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Personal Fanfiction Website
Website: Amand-r's Page O' Giggles and Furies, later The Slap & Tickle
Author: Amand-r
Dates: active in 2000/2001 – c. 2009
Fandom: Highlander, Forever Knight
URL: (c. 2000–2002) (c. 2003–2005) (c. 2004–2009)
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Amand-r's Page O' Giggles and Furies was Amand-r's fanfic page. It also has a recs section. It was later renamed The Slap & Tickle.

From Nynaeve's Rosetta Stone:
Amand-r: I love, love, love this writer! Not only is she one of the best beta's around, but she's also one of the best writers. Shiver while reading "One Thousand" or "Tongues of Angels." Laugh while reading the adventurous "Masters at Deception" series or her take on Dana Woods's Caly character. But whatever you do you must read "Heat Goes to Cold." I also suggest "Love Amongst the Ewoks" which is het (*gasp*) and more romantic than the title would lead you to believe, "Reign In Hell, Serve in Heaven" which is seriously bent, and "Up In the Valley, Down On the Mountain" which crosses HL with Narnia of all things but works really, really well. Just go to her site and browse all day; it's one of the most consistently original I've seen. It's worth it! Just...beware the muses, heh! Fandoms include HL and Forever Knight.[1]


2001 Recommendations

05..01: Don't Fear The Rec-er...that was unusually bad...

So here we are, digging out the oldies but goodies. Ran across an old slash Logan/Gambit slashie poo called Logan's Experiment, by O. Rather sweet in the descriptions, even though I have to admit lately Wolverine talking dirty isn't that inspiring. I think it's because I hear Hugh Jackman's voice in my head. Crap....For totally frivolous reading, try All My Vampires, by torch, and a bunch of other people. It's Anne Rice's vampires in a soap opera setting. Man, it's great, especially when they stop the action and protest....Nynaeve manages to get me with her Sentinel stuff all the time, and I've only seen three or so episodes. So here's Blair watching an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in No Robots Allowed! when he makes an important "romantic discovery". Also a great read just for the line of convoluted Blair thinking which eventually leads to the following: "Jim dumped me for a sex-bot spy.". Priceless....

05.07.01: Rec Rec Bo Beck, Banana Fana Fo Fec...

Been reading a lot lately. A lot of Once A Thief and the like, so forgive me if this isn't Highlander. Come to think of it I haven't read any noteworthy Highlander in weeks...::sob:: Did take in Dali in the Evening by Lise. This is a Pete Wisdom/Iceman story. It's so artistically beautiful; the writer had such a concise and convoluted sense of what is appropriate, right down to the bastardized Hamlet line "What a piece of work God is." Also noteworthy is Lianne Burwell's Carpe Noctem, a Once A Thief/Kindred: The Embraced Crossover that I thought would be bad, but sucked me in. I do so love those long drawn out serials that remind me of a soap operas. Plus the fact that it takes Vic and Mac a million years to finally shag is good too. If you go to Helen's Site, click on "Puppies in A Box, and scroll down, she wrote a fabulous series called Exile In Guyville. Yup. It's N'Sync slash. Didn't know it sunk so low? It's gorgeous. I don't even listen to N'Sync, and I love this stuff. I was weak. My will betrayed me...Okay I did lie. I did read one good Highlander fic months ago and was too lazy to rec it: Waking Up by Sharon. It's your typical "Methos and Mac get blitzed and fool around", but you know it's going to be good when the author uses lines for Methos like, Soon it was clear he wasn't going to get any. That's right Methos, no nookie for you..

1999/2000 Recommendations

ADDED 071700:

Things That Lead to...Other Things by jam-wired. jammy had UPSTAGED ME!!! She has managed to write a Methos/Duncan fic that is realistic, soothing, sensible, and absolutly happy happy happy. Well, there is more than that, but oh... .....SLASH! RED ALERT! SLASH!

ADDED 070400:

The Mystic's Dream by T. Botta. This is a Highlander crossover with The Vampire Chronicles and Neil Gaiman's Sandman. In this story, Louis and Lestat get into the Dreaming by accident. Methos defends them (as if they need it) from Dream, but the relationship between the Master and the Immortal is a fascinating one.

ADDED 062200:

The Last Dance By Lorelei Sieja. This is a Forever Knight piece, and what a piece it is! Tracy is a little too curious about the instability of her partner. When she finds out that Lacroix is Nick's 'dad', well, then she has to know more. But what is the price for such a thing? After rec'ing this, I found out that this is the first in a huge series. The entire series can be found on the Forever Knight Archive, but its easier to read it on her site, since she has the order marked

The Chaos Chronicles by Eng. The Chronicles are beauteous BOOKS. I mean, it, volumes and volumes of one story, the story of Immortals, their origins, plus every character under the sun, dragons, angels and many, many more things. Eng weaves everything together so well that no other theory of Immortality that has ever been proposed by fanfic is believable. Why wasn't this rec'd before? SLASH! RED ALERT! SLASH!

Biting Dust by Nynaeve. This is Nyn's first fic. Truly stunning idea. Connor has won the prize, right? Alright then, smartie, explain the HL The Series. Ah hah! Got ya! Nyn's got it all in hand, though. Methos and Connor meet up, and Connor explains a few things to the ancient Immortal.

Games by Cheyanne. This is an X-Man fic. Man oh man, did it blow me out of the water! I shall use the author's sum up, because it is the best I can think of: "Gambit ventures into an S/M club and meets up with Logan!" Yes, it sounds odd, but it works, and I have to be the first to say that I am a LOGAN fan, not Remy. This was enough to make me appreciate the Cajun.....SLASH! RED ALERT! SLASH!

ADDED 042800:

Forgot About Mac by Laydee Pixie. It's a parody of Eminem and Dr. Dre's "Forgot About Dre". It's hysterical. It's lovely. Don't read it unless you like rap. Really.

ADDED 011899:

i, pet by Kim Gasper. ThIs is A vEry ViOlenT s&M B&d stOry, AnD nOT fOr ThE wEak Of hEArT. rEaLLy. BUt sO gOOd. WHerE dOes PaiN BecOMe PlEasUrE? mEthOs KnoWs, AnD he'S tEacHing DuNcaN. SlAsH! rED aLeRt! SlasH!

ADDED 010800:

So No More We'll Go A-Roving by Carin Lamontagne. Carin's story of Byron is inspired by the lyrics to David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold The World. It is my Byron, the little cad that he is...and so bad, so sad, that it makes me feel sympathy...almost. Those of you who know my stand on the real Byron should be shocked.

Not In The Winter by arachne. It starts out with a postcard, and the words "Wish you were here?" Of course Duncan does. Oh, this is beautifully written, and the prose is like magic. Delicate wrapped and spun cloth. arachne has tricks with them words, aye, she does...Reminder: slash this is. You know if you like it or not.

Lightning by Rhiannon Shaw. This little story was a Poetry Wheel story written for dual purposes. Shaw explains where Methos (me!me!) really goes when he leaves town, through the eyes of Joe Dawson, a good ol' Delta Boy. Daam, I love the South.

The Jabberwocky by Jessi Melann. This is another Poetry Wheel story. Sweet and sad, Jessi turned Carroll's poem into a beautifully crafted, meeting of two men. In her hands, the phrase The vorpal blade went snicker-snack… became a feeling of extreme pain for me. I will never think of Carroll the same way again.

ADDED 010600:

Snow and Cinders by Hiperbunny and Mrs. Hamill. This is a crossover between young Obi-Wan and Methos. Do not ask me how they worked the magic that made me believe it. I cannot explain, but to say that IT WORKS. Really. Honest. I wouldn't lie about this...I usually hate crossovers.....SLASH! RED ALERT! SLASH!

Perspective by Teresa Coffman. This story takes place after The Messenger, when Richie takes off. Methos and Mac discover that lots of things depend greatly on your point of view...

Three Wishes by Sandra MacDonald. As you can see, we go for the eclectic here. The poetical, and the quixotic. This is all that and more, but in the most normal, and heart breaking of ways...

The Dying of the Light by Gillian Leeds. Mac and Methos meet at the death bed of Joe.....

ADDED 110099:

A Winter's Tale by Jane Mortimer. A delightfully refreshing vignette about Joe and Methos wheedling the late hours away in conversation. The subject matter is complex and simple at the same time. The author has a great gift of ironic description and a way of twisting words...Reminder: slash this is. You know if you like it or not.

The Bark of Dante by Taz. Loaded with ancient history and some of the best descriptive action I have ever seen. A lot of slash seems out of character, but this one....Taz manages to really get the age into Methos...Reminder: slash this is. You know if you like it or not.

Just A Game by Genevieve Kelley Clemens and Janeen Kelley Grohsmeyer. This story gives a unique twist to the origins of The Game. And what a twist!

The Kindest Mortals by Kat Allison. Kat will leave any reader in an intellectual stupor, the way she weaves words and discussion into a package that is almost too stuffed for bite-size-one-reading consumption. Joe gives Methos a drunken piece of his sure to read Kat's other wonderful story too, called The Parting Glass Look for the monkey trap metaphor.

Rightful by Ladonna King. There is not a slasher who has read Ladonna and hasn't falled in love with her beautiful style. This is a nice little vignette that reveals a few nice little twists on Methos, and just what the past can be like.

ADDED 100999:

The Seduction of the Desert Prince by the Krell. This is a long and ongoing story, and takes place in an alternate universe. That does not make it any less wonderful. It is a beautiful descriptive erotic story...SLASH! RED ALERT! SLASH!

ADDED 090499:

Just...Wait... by Dana Woods. DaNa aNd i aRe bUdDIeS. SHe kNoWs whAt i nEEd. thIs iS a lYrIc WHeeL stOrY tHAt FEatUreS casPiAn, rAts, AnD GIrL SCouTs. yUm...

Nolens Volens by Ladonna King. YEt aNotHer caSpiAn Fic. hMph, Why Don'T i gET aNy GrUEsoMe sTuFF? HUh? huH?

Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Gillian Leeds. AWwWWw, yEaH. I lOvE THiS gIrl! wHEre DoES sHe LiVe? gILlY! i'M CoMiNg FoR yOu! GILliAn HaS wrItTen A gReAt StOry AboUT MeThOs....GoIng 'HunTiNg'....

death and deviance by Dana Woods. i woNdEr If DaNa EveN knOws thAt i Am HeR gReaTesT faN. iN aNy CaSE, mEEt tHe fIfTH HorsEmaN, AnD sHe'S dAtinG mAc...oOPs.

ADDED 081199:

Just Maybe by Alice in Stonyland. Alice is a beta buddy, but she stole my heart with her Alexa stories. I am such a sucker for Alexa...It's kind of a series, including The Journal, Remembering You, The Feeling Remains, and Just Maybe. You can find the rest of Alice's fic at Stonyland Poetry and Fiction

The ROG and the Hacker. The Watchers are hacked, and their only hope is a charmingly clumsy woman who Methos befriends. There are sequels, but this first one is a must. The rest of Dana's fic, including Caly sequels can be found at Dana's Page.

Purgatory by jam-wired. jammy captured me with this story. I cried when I beta read it. I freaking cried. I do not cry over much. Methos dies, sort of, but you know, death is a tricky thing...You can find the rest of jammy's kick butt fic at jammy's writing page

A Broken Vow, A Broken Heart by Whitney Reynolds. I have no idea what drew me to this story; maybe it's because there are so few Darius stories out there. This was my first Darius story, and I still adore it.

Tempting Fate by Suze. Suze is in my opinion, one of the best slash writers out there. I adore everything I see from her. In any case, this is my favorite, because I adore the use of mythic gods brought to life. Fate cracks me up. SLASH! RED ALERT! SLASH!

In Defense of Slash by AC. This was thought out and creative.

Gift of the Raven by Killashandra. It made me cry. 'Nuff said. SLASH! RED ALERT! SLASH!

Duncan MacLeod and the Stone Chicken by AC. What do you get when you decide to rewrite the script to Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail Highlander style? This!

Angst Fest '89 by JuliaL. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Forever Knight/Highlander/The Pretender/The Vampire Chronicles/The X-Files Crossover. Ohhhhhh, silly silly silly....

A Miracle Every Day by Aristide. The author calls this a little silly, but I don't agree. It is a rich story full of nuance and strange character action. Methos and Duncan First Time, and all that, but really odd in ways. I do so enjoy when Methos is cryptic. Plus the added bonus of The Grateful Dead only makes it better. SLASH! RED ALERT! SLASH!

Horsemen, the Musica by Rob Morris. Actually, this is the BABE Fanfic page, but the acts of the Musical are there...oooh, Look for Silas's line, 'I'm so glad you wrote this, Methos, I don't remember ANY of this!'

The Methosian Sprawl: A Brief Analysis of the Art Form by Ruamor. This is hysterical! A witty little essay that examines the fine art of Methosian long-limbed sprawling.

Softly Away by jam-wired I cannot explain this story. Not for the fanatic Methos fan. Okay, yeah it is, but the end...ooooo....SLASH! RED ALERT! SLASH!

Strata by Kat Allison Kat is wonderful, and this is no exception from the musicality that is her writing style. Originally written to contribute to the 'where does Methos go?' challenge, Mac finds Methos all right. Oh, man, does he find Methos. This story contains some of the best complicated metaphors I have seen in a long time. What can I say, I'm a zen girl.....SLASH! RED ALERT! SLASH!


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