Labyrinth (Starsky & Hutch story)

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Title: Labyrinth
Author(s): Merle Decker and Carol Davis
Date(s): 1989
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
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Labyrinth is a Starsky/Hutch story by Merle Decker and Carol Davis.

It is in Shadowplay #1 and is online.


Reactions and Reviews

C. Davis and M. Decker's Labyrinth shows us a mind-blowing vacation and how it produces the oft-noted fourth-season distance between the guys. Also in four parts. It used to be at their own site too, but I guess they don't live on that virtual corner any more. [1]

A zine that, again, has Lovett illos. (Can you tell I'm a fan?;) This story made me interested and, at the same time, want to hurt Starsky really bad for being such an idiot. Things happen when you're on vacation, but that doesn't mean they didn't exist. Starsky can't come to terms with that fact and the result is a wonderfully emotional zine. [2]
I love this story! Why didn't these authors write any more? It's set in the midst of canon, smack dab in the hiatus between seasons three and four. The guys are burned out, and Hutch suggests they get away for a bit together to recharge. They drive up to San Francisco, and stay at a bed and breakfast Hutch found. The place is lovely; only they soon realize their gay hosts have assumed they're gay as well. At first, such an assumption rubs Starsky the wrong way, but soon he gets used to the idea.

Everything is going fine until they stumble into a gay club, and the closeness they're enjoying, coupled with the freedom of being in a new gay-friendly town prompts changes in their relationship. Both men throw themselves wholeheartedly into their new romance. But when their vacation draws to a close, reality rears its ugly head. Starsky comes to the conclusion there's no way they can continue with what they have and return to their lives in Bay City. So, despite his very real love for his partner, he puts an end to the physical side of their relationship.

Thus, an explanation is given for fourth season Hutch, his unhappiness, and the distance you can feel between Starsky and him.

This is a terrific, angsty lovefest, with steamy bedroom scenes, longing, estrangement, love in so many forms, and a kind of evitable buildup to the guys finally being where they need to be. And it has illustrations by Suzan Lovett! All in all, a wonderful, engrossing read. [3]

Vacation to SF, stumbling into a gay bar by accident, deciding to dance together for the hell of it. 'Nuff said. <g> [4]
There are sex scenes which are my favorites, but I don't know if they would appeal to people general the way they do to me. One of my all time favorite sex scenes is in the S/H story "Labyrinth". It's the last one of the story and I enjoy it because it touches on an 'imperfect sex' kink of mine. And there's humor in it, too, which I also appreciate. I like a scene where the characters are not just having great sex, but a good time as well, if that makes sense. [5]


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