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If you are looking for consent issues in fanworks, see non-con, dub-con and rape.

Title: Consent
Publisher: Requiem Publications
Author(s): Grey
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): story 2000 or before
2010 as a print zine
Series?: the story has a sequel called "Bound and Determined"
Medium: online, print
Size: 216kb; 259 pages
Genre: slash fanfiction, rape recovery
Fandom: The X-Files
Language: English
External Links: Consent (Grey's Little Corner of Cyberspace)
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Consent is a Mulder/Skinner X-Files slash novel by Grey.

Summary: Mulder recovers from a brutal rape and discovers a whole new side of himself with the help of his boss, Walter Skinner.

Autor's notes:

Rating: NC-17--for explicit language, violence and rape.
Category: SA
Spoilers: Irresistible.
Keyword: M/Sk, Slash, Rape
Archive: Okay to archive at MKRA/MSSS and anywhere else as long as my name stays attached and none of the text is altered.
Warning: This story deals with rape. Though the rape scene is graphic, the main focus of the story is the recovery from trauma. This piece also contains explicit language and situations, and strongly suggests the possibility of child abuse and molestation. This is a very dark ride, my friends. Avoid reading this if any of that is too offensive.
Disclaimer: These characters started with CC and I bow to him. Now, I'm borrowing.
Notes: 1. Words found in italics indicate internal POV.
2- I stole the idea at the very end about the spaces between stars from a Robert Frost poem called "Desert Places", so that's why it probably sounds familiar.
3-This monster child started out gen and then the slash buzz hit and I had to change it. It's really more pre-slash and there's no explicit sex between M/Sk. In fact, there's a lot more conversation between Mulder and Scully than our boys. If you're reading for a quick thrill, forget about it. Hell, the guys are so damn shy, they hardly even touch, but there's lots of UST. Will there be a sequel? Maybe. Frankly, the way my mind's been fucking with me lately, I wouldn't be surprised. [1]

The story has a sequel called Bound and Determined[2]. Summary: M/Sk NC-17 177kb Mulder tries to recover from being raped and to get on with his life with Walter Skinner, but along come complications.

Recs and Reviews

Not my type of Rape, but might be perfect for you XF: Mulder is forced to give Consent and then fights Skinner’s attempts to help him. Also a sequel, Bound and Determined, both by Gray[3]


It is digest-sized and 259 pages. It was originally available on the internet but was published as a zine in 2010. It is a rape recovery story.

Summary from the publisher: "After a brutal attack on Fox Mulder, Walter Skinner and Dana Scully must dig through secrets and lies to get to the truth, and those secrets and lies aren't just coming from outsiders like Alex Krycek and the Smoking Man - they're coming from Mulder, too, as he comes undone. Only one man can put him back together, but will Skinner be able to hold the course?"


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