Cigarettes and Alcohol

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Title: Cigarettes and Alcohol
Author(s): Isayeva
Date(s): 2000
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Cigarettes and Alcohol (TER/MA)

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Cigarettes and Alcohol is Mulder/Krycek slash story by Isayeva.

Summary: Written for the RatB April 2000 challenge.

April 2000 challenge:
This month's challenge is from Isayeva:

There are many stories where it is mentioned, if only in passing, that Ratboy spent time in the past working as a prostitute/rent-boy/general purveyor of sexual favours. However, I have encountered very few where he is still doing it when the story takes place. I can see in this much opportunity for all the angst, pain and suffering we like to expose the boys to.

So that's my offering. A story, set anywhere, anytime; post-Terma, Hong Kong, (even Sleepless if you have the ingenuity) etc., where Krycek is whoring and is discovered by Mulder.[1]

Recs and Reviews

Plain Old Rape (if there is such a thing...) Mulder thinks he’s under control, but it’s just one more lie, in Cigarettes and Alcohol, by Isayeva.[2]


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