Proof of Ownership

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Title: Proof of Ownership
Author(s): Lyrica
Date(s): before 04 October 1997
Length: 37k
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
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Proof of Ownership is a Mulder/Skinner story by Lyrica.

Summary: Mulder/Skinner. CSM issues a challenge.

Recs and Reviews

Imagine the FBI is not as we know it. Imagine, instead, the FBI is a world where you are "owned" by another person. Where, if you are not claimed already, your body is ready for the taking by your superior. Hard to imagine, isn't it.

That is the premise behind Proof of Ownership. The author is able to make the reader believe this situation is possible, and in fact, likely to happen in this world of the FBI. Cancer Man wants Mulder. Skinner claims Mulder belongs to him. So, Skinner must prove his ownership to Cancer Man. What follows is an incredibly well-written scene between Skinner and Mulder, which takes place in front of Cancer Man. The author gets inside of Mulder's head, showing his fear, and his pleasure, as he is forced to acquiesce to Cancer Man's wishes to avoid a worser fate.

The most surprising thing about this story is it's ability to create a mental picture, with explicit details, without crude language. The author masterfully uses Mulder's thoughts and fears to explain to the reader exactly what is happening, step by step, without actually having to tell us "Mulder feels this." We know what he feels...the author SHOWS us instead of TELLING us. And to me, that is always the sign of a talented author.

Slash often falls into the trap of being too far-fetched, after all, we're putting two characters we're lead to believe as straight, in unlikely situations. With Proof of Ownership, Lyrica has created a world where the resulting sex is not only believable, but the only acceptible outcome to the situation. [1]
I was always leery of slash because it seemed to out of character for the XF gang. I avoided it for quite some time until my favorite NC-17 author, Lyrica, wrote a story called "Proof of Ownership", a Mulder/Skinnerfic that rocked my world. Ever since then I've read other stuff, but I don't get into any Scully slash, nor do I get into the romantic aspects of slash stuff....for me it's primal and brutal or nothing :) [2]
Teetering on the edge of consent, or maybe as close to consent as some of these guys can get XF: It’s not much of a choice, but it’s something; Proof of Ownership, by Lyrica[3]


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