A Weather of the Heart

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Title: A Weather of the Heart
Author(s): Astolat
Date(s): July 29, 2000
Length: 3153 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Harry Potter
External Links: AO3

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A Weather of the Heart is a Harry Potter story by Astolat.

When it was posted to hpslash on July 29, 2000, it was the third Harry/Draco fic posted to the internet.

It was also the very first Harry/Draco fic posted to Archive of Our Own. In 2018, a fan commented on the story there.

Omg!!!!!! This was the very first drarry fic here on ao3, posted 18 years ago!!!! I find that SO amazing!

[comment by Astolat]: Hee, I started the archive, so I loaded up all my old fic early on. This was actually written back in I think 2001? But yes, very likely the first one posted here! :) [1]

For context, see other early Harry/Draco fics.

Reactions and Reviews


Well, sadly these are long gone.

Archive of Our Own


Oh, it was one of my favourite HP stories, like, half my life ago! And still hold the series dear to my heart.


I remember reading this a while ago, but I didn't know it was yours. Still love it, your talent for dialogue is stunning.:)


I just tumbled across your wonderful work and decided to start to read from the beginning. And, what should I say…this is so good! I love great dialogue and this is so amazing. Thank you so much for writing and sharing! <3


I hope you mean he wears briefs because I didn't read the first part because I was embarrassed to I missed the stripping of the clothes and it makes me embarrassed just thinking of him wearing the alternative


After reading your recent HP works, I went back to look through your old ones. I know I read this ages ago, but I enjoyed it just as much this time around. Thank you!


Holy shit this is old.


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