Everything Dies

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Title: Everything Dies
Author(s): Sleeps With Coyotes
Date(s): 17 May 1999 (Everything Dies I)
2000 (Everything Dies II)
2001? (Everything Dies III)
Length: 32KB/224KB/?
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files, Highlander
External Links: Everything Dies I: The Hit
Everything Dies II: The Deal
Everything Dies III: The Game (Blood, Love & Rhetoric)
Everything Dies I: The Hit (Seventh Dimension)

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Everything Dies is a Highlander/X-Files crossover story by Sleeps With Coyotes.

  • Everything Dies I: The Hit
Summary: Alex Krycek is hired to kill Melvin Koren for the theft of a certain virus--but the target won't stay dead. (32KB)
  • Everything Dies II: The Deal
Summary Seventh Dimension: Krycek tracks down Methos for Kronos, but as the stakes get higher, everyone must choose between loyalty and survival.
Summary author's page: After Krycek tracks down the elusive Dr. Adams, he begins to realize his alliance with Kronos is more complicated - and more dangerous - than he dreamed.
  • Everything Dies III: The Game
Summary: Post-Terma, Krycek goes to ground, with the one person he feels he can trust.

Recs and Reviews

Plain Old Rape (if there is such a thing...) XF/HL: It’s as close to a romance as Kronos and Krycek will ever find -- if only Methos could stay out of their way, in Everything Dies, by Ladonna King. unfinished, but it ends at cool stopping place. [1]