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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Palinurus' Slash
Author: Palinurus
Fandom: The X-Files, Gladiator
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Palinurus' Slash is a personal slash fanfiction site. It is hosted by

The stories are mostly X-Files fanfic and sorted by pairing. The Mulder/Skinner page is a member of the Mulder/Skinner Web Ring and the main X-Files page links to the Mulder/Krycek Romantics Association, the Mulder/Skinner Slash Society and MulderTorture Anonymous.

The X-Files


  • The Voice Mulder is out of sorts after Scully's abduction. This story first appeared in 'Xplicit Fantasies #2' and won a STIFfie for best short story. Written November 1997; posted June 25, 1999.
  • Need An X-files-Millennium crossover. February 17, 1999
  • Need, part 2 Mulder looks back on the events in 'Need'. April 18, 1999
  • Need, part 3 The inevitable confrontation with AD Skinner. May 13, 1999
  • Silence A post-Avatar H/C, of sorts. December 23, 1998
  • Fun in Gotham City Set after "Missing". Mulder finally gets to go on top, and Skinner tries hard to enjoy his new position. November 25, 1998
  • Missing A sequel to Clare Beckett's 'His Master', which is unfortunately no longer available. Previously, Skinner has bailed out on Mulder and disappeared without a trace. In 'Missing', Mulder, aided by the Lone Gunmen, traces Skinner to Washington state. They reconnect, but things have changed forever.
  • Sunday afternoon Short, sweet and very mellow.
  • Heaven and hell Part 1 of the 'Grey Zone' series. An unauthorized sequel to Brenda Antrim's 'Paybacks'. The agent, encouraged by his boss, explores new possibilities.
  • Cats Part 2 of the 'Grey Zone' series. The agent's guided journey into strange lands continues. Once again, a rather unconvential scene develops.
  • Trial Run An interlude in the 'Grey Zone' series. Skinner prepares for the scene in 'Cats'.
  • Melting Part 3 of the 'Grey Zone' series. Mulder is getting a bit overwhelmed by the roughness of his road, but there are signs that a smoother path may lie ahead.
  • Proximity Part 4 of the 'Grey Zone' series.
  • The Reaming Badfic. A momument of bad taste and tacky sex.


  • Night visit Krycek visits a catatonic Mulder in hospital. A 6th Extinction post-ep vignette. November 18, 1999
  • One rainy night Another meeting in a one-horse town. Krycek tries to come to terms with the loss of his arm. February 8, 1999
  • The Dolphin Hotel Mulder and Krycek meet in a romantic weekend hideaway, but as usual the tension ripples under the surface.
  • Out of the Blue A friendly M/K involving a surprise, an expensive coat and a cheap toy.
  • The Game Krycek acts out his mixed feelings for his former partner, whose disregard for his own limits once again surprises friend and foe.
  • Guiltless Another Krycek surprise appearance. This is technically a rape story, but it's a benign, well-intentioned rape. Set some months after 'Sleepless' (two arms).
  • Retaliation Set in Tunguska. Krycek explores the limits of his temporary partnership with Mulder, and finds they are not nearly as confining as he thought.
  • Morning-after omelet Written for the 500-words-or-less-and-include-a-sex-scene-as-well-as-an-

eggbeater contest of the Mulder/Krycek Romantics. Expect nothing but a slightly unsettled stomach after reading.this tiny PWP.

Other Slash

  • A Midsummernight's Dream This story breaks a few sacrosanct rules, but it's very sweet nevertheless. It's set in Oxford, and since the inconsistent XF timeline has to fold somewhere, the year is 1978. The story was rescued from oblivion by Clare Beckett. Dedicated to the memory of Iris Murdoch. May 23, 1999
  • Need An X-files-Millennium crossover. February 17, 1999
  • Need, part 2 Mulder looks back on the events in 'Need'. April 18, 1999
  • Need, part 3 The inevitable confrontation with AD Skinner. May 13, 1999


  • Resident Light (August 2000)