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You may be looking for Ship's Log.

Title: Ship's Log Supplemental
Publisher: The Fandom Press, International Star Trek Literary Society
Editor(s): Tim Perdue
Date(s): 1990-1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TNG
Language: English
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flyer, published in World's Apart
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Ship's Log Supplemental is a gen Star Trek; TNG anthology. The title on the cover is sometimes spelled "Ship's Log: Supplemental." There were a total of nine issues published.

Writers' Guidelines

From late 1992:

*** Writer's Guidelines for SHIP'S LOG: SUPPLEMENTAL *** *Ship's Log: Supplemental*, a 'zine devoted to *Star Trek: The Next Generation* fiction, nonfiction, and art, is now accepting submissions.

*Ship's Log* is a top-quality 100-page 'zine with offset, cardstock covers, including the very best in fan writing.

All submissions (except for excessively graphic material) will be seriously considered for publication. Handwritten submissions are acceptable as long as they are readable. Submissions produced on an IBM (compatible), Apple II, or Macintosh computer are ideal, floppy disk and e-mail submissions are perfect. Whenever possible, enclose a printout of the submission (when done through regular mail).

The editor reserves the right to edit material included in *Ship's Log*; however, this will *not* be done without the prior consultation of the original author.

All artwork should be 8" X 10" or smaller, in black ink or pencil. Photographs are welcome and will be stripped and offset for publication. We accept submissions of all sizes, but only submissions of 5+ typed pages will warrant a free copy of the 'zine. If too much material is received for any particular issue, it will be used in the next one.

When sending by mail, if you'd like your work returned, please be sure to enclose adequate postage for its return; and for your own protection, do not send the only copy of your material (the Post Office has a way of losing things). [1]

Issue 1

Ship's Log Supplemental 1 was published in 1990 and contains 110 pages. Contains art, stories, articles, and actor interviews.

  • The Swimming Lesson, fiction by Carol Davis
  • The Infants of Draca, fiction by Barbara Talarico
  • Planet Life, fiction by Kenneth Komnick
  • The Dilithium Crystal Incident, fiction by Jason Marcum
  • Number One, fiction by Carol Davis
  • At a Moment's Notice, fiction by Timothy Perdue
  • Dreamworld, fiction by Kelly Atkins
  • Uneasy Alliance, fiction by Carol Davis

Issue 2

Ship's Log Supplemental 2 was published in 1991 and contains 128 pages. It has 19 stories.

Issue 3

Ship's Log Supplemental 3 was published in summer 1991 and contains 101 pages.

  • Deadly Deceit, fiction by F. Elizabeth Gregory
  • The Last Dance, fiction by Kay Dory
  • An Hour of Darkness, fiction by Carol Davis
  • Worlds Apart, fiction by Miriam Darnell
  • art and articles

Issue 4

Ship's Log Supplemental 4 contains 128 pages.

Issue 5

cover of issue #5

Ship's Log Supplemental 5 was published in spring 1992 and contains 98 pages. The front cover is by Zaquia Tarhuntassa and the back cover by James Haines. Blueprints by Andrew Downing.

  • From the Editor's Desk (4)
  • Incoming Communicatins, letters from readers (6)
  • Friends are Friends Forever by Carol Davis, Tim Perdue (9)
  • Home for the Holidays by Cami Banham (27)
  • A Fish Tale by Magee Gilks (38)
  • Creation Presents... Brent Spiner by Cami Benham (38)
  • Ships and Their Names by Kay Doty (50)
  • Special Release Blueprints (52)
  • Denise's Demise by Cami Banham (62)
  • Guinan and Picard, Who Were They? by Kay Doty (64)
  • Dreamwerks Presents... Patrick Stewart by Cami Benham (72)
  • Book Reviews, Q-In-Law and The Rift by Kay Doty (77)
  • Book Reviews: Perchance to Dream and Unification by Tim Perdue (79)
  • Anniversary by Carol Davis (83)
  • A Tribute by Karen Witkowski (92)
  • Why Warp Will? Work by Tim Perdue (94)
  • Bulletin Board (98)

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Yvonne M. Bowhay

Ship's Log Supplemental 6 was published in summer of 1992 and contains 98 pages. Cover art and portraits by Yvonne M. Bowhay.

  • From the Editor's Desk (4)
  • Incoming Communications, letters from readers (6)
  • Alternation of Generation by Cheryl Cox (9)
  • Standoff by Jeanna Gallo (19)
  • Book Reviews by Tim Perdue (35)
  • News and Rumors by Tim Perdu (35)
  • The Sporting Type by Carol Davis (40)
  • The Babylon 5 Quotient by J. Michael Stracynski (60)
  • A Matter of The Mind by Kimberly Pederson (63)
  • Kling Kon '92 by Miriam Darnell (82)
  • Senseless Fear, Sensible Love by Miriam Darnell (86)
  • Bulleting (sic?) Board (98)
  • Coming in October (99)

Issue 7

Ship's Log Supplemental 7 was published in Fall 1992 and contains 98 pages.

cover of issue #7
  • From the Editor's Desk by Tim Perdue (4)
  • Incoming Communications, LoCs (6)
  • Forced Perspective by Carol Davis (12)
  • Jonathan Frakes in Portland by Carol Davis (16)
  • Peaceful Coexistence by Robin Dale (18)
  • A Day with Creation... by Tim Perdue (35)
  • Book Reviews: Imbalance and Reunion by Tim Perdue (38)
  • Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby? by Miriam Darnell (40)
  • Changes by Jeanna Gallo (48)
  • Playtime at Paramount: Lunch with Ron Moore by Miriam Darnell (75)
  • Deceit by Cheryl Cox (78)
  • Tidbits by Tim Perdue (97)
  • Bulletin Board (98)
  • Next Issue (99)

Issue 8

Ship's Log Supplemental 8 was published in spring 1993 and contains 98 pages. The covers are by Zaquia Tarhuntassa, inside art by Felix Ling.

front cover of issue #8, Zaquia Tarhuntassa
back cover of issue #8, Zaquia Tarhuntassa
  • From the Editor's Desk by Tim Perdue (4)
  • Second Chance, fiction by Amy Jo Nordall (6)
  • Caught in the Middle, poem by Amy Jo Nordall (11)
  • The Emerson Affair, fiction by C. Robert Mason (12)
  • Priorities, fiction by Jeanna Gallo (18)
  • My Beloved, poem by Amy Jo Nordall (37)
  • Reconciliation, fiction by Reverand Richard Kozak (38)
  • The Grapevine, non-fiction by Tim Perdue (60)
  • Imzadi: Book Review, non-fiction by Jeanna Gallo (64)
  • Con Life in the Big City: Brent Spiner in Los Angeles by Carol Davis (68)
  • Yesterday's Warrior, fiction by Felix Ling (70)
  • Girl Talk, Boy Talk, and Romancing the Stones, part 1, fiction by Miriam S. Darnell (78)
  • The Bulletin Board (98)

Issue 9

cover of issue #9, Zaquia Tarhuntassa

Ship's Log Supplemental 9 was published in spring 1994 and contains 98 pages. Front and back covers by Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

  • From the Editor's Desk (4)
  • Technology, fiction by Reverand Richard Kozak (6)
  • The Complete Guide to 'Next Generation' Episodes, article by Otto Heuer (42)
  • Girl Talk, Boy Talk, and Romancing the Stones, part 2, fiction by Miriam S. Darnell (50)
  • Priorities, fiction by Jeanna Gallo (88)
  • 'Trek' Spins Off Again, article from 'USA Today' (94)
  • News Bulletins, article by Miriam Darnell (96)
  • The Bulletin Board, fannish info (98)


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