Need (X-Files/Millennium story)

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Title: Need
Author(s): Palinurus
Date(s): 17 February 1999
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files, Millennium
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Need is a slash story by Palinurus.

Summary: An X-files-Millennium crossover. February 17, 1999

The story has two sequels:

  • Need, part 2 Mulder looks back on the events in 'Need'. April 18, 1999
  • Need, part 3 The inevitable confrontation with AD Skinner. May 13, 1999

Recs and Reviews

Rape with an SM tinge (or more)
XF/Mill: A stranger tries to convince Mulder that he’s getting only what he Needs, in another story by Palinurus. The sequel, Need, part 2, is from Mulder’s point of view. Questions of consent ("For one instant, in that kiss, things seem all right, and I can make believe we’re lovers.") get even murkier in part three.[1]