Dark Entries

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Title: Dark Entries
Author(s): Nicole S.
Date(s): December 1999 - May 2000
Length: 13,058 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Dark Entries I, Dark Entries II, Dark Entries III, Dark Entries IV (Den of Sin)
Dark Entries I-IV (AO3)

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Dark Entries is Mulder/Krycek slash series by Nicole S. Permission to archive was given to Allslash, Archive X, TER/MA, All Things Rat, and the Den of Sin.

  • Dark Entries I: Krycek wants something he can never have.
  • Dark Entries II: Krycek's sinking deeper.
  • Dark Entries III: Some musings from Krycek on his situation.
  • Dark Entries IV: Krycek finally gets what he wants. "WARNING - RAPE RAPE RAPE! Don't say you haven't been warned!!!! Twisted fucked up Krycek ahoy."

Recs and Reviews

Not my type of Rape, but might be perfect for you XF: If only Mulder had realized how close Krycek was to the edge, in Dark Entries IV, by Nicole S. Or start from the beginning at Nicole’s main page.[1]


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