Logan's Experiment

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Title: Logan's Experiment
Author(s): O.
Date(s): 2001 or before
Genre(s): slash fanfiction
Fandom(s): X-Men Comics
External Links: Logan's Experiment (X-Men Slash Central)

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Logan's Experiment is a Logan/Gambit story by O.

Summary: After a long night of fun, Logan finds Gambit passed out on the couch, looking yummy. Read this one at the very least for the beautiful description of a sleeping Cajun.

Recs and Reviews

So here we are, digging out the oldies but goodies. Ran across an old slash Logan/Gambit slashie poo called Logan's Experiment, by O. Rather sweet in the descriptions, even though I have to admit lately Wolverine talking dirty isn't that inspiring. I think it's because I hear Hugh Jackman's voice in my head.[1]