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Title: Batesville
Author(s): Loren Q
Date(s): 28 April 2000 (author's page) or 15 April 2000 (The Basement)
Length: 4,485 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Batesville (LZL Slash Factory)
Batesville (CKoS)
Batesville (RatB)
Batesville (The Basement)

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Batesville is Mulder/Krycek slash story by Loren Q. It was a Lisa e Krysa 2000 finalist for Best Angst, Best Dark and Best Medium Length Story.

Summary: Sometime after Paper Hearts. Krycek gets to Mulder, in more ways than one. (Warnings: Dark, Non-consensual sex, Evil Krycek. Krycek takes advantage of Mulder.[1])

Recs and Reviews

Teetering on the edge of consent, or maybe as close to consent as some of these guys can get XF: The thing about humiliation can always get worse. Mulder finds this out, in Batesville... by Loren Q. ("Like El Greco’s Jesus, pain, suffering and grief all there. I live for that look and will play him with whatever I’ve got to get him there."[2]


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