Nolens Volens

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Title: Nolens Volens
Author(s): Ladonna King
Date(s): 2000 or before
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Highlander
External Links: Nolens Volens (Blood, Love & Rhetoric)

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Nolens Volens is a Highlander slash story by Ladonna King.

Summary: "Read the warnings! This is NOT my usual schmoop!!! This is Caspian fic, which makes it SERIALKILLERnastiness, and if the first scene squicks you, do NOT read the rest of it! For the less faint of heart, this is my response to Rhiannon's Visually Oriented Challenge, involving Caspian and his Watcher, set about 5 years before CaH/Rev6:8.[1]"

Recs and Reviews

Rape with an SM tinge (or more) HL: As far from the run of the mill s/m as Chopsticks is from Mozart Nolens Volens is a Caspian story that may invade your dreams. By Ladonna King.[2]
Nolens Volens by Ladonna King. YEt aNotHer caSpiAn Fic. hMph, Why Don'T i gET aNy GrUEsoMe sTuFF? HUh? huH?[3]


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