Whatever Works

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Title: Whatever Works
Publisher: Jumeau Press
Editor(s): L.A. Carr and Susan Hall
Date(s): December 1986
Medium: print fanzine
Fandom: multimedia
Language: English
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Whatever Works is a gen 352-page multifandom anthology edited by L.A. Carr.

It has art by Dani Lane, Katrina Snyder, Leah Rosenthal, Vicki Brinkmeier, Suzy Sansom and Gin Turpin, and poetry and filks by Teresa Sarick, CarolMel Ambassador, Sue-Anne Hartwick, Dani Lane and L.A. Carr.


  • A Sucker for Blonds by Rachelle S ("It was a quick, easy job — paid well, covered all the expenses. But did Rick realize just how much trouble he was looking at?") (Simon and Simon) (7)
  • Thicker Than Blood by Regenia Marracino (Starsky and Hutch) (16)
  • The Shadow (Simon and Simon) (39)
  • Better Be Good to Me by Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham (Blake's 7) (40)
  • Miami Coolor (Miami Vice) (45)
  • Flashback by Susan Matthews (Airwolf) (46)
  • The Stone Saga (Romancing the Stone) (66)
  • Tainted Love by Katrina Snyder (a Miami Vice story, but also a Hellhound prequel, since Jules Gregory) (68)
  • Questions (Simon and Simon) (96)
  • Requeim by Sheila Paulson (" The Master's search for his daughter may indeed prove successful — but not the way he had hoped. Can Max help his teacher ~ and himself?") (The Master) (97)
  • Orwell (Harry O) (102)
  • Loving Every Minute of It by Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham (Blake's 7) (103)
  • The Last Flight of Chopper by Christine Jeffords ("Vietnam Veterans, former Peace Protestors and murder add up to questions the Simon brothers have to find the answers to ~ even about themselves.") (Simon and Simon) (118)
  • MacGyver: Second Season, Episodes 1-3 by Jacqueline Taero (1 page) (poem) (MacGyver) (212)
  • Whatever Artwoks (Simon and Simon) (214)
  • By the Book by Susan Hall ("Vince Romano remembers his hometown and the man who straightened his troubled teen life out.") (T.J. Hooker) (226)
  • Welcome to Flamingo by Susanne McChin (Miami Vice) (232)
  • An Obedience Undefined by CarolMel Ambassador (Blake's 7) (poem) (251)
  • Missing Person by Brenda A. ("A.J. had left in a huff, and Rick expected him back any time. But after hours, then days, he realized that something was very, very wrong.") (Simon and Simon) (252)
  • The Promise by Leah Rosenthal and Ann Wortham (Blake's 7) later reprinted in The Other Side #3 (271)
  • Miss Dipesto Speaking (Moonlighting) (284)
  • The Way of Martyrs by Susanne McGhin (The Professionals) (285)
  • Cast from the Heavens by L.A. Carr ("The Firm told Hawke that Archangel had defected ~ and Hawke doesn't believe a word of it. Is it all a scheme to get Airwolf ~ and if so, who's scheme is it?") (Airwolf) (305)
  • Ode to a Fanzine by L.A. Carr (Blake's 7) (poem) (319)
  • New World Man (Blake's 7) (320)
  • Picture Perfect by Jackie Edwards (Equalizer) (321)
  • The Wild West End (The Professionals) (331)
  • Countdown by Jacqueline Taero (Blake's 7) (poem) (252)

Reactions and Reviews

[Better Be Good to Me]: One of the earliest stories Leah and I ever collaborated, if not the first. Again, it is pre-Bizarro. This one comes to you complete with the original illustrations. Even Leah's cartooning style is a bit pre-Bizarro here. Originally published in Whatever Works, the great multi-media zine produced years ago by our good friends, L. A. Carr and Susan Hall, in 1986. [1]
[zine]: I already enthused about this zine when I acquired it last fall at Eclecticon, but here are the contents in full. There are also non-B7 stories by Susan Matthews (Airwolf), Sheila Paulson (The Master), and Susanne McGhin (Miami Vice, Pros). For get-Avon fans who missed the first mention of this zine, I call your attention to "The Promise," in which Travis works Avon over in a really extreme fashion. There is a very nice illo by Dani Lane that shows Travis (#2, my personal favorite) looming menacingly over the bound, naked Avon (naughty bits hidden by Travis's sinister shadow, very cleverly done). [2]


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