Imzadi (Star Trek: TNG newsletter)

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Title: Imzadi
Editor(s): William S. McCullars
Type: newsletter
Date(s): 1989-?
Size: digest-sized
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
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Imzadi is a gen Marina Sirtis Star Trek: TNG digest-sized newsletter. They run about 40 pages a piece and were published three times a year.

It was authorized by Marina Sirtis.

a 1990 flyer, printed in Electronic Male News #4

From a 1990 Flyer

Announcing the official Marina Sirtis fan newsletter. Subscribe now and join the exciting world of IMZADI. As fans of actress Marina Sirtis and her fictional counterpart on STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, the exotic alien Counselor Deanna Troi, we publish a newsletter for her called IMZADI.

What is imzadi? Not only does the term mean "my beloved" (Deanna called Commander William T. Riker by this Betazed term in 'Encounter At Farpoint," "Haven," "Skin of Evil," and "Shades of Gray"), but for fans of the lovable and exotic character that Marina portrays with such perfection, its really focusing in on how we feel for both Marina and Deanna Troi. Marina's character is filled with such a heartfelt love for her fellowman and is overflowing with strong emotions. It's hard not to like her and want to emulate her passions.

We provide our readers with a wealth of information on actress Marina Sirtis, Deanna Troi, other ST:TNG cast members and their fictional counterparts, classic STAR TREK information. TREK convention reports. ST:TNG book reviews, TREK gossip, and much, much more. We'll have episode synopses of each and every episode of ST:TNG, including a special analysis of moments with Deanna Troi. If you are a fan of Marina Sirtis, you won't want to miss IMZADI. [1]

Reactions and Reviews

IMZADI is "the official and authorized newsletter for the fans of actress Marina Sirtis." A quarterly publication averaging 40 digest-sized pages, it is a very newsy,informative tribute to Diana Troi 's alter ego. There is also a lot of coverage of other TNG actors -- for example, it was news to me that Michael Dorn played a mustachioed cop on CHIPS for three years. There is also extensive episode summary and discussion, especially those in which Cmdr. Troi has a sizeable role. All in all, highly recom- mended -- and I'm not just saying that because the editor had nice things to say about TREKisM when he sent the complimentary copies of IMZADI; I would even have paid money for these if I had seen them on a dealer's table. [2]

v.1 n.1

Imzadi v.1 n.1 was published in Summer 1989 and contains 38 pages.

  • other unknown content

v.1 n.2

Imzadi v.1 n.2 was published in Fall 1989 and contains 40 pages.

v.1 n.3

Imzadi v.1 n.3 was published in Winter 1990 and contains 40 pages.

v.1 n.4

Imzadi v.1 n.4 was published in Summer 1990 and contains 42 pages.


January/February 1991 issue, this interview with Majel Barrett by Carol Davis appeared in it.


Spring 1991


Summer 1991


v.2 n.5

Imzadi v.2 n.5 was published in 1991 and contains 42 pages.

cover of v.2 n.5

v.2 n.6

Imzadi v.2 n.6 was published in 1991 and contains 43 pages.

cover of v.2 n.6

v.2 n.7

cover of n.2 v.7, Teresa Sanson

Imzadi v.2 n.7 was published in February 1992 and contains 42 pages.

  • From the editor (3)
  • Marina at Atlanta Fantasy Fair (4)
  • Tea Time with Marina (7)
  • Marina on MTV (8)
  • Turn Your Radio on with Marina by Miriam S. darnell (9)
  • Marinia in Chicago by Karen Guffey (10)
  • Six Weeks Aboard the Enterprise by Carol Davis (11) (reprinted in Explorations)
  • Seatrek '91... The Diary by Carol Davis (14)
  • Marina on Studio 59 (19)
  • John deLanci at Vulcon by Karen Witkowski (20)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (20)
  • Birthday Celebrations (21)
  • Troi and Guinan, art by Teresa Sanson (22)
  • Psssssssst! (24)
  • Paaaaa-lease! (29)
  • An Appreciation (29)
  • Star Trek's Silver Anniversary (30)
  • Channeling (32)
  • Gene Roddenberry: An Appreciation, part one (34)
  • Majel Barrett Says Thanks to the Fans by Carol Davis (36)
  • Michael Lamper (37)
  • Printed Words on Paper by Esther Davis (38)
  • Marina Test Photo #1 (39)
  • Classic Star Trek News (40)
  • Required Reading at the Academy (42)
  • Where to Write (43)
  • The Future in Imzadi (43)

v.3 n.8

Imzadi v.3 n.8 was published in 1992.

v.3 n.9

Imzadi v.3 n.9 was published in 1992.

v.3 n.10

Imzadi v.3 n.10 was published in 1992.


  1. ^ from a flyer in Electronic Male News #4
  2. ^ from TREKisM #64