing the influence of her cartooning. Her cartoons are marvelously outrageous (like the delightfully sick Luke vs. Emperor on pg.l38). Her composition and dramatic organization is sophisticated in her serious illustrations. SHe handles large groupings effectively, retaining focal point of the action and a flavor of the scene as in pg. 156, 175,209.

"Grandstand" was interesting for a similar piece I illoed for Syndizine, fascinating to see how Suzy illoed it.([2]

I better get down to business here and let you know what I thought of Circle of Light #1. I loved it. It was pretty big for a first effort and I think you and (L. A.) and D. C. Farsworth did an admirable job. I can tell that you guys must have quite a sense of humor. It showed up in your dedication page. That was so good! I saw Robert Scorpio's name right away, and Mother and pizza and M&M's. You are my kind of people!

Another funny part that I enjoyed a lot was the "Crude Dude" portfolio. The vital statistics were a very novel idea, I thought. And I loved it when it said that one of Han's turn ons was Martie Benedict stories. Cute. And his ambitions, how appropo! Wanda's Han was just lovely, as was Jenni's Luke. I would love to submit to this section again, but I just don't know about the nudity.

I'll definitely let you see what I come up with. (Oh, by the way, Luke did keep going. I'm afraid that we gave Han quite a shock. He hasn't been the same ever since. But he does want to know more about the Force now!) I think I illo'd most of the poetry in this zine! I like the way everything looked once you put them together, especially "Luke and the Sith Lord." Another poem that I liked was "Threepto's Lament." Wouldn't he make a great host for a Con?

Can I tell you something else? One thing that was done that I liked a lot was the way that the typing goes around some of the smaller illo's. This is so nice. It looks good and you can get more illo's to a story when you do that. And I am all for lots and lots of illos.

As far as the stories go, I didn't have a particular favorite. I enjoyed them all. I am dying to know if Luke has lost the Force for good in Katrina's story. And, as usual, I enjoyed reading about Mari Sevenstars again. I think that Chris Jeffords had a good cast 6f characters going, but she could definitely benefit from concentrating on not quite so many of her own creations. When you get so many characters together it is truly hard to keep them all straight. The only other thing I could gripe about is that Mari saves Han all the time. I'd like to see Han help her out of a bind sometime. "The Other Shoe" and "Grandstand" were both very nice stories about Han and Luke's friendship. (You mentioned in the Editorials that the emphasis would be heavy on the Han and Luke, but Honestly! Do you really think anyone would mind? I didn't.) "A New Beginning" was also a nice exposition on their relationship . I liked "The First Time" and "Cave-In" but the former was so short I I liked the idea of Anakin helping Luke out of the cave.

Over all, as I said before, I liked COL #1 very much. [2]

I received my copy of Circle of Light in excellent condition, a surprise in itself considering the methods of Canada Post, aid I send applause for an excellent first issue. Inside I found work by people I knew and people whom I'd never read before. All of it was very good, but I've yet to find a fanzine that hasn't been as much as I could have wanted or more.

I can't single out any one piece of work as my favorite, altho' the art portfolio could be it. The comments under Han's and Luke's vital statistics were hilarious. And I'm thinking of having Dani's contribution xeroxed so I can han^ it on my wall. (We plan a mural!) Luke embarrassed? Sure doesn't look that way to me.

The story by L. A. Carr, "First Time" was really interesting. I always thought that Han took a liking to the kid too fast not to have known him from somewhere before. That it might have been through Obi-Wan was a twist I wouldn't have thought of.

One running theme that runs through the stories in Circle of Light and other fan fiction is the love between Luke and Han. This also seems to be the bags of the whole saga, and a good one it is. Nobody seems to want the Corellian to go thru the rest of his life loved only by a Wookiee, and it was Vader's love for Luke, long denied, that redeemed him and turned him back to Anakin Skywalker.

I enjoyed Circle of Light and am looking forward to #2. It sounds like Circle of Light #2 is going to be just as good as #1 is.

I have only one complaint. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but page 125 is only half there. The top half is blank and the last line on the page is "Han! Where were you?" he asked. No doubt this was caused by Gremlins out of revenge for not having a zine of their own. Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know about it.

Here's waiting for Circle of Light #2.[2]

COL #1 was a good first effort. Wortham's "A New Beginning" was the perfect opening story. It's difficult to imagine that the same woman who gives us Leia swinging from a chandelier (As Suzy knows so well!) can deliver something as touching and warm as this scene between Han and Luke. Sound characterizations, lovely accompanying illo. (Wendy, consider yourself lucky.)

You guys should have included a packet of Kleenex with the zine. Jeri's death in "Small Circle of Friends" tore me apart. I couldn't put this story down. The entire tale was well-conceived. Jeffords had Solo's character down pat, and it's great to see him interacting with her character-inventions. One question for Chris; What's your idea of a large circle of friends??

"'Til Light Returns" was terrific, but too ehort. Can I talk the author into a prequel, perhaps?

"First Time" was heart-warming—no other word for it. The characterization of Kenobi was very good; however, for the most part. Solo's dialogue did not reflect that of a 12-year-old, at least not in my opinion. The story also could have used a tighter editing and proofing job.

"Grandstand" was a bit drawn out, but well-written and in character. I liked it. All of the poetry was excellent. The portfolio pieces were pleasing to the eye, Lybarger's Solo was perfect as always, and I feel Jenni's Luke represented her best work to date. An impeccable inking job on Cheree's Solo. Dani really knows her anatomy (Boy^ does she ever!), and it's reflected in her portfolio piece. All of her figures are right on the money—muscles, gestures, everything. Though she doesn't use a lot of shading (HA!), there's a certain quality to her line that suggests volume and that she has control over the medium.

Any attempt to get Lucas to respond to our questions would be a futile one, so I really can't see where the "Dear George" feature would be a worthwhile one. A couple of your responses were fun to read, however, your answer to #2, derived from Variety, is wrong. According to Sid Ganis, Head of Marketing at Lucasfilm, pre-production has not begun on any Star Wars film, and any plans to continue the series are still tentative.

A couple of suggestions: You might want to be more experimental with layout and borders which can often enhance a weak piece of art. Go for more variety when choosing effective typestyles for the titles, too. For instance, the portfolio's title page is simple, yet attractive. The zine's appearance is what's going to sell at cons, so you should use all of your assets to create an appealing package. I'd like to see fewer typos next time. (So would we!)

Overall, a fine first issue. Deliver the same quality material in #2 and I'm sure you'll have a hit.[2]

I'd like to make a couple of comments on Circle of Light #1... I LOVED IT!!!! Want me to be more specific? Well, it seems awfully difficult anymore to find stories about Luke and Han in which they are close friends and not rivals or enemies. That's not what they were in the films, and I've always liked both the guys. I hate to see them in constant battles. Your zine handled them as the brothers they are and I liked that very much.

My favorite piece was "The Other Shoe." Although the title was a bit misleading, the story was excellent. I had the same idea (well, very close) about a post- JEDI story and wondered what happened to Luke after that terrible assault by the Emperor. That kind of attack just wouldn't disappear, would it, if it were really deadly. And I enjoyed the fact that Luke fianlly told Han the whole thing. Han was left out of the picture too much in the film, so this piece was very satisfying. I feel like the gang is back together again. It was a bit long in replaying every detail of Luke's life from SW to ROTJ, but once it got over that hump, it was a very interesting and first-rate story.

"Corellian Alliance" wasn't what I thought it would be when I started reading it.

It was GREAT! At first I wasn't sure where the story was heading as far as Luke was concerned. Suffice it to say the end was a shocker and I HOPE there will be some kind of sequel, as I love a happy ending and this one sure wasn't!

The story was very's just that of all the horrible tortures that could be done to Luke, taking away the Force HAS to be the very worst (and I'm sure the author realized that!). Please, please, please find some way to restore our cute little Jedi! Leia can't be the last one!! Han was well-portrayed in this story...some of the 'old Han' mixed with some new attitudes, but not as wimpish as the film made him seem. Thanks to Katrina Snyder for showing the real Luke and Han. The new characters and Corellian society worked well, too. From this story I got the impression that there are/were stories written even before this one that fall in line. True? (Yes,) I'd like to know if they've been published in other zines, and where. Could you pass my request on to Katrina? Thanks!

Loved the 'centerfold' cartoon!! Ahhh, someone out there with my sense of humor?? The artwork by Dani and Suzy Sansom was gorgeous, as usual... I see their work everywhere and they add class to any zine.

"First Time" was an absolutely adorable piece, and a fresh idea as far as I've seen. I must admit I haven't read a million zines yet, tho'. But I enjoyed this short story of the first meeting of the guys. HEY, you wrote that one, huh? Are you, too, a 'darling duo' fan?

"Dear George" was a much-needed item! The answers certainly SOUND logical! I have one for GEORGE...Did Leia use the Dark Side when she strangled Jabba the Hutt? See, according to the book version, she was using powers outside her physical abilities,and with all that anger, fear and aggression... I just wondered.

Going into the details of that night on Hoth made "Grandstand" a nice study in the details of Han Solo's thinking and motives. Unfortunately, there is only so much you can put into a movie, and I KNEW some good fan would write the details of that night sometime.

As for occasional typos and such, they were easily overlooked. I just read the whole zine in one sitting, even tho' it took half the night on a week-day, no less. Well, what's more important, a good zine or a job? I thoroughly enjoyed this issue and if #2 is anything like it, I'll soon be ordering it, too. Thanks for a zine- well-done!

Is there a #3 in the works?[2]

I've finished reading Circle Of Light and thought I'd drop you a line. Actually, I finished it while sitting at Feb.'s Creation convention a short while after buying it. I couldn't write earlier because my teachers actually want me to do homework. Sometimes vou have to wonder about thenu.. I have two favorites. "Cave-*In" by, Lona Dalfcon I enjoyed because of the good story telling of Luke and Leia's twinship (so you think it is not proper grammar. I claim poetic license.). I am a Leia fan and I thought she was portrayed well in the story. It was her all the way.

The second favorite is "Corellian Alliance" by Katrina Snyder. Although Leia is only in the beginning, I hung on each word. But let me mention a couple of words: two-parter. I mean, she wouldn't leave us hanging like that, would she? Please tell me there's a second part. Leiau comes to the rescue? It was all a joke? The doctor becomes afraid of malpractice and heals Luke? Lando decides to get out when the going's bad and brings the Ewok calvary?

Honorable mentions go to "All Souls Together" by D. C. Farnsworth and the artwork by Dani for "The Love I Had Hidden Within". "All Souls Together" gave great descriptions of out three heroes and Luke and Leia emerging from the blackness of Vader's cloak was beautiful....[2]

Okay, here goes on the LOC. You gals really put together a nice looking, meaty zine, with lots of good strong stories. You did such a good job that it's really hard to believe that it's your first effort.

Annie Wortham's "A New Beginning" was a good vignette about how Han and Luke are going to have to readjust to the changes in each other and in both their lives. Wendy Ikeguchi's art is, as always, well done, complementing the story nicely. "Grandstand" was a well-plotted and thought out story, not striking a false note anywhere.

I really enjoyed (the) story "First Time." It was a really good idea, and not one which has been used too often, at least in zines I've seen. It's very plausable that our mercenary pirate of the spaceways might have run into Kenobi & Co. before. Fits in well with what we were told in JEDI, too. The illos Dani did for my "Lukie and the Sith Lord" were a renl hoot! Snicker, snicker.

As for "The Other Shoe Drops" certainly did. The story was a real grabber, well paced and exciting, but not so rushed that character development was ignored, either.

"Till Light Returns" was a short, but effective vignette. "Corellian Alliance" was nicely done, especially in how the Corellian society, was worked out and it workings shown in the story; also in how all the subplots were woven together. The supporting characters were all well drawn and fleshed out; there wasn't much of the usual confusion when a large group of new characters is introduced, as to which one is which. What an ending, though. Is the author planning a sequel?

On a totally opposite note..."For Ladies Only".. YEAH!! Will there be more in issue #2 (hint, hint, hint...?) Princess Leia with a muzzle, huh? Love the 'centerfold' cartoon on p. 135.

"Cave In" was a nicely put together little piece which raised some very interesting ideas. I thought the part about Leia and Han, as Force sensitives needing some training to understand their 'feelings' in the Force was a very good touch. Not that either of them can or may want to be Jedi, but just enough training to enable them to better understand and handle the abilities they have.

Well, I guess that about covers it. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the zine. [3]

...Just had to write to congratulate you on the marvelous zine you have piit out. CIRCLE OF LIGHT is a very good read. I particularly liked the poetry in your zine, a thing I usually don't go in for much, but that title poem inside the front cover was truly beautiful. Don't know who wrote it, though. (Somebody named "Anonymous" we think. It's certainly not original!) Both tales of Han and Luke's relationship immediately post-JEDI were my favourites of the zine. Anii Wortham's portrait of a changed Han who, due to his past, is well able to empathise with a distressed Luke, was true to character and very moving. "The Other Shoe" was a lovely prolonged read on much the same issue. I always wondered if Luke would suffer physical after effects from his burning by the Emperor. This story answered those questions well, while being rather horrorific in parts for Luke. Han's concern and handling of the situation was beautifully written. Loved the final scene of this story of Han's visit to Luke in the sickbay.. Thank you, Dusti and Lona.

Another favourite was "Grandstand" by D. C. Black. The Hoth survival shelter always intri gued me as I wondered what if anything may have been said between Han and Luke during this night. This story filled that missing bit nicely. "Dear George" — more please!!!

"First Time" by L. A. Carr (was) quite a possibility. Liked it. Explains the look Kenobi gave Solo but not why he (Han) didn't seem to recognize him the second time around. Would love to have seen Han's reaction if he figured out that his passenger was the little baby he had once cooed over.

Dani's drawing of the four heroes to accompany that beautiful poem by D. C. Farnsworth — "All Souls Together" will be an all-time favourite as will the poem. Chewie's summary of each of his friends' individuality is astute and touching.

The background details to "Corellian Alliance" by Katrina Snyder made this longer story a fascinating read. For example, the throwaway conversation between Han and Luke re: Boba Fett and Han having once been friends. Luke's fate at the hands of his enemy who wants to tap the Force power within him was chilling and saddening. Surely this is not the end, Katrina? I couldn't stand it if Luke was left like this. Will there be a sequel?

That centerfold had got to be one of the best laughs ever. Luke in the background ready and eager to reveal all, and Han trying to protect the 'innocent kid'!

"Cave In" by Lona Dalton also got me in. Yes, I think Anakin/Vader would come back to help his son in this situation. His getting an injured Luke to Han and Leia's tent was warming and a very original idea.

Christine Jeffords had spun us another intriguing tale from Solo's past in "A Small Circle of Friends." The death of his lover and the circumstances of that death were heartbreaking. And I thought I was the only one who gave Han a rough time![3]

I Just finished reading CIRCLE OF LIGHT and want ed to tell you how very much I enjoyed it. The feelings of friendship that are expressed from the zine's editorials to the last story are very heartwarming. I really enjoy the portrayal of Han and Luke's friendships, especially in "The Other Shoe." I certainly wish I had a friend who was that close to me!

Please. tell me that "Corellian Alliance" will be continued. I can't stand the thought of poor Luke stuck out there in some alternate universe without the Force.

What can I say about "For Ladies Only..." but more, MORE, MORE! My favorite is the one of Luke and Han together. I just knew that Luke wasn't as naive as some would portray him!

I also enjoyed your list at the back of the zine for reasons I received the zine. Just next time please include me in with the ones who would like to kidnap dear Luke. I can't get enough of the Jedi! [3]

Well—I have been meaning to do this for months, but it seemed like every time I sat down to get started, something else came up. Now, to get personal, we start with "You Got This Zine Bec ause..." #s 1, 7, and 20 are fine; as for #20, well, who wouldn't want to kidnap Han. But #15 absolutely not...I am not, you understand, Luke's mother. The very idea of associating with that bloomin' Sith, let alone as a consort, is revolt ing.

I really enjoyed the zine. Christine Jeffords' "A Small Circle of Friends" was my favorite. I always like stories about Han and Mari Sevenstars, and this was perhaps her best.

Katrina Snyder's "Corellian Alliance" was very good but also a little confusing since I have never come across this series before and had to make a few guesses about some of the characters. (Editor: Would like a little information about where more of these stories could be found.) (CIRCLE and Ann Wortham's zines are the only sources of her stories so far.)

"The Other Shoe"—this was a different story, but I think the story would have had more impact if it had been shortened; it seemed to have a tendancy to ramble and lose direction, yet on the whole it was very interesting.

The longer stories are really my favorite, but "First Time" was excellent. The idea that Han might have met Luke before was very interesting.

Now, as for art, cartoons, poems and what-have-you—"All Souls Together"—nice to know what a Wookiee thinks of his charges. Love the drawing by Larbarger that accomp ies Han's vital statistics and also the front and back pieces. The Halloween 'Trick or Treat' cartoon with Han and Chewie is hilarious.

All in all a terrific zine, so please hurry with the second issue. And please remember, lots of

long stories! [3]

In "Corellian Alliance," in Circle of Light 1, an evil tycoon captures Luke and uses him as a lab specimen to discover the secrets of the Force. The experimentation leaves Luke unable to feel the Force. In "A Circle Has No End," Katrina Snyder concludes the adventure as Luke is taken to Hippangrattia for help. Although the Lady Chyreis cures his physical weakness, Luke believes only his study of the Kal Naire offers him hope to regain his Force skills. [4]

Issue 2

front cover of issue #2, Dani Lane
back cover of issue #2, Suzy Sansom
flyer for issue #2

Circle of Light 2 was published in May 1985 and is 178 pages long.

It premiered at MediaWest.

The art is by Dani Lane, Suzy Sansom, Susan Hall, Mary Ann Dean, Vicki Brinkmeier, Katrina Snyder, Wanda Lybarger, Martynn, Cheree Cargill, Wendy Ikeguchi, and Jenni.

The editors were L.A. Carr, S.C. Hall, and D.C. Farnsworth.

From the editorial, by Carr:

In my own humble opinion, I think that issue #2 is even better than #1. For one thing, we've learned from our mistakes. For another, our contents are fabulous. (You don't believe me? Look at the previous page!) We again are graced by Christine Jeffords, with HOSTAGE, explaining the 'whys' left in A SMALL CIRCLE OF FRIENDS in CoL #1.

We have an encore from Katrina Snyder: IN THE SERVICE OF THE HIGH KING, a prequel (of sorts!) to CORELLIAN ALLIANCE, also in CoL #1. Keeping this from being an all-prequel issue, we present THOSE IN THE DARK, the second in "The Lion's Share" stories by D.C. Black and (ahem!) L.A. Carr (me!).

Unfortunately, due to a lack of interest, we've had to drop out "Dear George" feature. Quite simply, there weren't any (or many!) questions! However, if we do get interest, it will return in issue #3.

We want to share our Letters of Comment with you—and are more than thankful to those of you who wrote us with your praise, advice and (constructive, I hope!) criticism.

  • Editorials, etc (2)
  • Letters of Comment (6)
  • Images of the Past by D.C. Farnsworth ("Luke Skywalker learns of his past and teaches Han Solo of their future.") (12)
  • Behind Closed Doors (Han) by R. White (25)
  • In the Service of the High King by Katrina Snyder ("A young Han Solo's desire for quick riches leads him to a world where the struggle for power and one man's commitment to honor changes his life forever. (From The Ballad Of Han Solo).") (27)
  • Behind Closed Doors (Leia) by R. White (71)
  • A Letter to Her Corellian Absent Upon Carbon Freezing by L.A. Carr (72)
  • The Crude Dude Art Portfolio Strikes Back, art by Wanda Lybarger, Vickie Brinkmeier, Martynn, Cheree Cargill, Wendy Ikeguchi, S.C. Hall, Dani Lane, Jenni Hennig (73)
  • Shattered Glass by Susanne McGhin (83)
  • Behind Closed Doors (Luke) by R. White (87)
  • A Most Peculiar Universe by Jacqueline Taero (88)
  • Hostage by Christine Jeffords ("Jabba the Hutt had stooped to kidnapping before, but this was no ordinary hostage. Could Han Solo pay the price for their freedom and their lives?" A chapter in the Brightstar Universe.) (90)
  • Space Slug Soliloquy by Jacqueline Taero (147)
  • Thoughts for a Falcon by Lynda Vandiver (148)
  • A Relatively Small Disagreement by Ann Wortham ("It was only an innocent card game — between Han Solo, a few old friends — and his in-laws?!? (An In-Laws Story).") (150)
  • Buried Truths by Jacqueline Taero (159)
  • Give Her Wings by Dani Lane (160)
  • Never Meant to Be by S.C. Hall (161)
  • Those in the Dark by D.C. Black and L.A. Carr (" A simple mission with Chewbacca and Luke becomes a nightmare of choice for Solo — and can he live with the consequences of the decision he has to make?" -- "As "The Lion's Share" stories were conceived before the premiere of RETURN OF THE JEDI, the authors acknowledge but do not accept its storyline as a part of this universe.") (162)
  • Starring, trib bios (195)
  • zine ads and 16 pages of flyers (198)
  • You are Receiving this Zine Because

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Just wanted to congratulate you on another fine, zine! Give yourselves a pat on the back!!

Loved both covers! I'm really enjoying Dani's illos nowadays.

Just wanted to make a few comments...

Really enjoyed "In The Service Of The High King." It was a very interesting interpretation of Han's earlier days. Loved Snyder's illos. Like how the people have a 'punk' look.

Just drooled over "The Crude Dude Art Portfolio." Yum! Favorites were Jenni's Luke in the water, Visit Senic Tatooine and Dani's 'blaster.' Wow!! Talk about sweet dreams! Sigh....

Enjoyed the action-packed "Hostage," But where was Mari?

"Thoughts For a Falcon" was very moving. Martynn's illo was gorgeous!

"Relatively Small Disagreement" was hysterical! Loved Leia swinging from the chandelier!!

"Those In The Dark" was good. But, I didn't like Luke dying. And I thought Han wallowed in self-pity too much. It wasn't like him.

Enjoyed the bio section. Hope you continue with it. A very good zine. Can't wait for #3. [3]

I see you've done it again. Issue #2 is just as good as #1, maybe even better. Oh, that "Crude Dude" portfolio! You're right. Dani did outdo herself. Thank you, thank you!

As you probably already guessed, the portfolio was my favorite part of this issue, but that's not to slight the rest. All the contributors were excellent in my opinion.

"Those In The Dark" is my favorite among the stories in this issue. Han's grief over Luke's death and the result and self-blame and guilt feelings over having to choose between his two closest friends really rang true. I think the authors have portrayed the Corellian perfectly. Also Leia and Chewbacca's grief over the death of Luke and their worry for their friend Han were realistic. Altogether one of the best stories I've read in a long time. Obviously there is more to come, but is there anything before this story? (There is a prequel and a sequels but nothing in print at this time, due to the authors being booked all the way to the funny farm!) Loved Annie Wortham*s story. She's such a versitile writer, serious and humorous by turns.

And what a wicked sense of humor she has! Leia swinging from a chandelier yet! (You ain't seen nothin' yet!) Your dedication page is great, and I'm certainly not going to argue with your proofreaders. Have to say you've got great taste in collators, too.

From the looks like CoL #3 is going to be a must-have. [3]

Calendar Babes! Thanks for the green inkless copy of COL #2. (For the uninitiated, COL H's cover was...uh, shall we

Congratulations, #2 actually surpassed #1 in both appearance and quality of content. Gasp! I just discovered something! Did you realize that COL is LoC spelled backward? (Really?!?) Rather clever, no? I swear, I never cease to amaze myself.

Dani, as I've told you before, your art is superb, so I won't go into all of that again. I'll just say you did a swell job in COL #2, and SASE me sometime because I owe you a snippet of chest- hairs from the placement to remember me by.

I've gotta tell ya', you guys really disappointed me last issue. Here, I thought SW fandom was the only refuge from the Bruce Springsteen madness and THERE'S The Boss mentioned in the dedication page and in Dani's bio — and David Lee Barf?! The man whose band wears wino attire by choice??? Ladies, ppppllllllleeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeeee!

Incidentally, for those who wondered about the origin of the nickname "Muskrat", I was given that by an ol' tennis partner after that monumental hit tune, "Muskrat Love" by the Captain and Tenille. As you may recall, in the lyrics, "Muskrat Suzy and Muskrat Sam" were mentioned doing "the jitterbug in Muskratland." And if you can remember the rest of the lyrics, you're sicker than I am.

Hey, dudes, it's been fun, but I've got to head into the Noogiesphere. Next issue I wish you health, happiness, even fewer typos (Thanks!), and SSSSOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNYYYYY! (Personally, I love it when he scolds me!) [3]

I just wanted to say what a fantastic job you did on CIRCLE OF LIGHT #2. I loved the whole thing, but my favorite stories were "In The Service Of The High King" and "Those In The Dark." Please, please encourage Katrina Snyder to finish that one-shot novel. I can't wait to read more of her work. As to "Those In The Dark": all I can say is "Wow!" I usually hate depressing stories, (and fewer things could be depressing than having your favorite hero killed off) but I couldn't put your story down. You mentioned in your editorial that this was the second in "The Lion's Share" series — has the first been published anywhere? I'd love to read it. [3]

I bought a copy of CIRCLE OF LIGHT 2 at Media West*Con V. Two pieces of work stand out in my mind as I flip through the 'zine. R. White's three vignettes, "Behind Closed Doors" do show that each of us keep secrets. I got a bit laugh from J. Taero's "A Most Peculiar Universe," an apt description of the Star Wars universe. [3]

Everything so far has been fantastic, even better than #1. However. there is one thing missing. Your "Crude Dude Art Portfolio" is fine for the ladies but what about us red-blooded, all-American male zine enthusiasts who are dying for a "Provocative Princess Portfolio?" Granted, we got more than an eyeful in ROT J. but that was two years ago! Aren't there any artists out there who'll give us another look at that foxy lady? [3]

I really got a kick out of the 'Dedication Page' and 'You Got This Zine Because...' Also like the different type (letters) for "Behind Closed Doors." "In The Service Of The High King" — the story was good and the original characters really came to life. The could sure go off on their own; she should take them original. The original drawings of Deveren, Maxim and Marallia were good, too, but especially Deveren; he's somewhat reminiscent of Michael Pread — yum! Both Martynn's illos arfe wonderful as usual. I've been playing with stipple as it's more delicate than Crosshatch It's more subtle, which was what I always liked about pencil. Maybe someday I'll get that good with pen and ink like Martynn and J.R. Dunster.

In "Hostage," Jeffords had a believable explanation of the use of the Force. Some writers really get windy explaining things, but instead she continually does it in context; i.e. "... with his inborn location sense, Han..." Dani did a real nice job on the illos. Though I really liked the story, every now and then I stumbled over a paragraph that was rough; other wise the writing was smooth and flowed really well. And I don't know if it was because this was the longest story, but it had an awful lot of typos. (Uh, oh, I noticed who was in the credits and if this was because of proofreading, please don't tell the A-Team I complained.)

"A Relatively Small Disagreement" was funny; I especially got a kick out of the argument as to whose fault it was and who had to pay for the damages. Anyway, a very nice zine, clean looking, good layouts and I'm glad to be in it! And

can I help collate on the next one if you have the same crew — please! [3]

Received the contrib copy of CIRCLE OF LIGHT #2. Thank you very much. The zine looks great! You did a beautiful job on "Thoughts For A Falcon." Please express my thanks and appreciation to Martynn for her illo that accompanied it. [3]

Hi! Thanks for sending me CIRCLE OF LIGHT #2. I finished reading it a few weeks ago, and have finally gotten a few minutes to drop you a line.

Overall, CIRCLE OF LIGHT #2 was very enjoyable. I love the format — the binding you use is much better than the usual staples that often pull out.

The art throughout the zine is nicely reproduced—beautiful!

Dani's cover art is very nice. A real eye-catcher. I was also impressed by her Han/Leia profile on pages #160-161.

What a dedication — my kind of people. I especially like the 'fond memory' for Jon-Erik Hexum.

"Images Of The Past" by D. C. Farnsworth was, I'm afraid, not a favorite of mine. I had trouble with her portrayal of Han's character. He seems much too angry and confused throughout the story for the given circumstances, I also didn't like the idea of Luke forcing "the Force" on Han.

The three vignettes "Behind Closed Doors," featuring Han, Leia and Luke were interesting. A different look inside what might be.

Katrina Snyder's "In The Service Of The High King" was extremely well done. The plotting was good, nicely paced with interesting characters and plot complications. I think she did a good job in portraying a young Solo—one already down on life, and headed for a rendezvous with a destiny we're all familiar with. Katrina's art enhances the story nicely. Naturally "The Crude Dude Art Portfolio Strikes Back" is a real gem. Lovely art. Please keep it as a regular feature.

"Shattered Glass" by Susanne McGhin was nice—good wrap-up and tie-in with Boba Fett.

Christine Jeffords' "Hostage" was a much fun as all her stories are — a nice roller coaster of excitement, travel, gunplay and intrigue. I was, however, more than a little disappointed about the character DeCade. She was given an interesting build-up—potential for future altercations, problems, even character self-realizations and improvements, but suffers a rather anti- climatic death. There just wasn't that much need for her background for the role she plays in the story. I enjoyed Dani's art throughout—^ particularly page #107, Nice wrap-up ending, with an opening for future altercations.

Thanks for both Martynn's and Wanda Lybarger's art—these are two of my favorite artists and it's a real treat with every new illo.

Another "In-Laws" story from Ann Wortham—great! "A Relatively Small Disagreement" was wonderful fun—made even better by Suzy Sansom's hilar ious illos.

A change of emotions—"Those In The Dark," a "Lion's Share Story" by D. C. Black and L. A. Carr I found very sad, I am not a particular fan of killing off STAR WARS main characters. I've never believed it was a very good idea to do in a story. All this aside, however, it was a very well done story. I particularly liked the way Han finally came to grips with Luke's death and the circumstances that preceded it. Also a good angle with the reader privy to Luke's thoughts and feelings, A very nice exchange of intense emotions between Chewbacca and Han (pages 184-186), Nice ending—it had the reader also holding his breath to find out what Han would do—although I was pretty sure he'd be O.K. due to his 'hearing' Luke's answer in the wind.

I think the bios of the writers and the artists is a good idea. It's nice to know more about the people whose work I've been enjoying so much, Suzy Sansom's back cover was beautiful.

Thanks for letting me go on so long—overall, I enjoyed CIRCLE OF LIGHT #2 and will look forward to #3 — hopefully real soon? [3]

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed your zine. It is one of my favorites. I think my favorite and least favorite story was "Those In The Dark."

I liked it for the portrayal of the big three and the way they related to each other so well. I think the way the authors show Luke's thoughts showed a Luke I liked very much, I disliked it because Luke was killed. There just isn't any SW galaxy for me if Luke doesn't exist, but I understand the authors' needs to explore this storyline if it is necessary for the advancement of their alternate universe. The story haunted me for several days after I read it. Even Jenni's illo of Luke is haunting, Some of the other things I liked were "Images Of The Past." I always enjoy stories that involve Luke and Han which show their relationship in a positive way. I liked the idea of Luke helping Han to be exposed to the Force and of Han being so overzealous when he finally gets to the source.

"Behind Closed Doors" was a very unique idea and once again I enjoyed reading what someone else thinks the thought process of Han, Luke, and Leia might be.

"A Relatively Small Disagreement" was just the comic relief that one needs in the middle of other more serious works. Suzy's illos are just super, especially the one on pg. 155 with Leia on the chandelier holding Luke by the pants. When I flipped through the zine and saw it, I knew this was a different story.

Now to the (sigh) "Crude Dude Art Portfolio." Needless to say, my favorites are Cheree's and Jenni's contributions, but I do like all of them. I would really be inspired to visit Tatooine by Martynn's illo. I really like the idea of "Star ring ..." Knowing who has written or illoed a piece is most interesting when we know a little more about their background.

Only one drawback in the whole zine, and that is the way you numbered the pages. From a purely esthetic point of view, I think it interfered with the look of the zine. Other than that, I loved it and look forward to issue #3, and #4, and #5, etc. [3]

Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed CIRCLE OF LIGHT 2. Issue 1 was terrific, but this was even better. Congratulations are in order for all involved. I have become a big fan of Katrina Snyder's work since discovering it here.

I think "In The Service Of The High King" even better than her first story, and I will most definitely be looking for more stories by so talented a writer. "High King" read as smoothly and was as full of action, romance and suspense as any commercial novel on the bookshop shelves. If Katrina isn't already a professional novelist, she should be. The background information, writing style and description of characters was captivating. Also like her art work. From "The Ballad Of Han Solo," huh. When do we get to read the rest? I for one can't wait.

I very much liked the interaction between Han and Luke in D. C. Farnsworth's "Images Of The Past." Can understand Luke's hurt over his father being allowed to drift to the Dark Side; liked Han's introduction to the Force very much. The artwork or this story by Mary Ann Dean had a very det ailed sort of gothic look to it, particularly given the unusual borders and was very attractive.

The running glimpse of "Behind Closed Doors" by R. White was a nice light relief which I feel every zine needs. Each tale was an intriuging look behind the barriers of each of these fascinating characters. Personally, I liked Luke's comments best, particularly regarding' what he would do to Han if said person called him 'kid' just once more. But I don't think Luke would need too much advice on how to handle the ladies, unless it was advice on how to hold them off!

A very great attraction for me in CIRCLE OF LIGHT is "The Crude Dude Art Portfolio"—I love a bit of good old fashioned gawking. My two favourites were by Martynn and Cargill respectively (or perhaps not so respectfully, ha.) Where do you buy a ticket to visit scenic Tatooine? And if this is what training by Yoda can do for a man's physique, I'm sure he'll have more than just Force-sensitives lining up for courses! Also liked Wendy Ikeguchi's Han and Leia in the Ewok hut. As to Dani's and Jeannine's drawings, well let's just say they both show (umm) very strategic thinking. It goes without saying that I always enjoy Wanda Lybarger's Han for its fine (I was going to say 'handling') of musculature. I am intrigued by Susanne McGhin's background on Boba Fett. A cleaver idea, and one about which I would like to see more.

Jacqueline Taero's poems are always well worth searching out, and she brings her usual fine) tight verse structure and impish wit to "A Most Peculiar Universe." Difficult for the males, yes, but it might be fun for the females! "Hostage" was another classic tale from Christine Jeffords, one to really sink your teeth into, so to speak. Dani's drawing of a wistful Luke on the opening page of this story is my favourite art outside the Crude Dudes. And artwise, don't overlook Martynn's beautiful, wide-eyed , mes merized Solo and the Falcon on page 149.

As I say, I think every zine needs a dollop or two of humor, and Ann Wortham's 'In-Laws' series is just the right prescription. Laugh a minute stuff, or is that paragraph? Well, what ever, Luke and Leia looking so undignified, Han hoping for backing from 'Pop' to protect him and Leia's threats paint vividly entertaining images in the reader's mind. Suzy Sansom does an excellent job of capturing these facial expressions.

Of the poetry section, S.C. Hall's "Never Meant To Be" really reached my heart. And the accompanying illo by Dani was perfect foil.

"Those In The Dark" by D.C. Black and L. A. Carr was a tense, compelling story, but for me, the premise of Luke's death hurt so much I couldn't think of much else. Han's grief was beautifully written, the ache coming through the pages so much that I had to go back and read some of the light-hearted stuff to cheer myself up afterward. Found Luke's thoughts as he watched his friends' reactions,unseen, most interesting and true to character. Han's irrational attitude to his Wookiee friend's being alive and Luke dead because of the cruel choice he was forced to make, was genuine and a common reaction in this type of situation. Like the way this was eventually resolved between the two—and the warmth of the ending brought us all back into the "Circle of Light." A nice way to close the zine.

Very much appreciated the 'Starring' section. It was most helpful for a reader who is cooped up thousands of miles away from any of these talented people. And I want to take this opportunity to say "Hello" and THANK YOU to them all.


The one thing I definitely didn't like, and I'll get this over with right away, is the numbering. Too, too black. Too distracting...too ugly! There, that wasn't so bad now, was it?

The comments in your loc's were very amusing... to me they were, anyway. Thanks to Suzy and the others who said nice things about my contributions to #1. I'm still cringing when I think about my centerfold trib to #2. (Hasn't stopped you yet, tho!) I was a bit disappointed not to see "Dear George" in this one. So where is it? One with the Force? (As we've said before, we can only print what we get in here! -- eds)

I know for a fact that I cannot pick a favorite story from this zine. I looked through the whole thing again and again and just can't. But I do want to say that, while I wasn't actually thrilled with Katrina's story (In The Service Of The High King), I loved the way it was written. I really have to say this officially so that it will get back to Katrina, but I will have to admit that she is one of the best writers in fandom today. I have read other things she has written and she has a way of really drawing you into a story. Not a neat trick when Han Solo is included, but it is when you are using original characters. (Or semi-originals as I understand they are in "A Wink Of God's Eye" in the zine SOUTHERN LIGHTS.) (Plug, Annie, plug!) She is also a boss artist.

The art portfolio was fun. "Visit Scenic Tatooine" was a gas. Good ol' Martynn. And as for you, S.C., the last picture in the "Crude Dude" section was really sucky. I would have changed the caption to read, "Fine Corell Dinnerware...for all your dining needs." But then, you already know how my mind works and I suck worse than you do.

In "Shattered Glass", is Tristan Glass modeled on anyone we know? Beside Boba? Robert Scorpio, perhaps? (Nope — another one of Katrina's rock stars, but can't remember exactly which one right now! -- eds) Whenever I hear the name Tristan, I get a picture of the (Police) Commissioner of Port Charles in my head. (MMMMMM?) (Down, Bodie!)

"Hostage" was fun and I reread bits and pieces of it again as I went through the entire zine. And "Behind Closed Doors" was very fetching and I liked the way you spaced them out through the book instead of lumping them together. God, it is so boring to keep on saying it, but all of Jacqueline Taero's poetry is excellent. Some so thoughtful and moody, some so light and funny, but all of it so wonderfully timed and rhymed. Love it.

I really couldn't believe my eyes when D.C. and L.A. actually trashed Luke permanently in "Those In The Dark." Oh, how sad! But nicely done. What a tragic choice for Han to have to make. I do like a good death story, but I would have rather seen Luke die doing something a little grander, a little nobler. It just seemed that...bang! He was gone and for what? Just some little drug run. Hardly all the grand, glorious way I would have wanted him trashed permanently. But all of Han's angst made up for it. His relationship with Chewie was most lovingly portrayed and I liked it the best.

And I loved Suzy's illo for the back cover. I think that SW fandom will really miss that gal, well, MV's gain is our loss, but when you are into both, did you actually lose something? Ah, an enigma!

Well, that about covers it...[5]

Issue 3

front cover issue #3, Wanda Lybarger
back cover of issue #3, Leah Rosenthal

Circle of Light 3 was published in May 1986 and is 220 pages long.

The art is by Wanda Lybarger, Leah Rosenthal, Mark Fisher, Suzy Sansom, Katrina Snyder, Wendy Ikeguchi, Jenni, Dani, Sandi Jones, and Jim Markle.

This issue was edited by S.C. Hall and L.A. Carr.

The zine has two comments by the editors (as well as several last minute additions of fanworks) regarding the then-recent Challenger Space Shuttle disaster:

As you can see [from the inclusion of several last minute items], we were both hit very hard with the loss of the Challenger Seven -- and know that upward and onward is the future of mankind. Fandom has been a strong skeleton for support of the Space Programs of this nation, and I hope that this will not deter us from out final destiny." And "We simply could not do this issue without a tribute to the seven pioneers of space travel who lost their lives living our dream — is there any STAR WARS fan who hasn't paused on their way back in the house from running an errand, taking out the garbage or visiting a friend, and looked longingly up at the night sky — wanting desperately to move freely among the stars, as do Luke and Han? We mourn their sacrifice, but their deaths will not be in vain if we travel with the greatest safety possible in space because of it.

"Major Tom" was written four years ago—and is an eerily accurate forerunner to the Challenger tragedy, while "Spirit of the Challenger" was written and recorded in our town here in south Florida as one person's attempt to cope with his shock and grief—thanks Tommy for letting us share your thoughts with our friends.

  • Editorials, etc. (2)
  • ... The Challenger Seven, lyrics to "Major Tom (Coming Home)" (not listed in the table of contents) (un-numbered page)
  • Spirit of the Challenger, "Original lyrics by Tommy N. Tucker c. 1986" (not listed in the table of contents) (un-numbered page)
  • Letters of Comment (7)
  • Honorbound by Christine Jeffords (A chapter in the Brightstar Universe.) (12)
  • More He Should've Said, poem by L. A. Carr (46)
  • Vendetta by Susanne McGhin and Katrina Snyder (48)
  • Silence, filk to the tune of "Sound of Silence," by Margueirte P. O'Rourke (77)
  • Corellian Love Song, filk to the tune of "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by WHAM!, by D. C. Farnsworth (78)
  • Sabre Duel by S.C. Hall (80)
  • Revelation by Katrina Snyder (85)
  • Power Play, filk to the tune of We Can Work It Out" by the BEATLES, by Marguerite P. O'Rourke (112)
  • Sinnerfolk, filk to the tune of Centerfold by the J. Geils Band, "wickedly filked" by S. C. Hall (113)
  • The Return of the Crude Dude Art Portfolio: Sinnerfold by S.C. Hall
  • Little Cub Lost by Christine Jeffords and eluki bes shahar (A chapter in the Brightstar Universe.) (123)
  • More He Should've Said -- In a Lighter Vein, RPF poem by L.A. Carr (132)
  • Wingman by Matthew Whitney (134)
  • Graduation, poem by Jacqueline Taero (146)
  • Full of Surprises, poem by CarolMel Ambassador (148)
  • A Drinking Tale by Ann Wortham (an In-Laws story) (149)
  • It's Not Over Yet by Dani Lane (161)
  • zine ads and six pages of flyers

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

CIRCLE OF LIGHT #3 is wonderful. This one is the best so far. The cover is attractive, it should attract buyers and the back cover by Leah Rosenthal is lovely. That woman can produce art! In fact, the art is consistently good in this issue. I do wish that you could have got some art for some of the poetry and you needed more in the Crude Dude Art Portfolio. Mark Fisher's Han Solo on page 31 is beautiful. Katrina's art gets better with each zine. I was pleased with the art she did in "Vendetta." That story all but did us both in. Suzy's illustration for Ann Wortham's story is nice, too—I recognized Studs snoot right away. Dani Lane's art is, as usual, quite nice. It's neat when an author can illustrate their own story; you know that the characters look just as the author would wish. I'll also bet the editors like that. (They don't have to farm out the stories from writers all over the country; must save in postage.

As for the stories themselves, it seemed there were less this time around. But then you did have several long (by zine standards) stories this issue. Chris Jeffords' "Honorbound" was a good story, but the end did give me some trouble. Luke can't kill a man who is helpless and yet he has no problem with handing the man over to Mari who he knows will kill the man. It seems to me that Luke sort of weenied out by refusing to take a life because of his Jedi beliefs and then giving him to someone to kill. Personally, I think the guy should have been sent up for trial.

Susan Hall's "Sabre Duel" was not what I expected. Gee, I thought it was going to be a story about a fight. I still am not convinced that Han is Force-sensitive — after all, everyone can't be so — and, anyway, it's more fun in my book to leave him without it to contrast him with Luke.

Of course, that's just a personal opinion and other than that I liked the story. I don't dislike stories just because they don't go with my own personal ideas— hey, if I did, I wouldn't have much to like.

Chris Jeffords' "Little Cub Lost" was interesting in that it used a different point of view than you usually see in a STAR WARS story. I am not, however, a fan of stories centering around small children and that's not because I don't like children. But in my opinion it is most difficult to write a child realistically. Just another case of my personal prejudice.

Matthew Whitney's "Wingman"—hum. It's most interesting to see a man writing a story in a zine. You don't often see that and the more the pity. Nice to see Luke as a mature man and helping out another "kid." Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention Jim Markle's art; very nice—I do wish that the first picture in the story hadn't bee but in sideways.

Ann Wortham's "A Drinking Tale" is delightful! I really enjoy the "In-Laws" series. This one, in my opinion, is even more fun than most. Gee, the extra characters in this one seem so familiar— right, Annie? Do write a sequel. And I enjoyed (D.C.)'s tribute to REMINGTON at the end.

Dani Lane's "It's Not Over Yet" is a massive piece of work. Very interesting. Giving Han a rival for Leia's affection. The only thing I could possibly say negative about this story is that I wish she hadn't added the tag at the end. Now, if she writes a sequel, there won't be any suspense to the ending.

Very nice, guys; keep up the good work at least for one more issue. I'd hate to think Katrina did all that work on "A Circle Has No End" and then it have nowhere to go. [5]

Well, issue #3 made it through the postal system and to my mailbox in one piece, a miracle in itself considering the way the post office runs things.

As usual this issue is excellent. I have yet to be disappointed with CoL. Perhaps the "Crude Dude" portfolio got shorted this time, but I'd "Do It For The Trees" any day if I was sure this would meet my eyes. Really liked the adaption of "Centerfold". The words are right on. "Sinnerfold" indeed!

Everything was terrific this ish. Glad to see more of Mari Sevenstars. She is quite an interesting person, well able to stand on her own, and definitely not a Mary Sue. Her background and culture are really fascinating. In "Honor- bound", she found out that it's all well and good to be true to your oath, but it's not al ways right to hold someone else to such a thing. Also, in "Little Cub Lost," it was nice to see her compassionate side. The fact that Luke reminded her of her own childhood showed that she hadn't let her troubled life change her basic goodness. "More He Should've Said" — defintely my feelings too. There just wasn't enough explanation here. I always thought Luke should have told Leia as much as Ben told him.

"Vendetta" and "Revelation" — so that's why Han got kicked out of the Service. I can see how it happened, tho'. Tristan Glass was obviously not completely together. It really must have irked him to have his first plan fail, so he used his last resort. It sure didn't help that he figured out that Han was his half-brother, either. Seems Glass was destined to come out second best to Han. Even in the end he only caught him because his ship was disabled. Loved Han's reaction when he realized that Luke and Leia were the two people from Deveren's vision. Altho he feels that they don't need him, he is certainly right when he says that maybe he needs them. He did need them to make him feel again.

"Sabre Duel" -- I'm still not sure about Han being a Jedi, even a hidden one. Still, it was kind of amusing with Like trying to goad Han into admitting the truth.

"A Drinking Tale" -- more inspired insanity from Ann. I don't know where she got the idea for this one, but I thought it's the funniest one yet. How two people, three this time, can get into so much trouble is beyond me. Without even trying yet. "Don't get in Harms' way" -- oh, my! Chuckle. Giggle. Something tells me there is a sequel to this one. I think it's the narl-melon. And I want to know more about Republic Vice.

"It's Not Over Yet" -- Dani has written one hell of a story here. This is the first one I've seen using the idea that Palpatine might have relatives who would try to take up after his death. I know her primarily as an artist, but she can write an interesting, believable story, too. This story kept my attention from beginning to end and I found myself getting caught up in what was happening. I felt sorry for Drake when he found out about Han and Leia, and also when he realized that Rendamon had been using him for his own ends. Han's feelings of worthlessness, Luke's disappointment, and Leia's dismay over the turn of events all came- through loud and clear. These are real people here.

The front cover was excellent, as Wanda usually is, although it fits better with your last issue. Still, I enjoyed the zine from cover to cover and can't wait to add #4 to my bookshelf. [5]

Just a note to compliment all involved In the production of CoL #3. I enjoyed each piece and especially loved the artwork. That back cover of Luke by Leah Rosenthal was truly beautiful.

My favorite stories were Christine Jeffords' "Honorbound" and ^anl Lane's very well written "It's Not Over Yet." I love all the poetry, especially Jacqueline Taero's "Graduation." The tribute to the Challenger Seven was a touching and thoughtful way to honor seven cour ageous pioneers whose deaths must only inspire us all to continue to strive for the stars.

Thanks again, and I'll look forward to issue #4. [5]

Hi! This is my LoC on CoL #3.

Very lovely cover by Wanda. I especially like Leia, the tilt of her head and the expression on her face.

"Spirit Of The Challenger" is very good, a heart felt verse. Thank you. Tommy Tucker. Onward and upward.

"Honorbound"- Somehow, I don't see Sevenstars, or anyone else, acting just like they please on an Alliance base. Pretty tacky of Han, stringing Leia along the way he did. He should not have encouraged her affections if he couldn't return them. Seems to me Luke had a pretty good reason for not killing Sharin, and, failing that, his death would have served no purpose. I assume Luke and Bree stayed together, as the child is mentioned in a later story. Doesn't anyone believe in telling one's partner before deciding to have a child? Gee, Mari threatens to kill Luke, then Han threatens to kill Mari, but when she asks to walk with them to council, Han just says, "Sure. Why not?"

The death of the agent could not have been foreseen, neither would Ben's for that matter; Luke is not to blame. Leia is certainly portrayed differently here than in previous "Brightstar" stores; it's an improvment. She's more understanding about Han than he deserves, considering how poorly he handled the situation. I hope the author isn't condemning her to be 'married' to her job. So Mari doesn't want to interfere in the fight between Luke and Sharin. I fail to see where Luke's death would be to any good purpose. Perhaps I don't under stand the whole concept of Azaeli honor. When one is drunk is a poor time for serious oath-taking. Why did Mari take the whole story to realize this? Given that, and the fact that I'm not fond of the "Brightstar" series, this story wasn't too bad.

"Sabre Duel" — well, this isn't the first Han-is-a-Jedi story I've read, and certainly won't be the last. As they go, it's good.

I'm really enjoying the "Han Solo" and "Time Institute" stories; they mesh together very well. I had to look up the reference to the blond man and the beautiful woman but things are falling in place nicely.

"Little Cub Lost"—Nice story. It makes Mari seem more human.

"More He Should Have Said, II" — well, actually, no, I didn't scream. No script had ever been filmed exactly as written. That's part of film making, along with editing.

"It's Not Over Yet" — There are several stories here, all kinds of things that only partially explained. You know, Han may be 'just a pilot,' just a common Corellian, but he's the most uncommon person I know. Your title has nothing to do with what you are.[5]

One of my favorites was "Sabre Duel" by S. C. Hall. The other was "It's Not Over Yet" by Dani. It was well done, having Leia meet an old flame of hers, and having Han try to come to grips with it. They end up fast friends. Then they must meet and defeat tine Emperor's son.

All the stories, poems, and illos were excellent but what topped everything was the "Return of the Crude Dudes Art Portfolio". I think I'll go back to college and change my major to conservation, 'cause I would definitely love to do it for the trees!!

I only had one complaint so perhaps it's not necessary to disturb His Honor, the Mayor of Carmel, but you guys sure did have a lot of typos in this one

Aside from that one tiny problem, you all did a good job. Keep it up!!!![5]

Excellent zine! I'll definitely be looking for number four! Thank you again for a great zine! Number three is the best so far! I hope you assemble the same case and crew for the next


"It's Not Over Yet", "Vendetta", and "Little Cub Lost" were the best parts of the zine. The tributes to the Challenger were the nicest touch of all. What I like about all three zines is the sense of humor you editors have. I get a kick out of everything from the editorials to the comments on the back page!

I like the ads, too.

Well, thanks again, and may you stay in fandom a long time. [5]

2 is just gorgeous! It's so clean, so attractive, so beautifully laid out.

It's wonderful. The cover is nice... what an excellent image, all of them holding those little candles. Typical devastating Lybarger Solo! The shading is so perfect.

Leah amazes me, she can do those wicked cartoons, and turn out something as sensitively drawn as that back cover.

On to the stories: Of all of Chris Jeffords' creations, I like Mari Sevenstars best of all. She's such a complex character, as both "Honorbound" and "Little Cub Lost" show. The former was very nicely plotted, the flashbacks flowed well, and all the insights into the Azaeli culture (one so different than ours, yet so logical), was also interesting. Mark Fisher's illos also swhoed a hand at shading... the gray tones really added to the appearance of the zine, too. In "Little Cub Lost," I enjoyed the unusual POV, but although the hints as to way Mari had gone to Tatooine were there, I was still a little confused. I guess is because I'm not totally familiar with her universe.

The idea behind "Sabre Duel" i.e. that Han is a Force-sensitive, isn't one that I subscribe to although it is a possibility. The implication that only a Jedi could use a lightsabre will make for interesting possibilities in the future. And "bantha poodoo!" Susan! (Are you guys the same ones who once objected to "whore's son"? ( (-A-; You got away with whore's son, remember? And -B-: "bantha poodoo" is a direct quote from JEDI. -eds)

The "Crude Dudes" are...they defy words. The title page was well laid out...and the guys themselves, well, I"gotta go turn on the fan! "Sinnerfold" was great!

"Wingman" was a nice, tight short story...hard to find such in fandom. A good lesson for Luke, too, one he'd have to learn. Of "A Drinking Tale"...Annie really knows how to pile it on, doesn't she? I hope I caught all the inside jokes! The illo made it pretty plain who everyone was, too. (Wear bags over your faces. K? Least you be recognized!

"It's Not Over Yet" tackled a really ambitious subject head on, and the characters were fascinating, well-rounded, even the 'throwaways*. (Like the poor bastard who got stiffed protecting Luke.) I liked Han having a rivalry for Leia rather than the usual "other way around". I had trouble deciding whether Charniko was going to turn into that stock character 'the safe boyfriend', which would have been a drag, but thank God he didn't capitulate so easily. Rendamon could have been a bit more menacing, a little stronger, but he was interesting, not too 'black', but nicely gray! My major quibble (that word again!) with this story comes at the end, which is too abrupt, and the epilouge, which, in my opinion, gives too much away. If a sequel is planned, then the plot's been undercut by the epilouge, and if a sequel isn't planned and this is just telling us what's next, that's a shame, because there are some great characters here and plenty of room for further conflict.

In closing: Look, Wicket W. Warrick, you'd better get your act together on those typos. Honestly, they were heavy this time. I understand you guys were pushing it, trying to get everything together with little time to spare, but did Azheel N'Nyah really say "hewlp me?"

And I also read the LoCs, and would like to add a little comment on them: readers are certainly a big influence on a writer, the fuel that keeps us going, and all the encouraging comments my stories warrented certainly made my day (I don't know about the Mayor of Carmel's day)

A mundane recently asked me why I bothered to write fan fic, and I was stumped, but now I know the answer(s): because other fans enjoy it (I enjoy other peoples' work) and they are quick to let you know about it. It's a wonderful feeling to know something that drove you and your put-upon sister (the typist of "High King") nuts is liked and understood by other fans. Even constructive (not rude!) criticism is helpful. And so, thank you for your kind words, all of you, on my stuff.

And, yes, "A Circle Has No End" is finished! [5]

Circle of Light 3 has something for everyone, from its delightful Wanda Lybarger cover to the latest installment in the "In-Laws" series. Besides, what can you say about a zine with "The Crude Dude Art Portfolio," but give me more, more, more!

Christine Jeffords offers two new Mari Sevenstars stories: "Honor Bound" finds Luke and Mari in conflict over a vow of honor; and in "Little Cub Lost," Mari rescues a six-year-old child from slavers on Tatooine. "Vendetta," by Katrina Snyder, depicts the collapse of Han's military career; while "Revelation," by the same author, is an Ord Mantell story in which Boba Fett's vendetta against Han is finally explained.

The longest story in the zine is "It's Not Over Yet," by Dani Lane. Set after Endor, Leia, Luke and Han are sent on a diplomatic mission where Leia is re-united with an old flame, Han is plagued by feelings of insecurity and jealousy, and Luke finally finds another Force-user of his own age. [6]

Issue 4

front cover issue #4, Mark Fisher
back cover issue #4, Katrina Snyder
flyer for issue #4 published in Last Stand at the Edge of the World, a Blake's 7 zine. Click to read the story summaries

Circle of Light 4 was published in May 1987 and is 186 pages long.

The art is by by Jenni, Judith Low, Leah Rosenthal, Ronda Henderson, Mark Fisher, Katrina Snyder, Schall, centerfold by Dani: "Revenge On The Crude Dudes."

From the editorial by Carr:

... this tine I think the insanity's passing — I can see the end of the zine publishing tunnel — or Is that just an oncoming freighter running from an asteroid storm?

Anyway — much we we hate to admit it, this will be our last issue of CIRCLE OF LIGHT. It's been a great four years, given us the opportunity to share s lot of good work with the greet wide world out there, made us s heckuva lot of good friends — both contributors and customers — and given us an excuse to go to a lot of cons, but, unfortunately, reality is out there, lurking behind doors, and it's catching up with us faster then we can run. So, If we expect to be able to write and keep our sanity (two of the most important things in life, at lesst!), something else has to go — and unfortunately, zine publishing has to be it. It's been a fun four issues (with our SIMON & SIMON zine "Just A Couple Of Jokers" and our multi-media zine "Whatever Works" along for the ride!), and we can be found still, plugging away, and in a bunch of zines that will be coming out for years to come.

From the editorial by Hall:

Contrary to the title of Katrina Snyder's story "A Circle Has No End" — this one does and issue #4 is it. I cannot believe we have been involved in this insanity for four years — time really doesn't wait for anyone (except for The Doctor and Gamaliel Weaver, of course!). I've loved every minute of it, and will cherish the treasures I've received over the years always; friends, stories, artwork, poetry, and the conventions. . .oh, the conventions. . . To be honest, it's also been alot of hard work—late nights, backaches, stiff necks, collator knees, crossed eyes and bouts of hysteria waiting for last minute contributions — but when it's finally finished and it looks good, there's nothing like that feeling of satisfaction. Thanks to everyone who let us know what they thought, we appreciate your kind words and encouragement, especially to those who have been faithful readers all along—clear skies to you all, and keep reading and writing those LoCs — editors live on them!


So long from the publishing side of fandom, but we'll always be around to write and draw and convene and generally cause trouble—thanks again, take care, peace and forcery to you all, always. . .

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

Circle of Light's strongest assets are the long stories by such authors as Christine Jeffords, L. A. Carr, Carolyn Golledge and Katrina Snyder. And, of course, this year we have "Revenge On the Crude Dudes," who definitely deserve it after the tantalizing images of past issues. Kim Prosser and CarolMel Ambassador add their version of the romance of Luke and Leia's parents in "A Jedi and His Lady"; while Ann Wortham shows Luke how misuse of the Force, even for the best of reasons, may not be worth the price in "A Sense of Justice." After "Computer Complications," by Laura Michaels, it is obvious why Han thinks blasting computers is the only answer. And Luke Sky walker has people to protect, even on Earth, in "Guardian Angel," by L. A. Carr. For fans of Ann Wortham's "Bar Wars" saga, here is another laugh-provoking outing entitled "In Harm's Way." Three long stories are the core of this zine. The first is a collaboration by Christine Jeffords and L. A. Carr, "Obligation." Mari Sevenstars is persuaded to lend her ship for a diplomatic mission; her misgivings prove to be right when Luke discovers the Diamens sacrificing a clone child. Soon after, Luke disappears, leaving only a bloodstain in the corridor. With Han and Leia upset, Mari has to protect Luke and find his assassins. Carolyn Golledge's "Form Reversal" is a skillful variation on the events of JEDI, and one of my personal favorites for this year. Han is severely wounded protecting Leia at the bunker on Endor, and both are taken to the Death Star as prisoners. Luke's actions against the Emperor have resurrected Vader's good side, and he promises to help them escape, especially when Leia convinces him that the Emperor may have assumed Luke's physical form, but Luke's spirit is safe on Dagobah with Master Yoda. The escape and plot to destroy the Emperor present some interesting twists for all the characters.[7]


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