All Things Rat

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Name: All Things Rat
Date(s): ?-present
Archivist: alice ttlg
Founder: Shael aka Ratlover
Type: character-centric
Fandom: The X-Files
URL: (original URL)

All Things Rat collection on AO3

image from intro page by Shael aka Ratlover
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All Things Rat is an archive for artwork, pictures, sounds, and fanfiction about Alex Krycek.

On the archive main page Krycek is described like this: "He has been hated, maligned, beaten, shot at, possessed by an oilien, and has had body parts forcibly removed. He is a Consortium lackey and possible triple agent. He is the mysterious Alex Krycek, if that is his real name."

From the FAQs: "This webpage was originally created by Shael (aka Ratlover) as her contribution to the X-Files online community, and a tribute to her favorite character Alex Krycek, played by the talented Nicholas Lea. The 'rat' in the website title refers to his nickname, Ratboy."[1]

The archive has a comprehensive Krycek sound clip collection (WAV format) with transcripts, sorted by season and episode.

In 2002 the site moved to and alice ttlg has been the archivist since then.

And if you`re really like me you`ll have Krycek days when all you`ll want is a snuggly rat tale to enjoy. This archive needs more but I doubt I could ever be satified when it comes to Nicholas Lea. [2]

On December 18, 2017 it was announced that All Things Rat would be moving to the Archive of Our Own as an Open Doors project, with fanworks being imported after January 2018.[3] The import was completed in August 2022.


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