The Huntingdon Chronicles

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Title: The Huntingdon Chronicles
Author(s): Carol Davis & Merle Decker
Date(s): 1987
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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The Huntingdon Chronicles is a non-explicit slash Starsky & Hutch graphic story by Carol Davis and Merle Decker.

a sample page
a sample page

It originally appeared in two parts in the APA Tell Me Something I Don't Know! (#2 and #4), and was published a year later in The Fix #4.

Comments from the Author/s

...the activity of let's-put-S&H-in-an- historical-setting has always been a favorite activity of mine. I don't know if I'd really want to write a whole story in that mode, but fantasizing them in various time periods can be quite satisfying. (If people at work knew what I was thinking of when that blank look settles on my face...) Huntington Chronicles is the result of an entire universe that Carol Davis and I came up with after hours and tours of phone conversations. (Thank heaven we're not long distance or we'd both be bankrupt.) [1]

Reactions and Reviews


Mmmm. Pretty. And add -- more? Does it seem to be a general opinion that S&H are going to visit our green and pleasant land [of England] at some time in their lives... I can see why I would think that -- a chance to have them on my doorstep, so to speak -- but what's the attraction to you lot [in the United States]? Are there any stories about them visiting China, or say, Australia, or any of the countries with so much to offer the tourist? If it comes to that, there aren't too many stories that take them outside California -- Jan Lindner's excellent Kindred Spirits springs to mind. So what about the Grand Canyon? Or Florida? or the Prairies? There's so much scope... [2]
Fell in luv w/your illustrated story-board... Can't wait to read the next chapter. [3]
Lovely storyboard, Carol and Merle... Please keep it up. Co-operative efforts are so rewarding too. [4]
All I can say is, "MORE, PLEASE." (Shades of PERILS OF PAULINE...) [5]
I hate to wait two months to get another installment. I really do like the idea and I can't wait to see where it goes. The portrait had a very interesting pose. [6]
You two have me hooked. I think I'll go crazy if I have to wait too long between installments. I'm greatfull [sic] for it when it comes, women. Such a creative effort. Thank you for sharing this with us. We are a truly priveledged [sic] group. [7]
Gotta tell ya, ladies, I love that comic! What a wonderful idea "The Huntingdon Chronicles" is! Lord Huntingdon's sudden interest in the lost waif (!) by his door reminded me of Edward Rochester's interest when he meets Jane Eyre. 'Course our lost waif is so much more appealing . . . You've got all the elements just right: the lonely lord living in the sinister manse, the chatty servants concerned about his lordship's solitude, the mysterious, sickly stranger. Can't wait for the next chapter. [8]


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