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Sentinel Fanfiction
Title: Armchair
Author(s): Speranza
Genre: slash
Fandom: The Sentinel
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Armchair is a Jim/Blair story by Speranza.

Reactions and Reviews

Well, because according to the author herself, it's a rape story and a comedy. That would be enough to make you curious. It's also Francesca's usual, fabulous work-funny, angsty and engaging, with a confused Jim and a frustrated Blair.[1]
This is a 'Jim discovers he really likes guys, and that yes, he REALLY likes Blair'. I know, there are tons of these stories floating around out there, but this one is done well. Somehow, Helen was able to write Blair uncomfortable with Jim's mid-life discovery believably. There's plenty of angst in this story, but don't be afraid. Just read it.[2]
Jim is repressing things again (raise your hand if you're surprised) to the point that it literally makes him sick. As with everything Blair guides him through his past, his role as a Sentinel, and his own emotions as he gradually learns to accept himself and where he and Blair are going. This fic has pretty much everything going for it. Dead on characterization, careful and captivating exploration of Jim's Peru time, expansion of the Sentinel-Guide mythology, delicate and interesting take on Blair's power in their relationship, and amazing sex.[3]
Jim has a dream - that he is raping Blair, violently and repeatedly - and he is absolutely horrified...If I had to pick just one author, in all the many fandoms I read in, to take with me to that mythical desert island, then I would choose Francesca. I love her humour, her characterisations, her realism, her lack of pretentiousness, her understanding that real love is about the everyday little things that show just how much someone cares, and I've yet to come across another fan author who has such a flair for writing dialogue. I'd read anything Francesca wrote and her stories are the first I recommend to anybody starting out in the fandom. She's simply brilliant and deserves the accolades and reputation she's acquired as one of the best writers in fandom. I think this is my very favourite Francesca Sentinel story - it's certainly the one I re-read most often. Poor Jim is frightened out of his wits and I love the whole scenario, especially the way Blair deals with Jim's fears when he finds out the truth <g>.[4]


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